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  • URGENT,FRM-41337: Cannot populat the list from record group Updated:11-30

    Hi all: Can anyone help me in that problem? I have a database item in the block as a list item with combo box style and I use this code in WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE at the form module level to populate that combo box list: DECLARE      group_id RECORD

  • FRM-41337: Cannot populate the list from record group. Updated:11-30

    My task is to populate the list after a list changed is triggered in another list item. I have 2 list items, report_type ans subgroup_type. When report type is changed, I have to get the value from it and create a select statement for subgroup_type.

  • About Frm-41337 Updated:11-30

    On form6i help: POPULATE_LIST returns error FRM-41337: Cannot populate the list from the record group if: the record group contains an other value element but the list does not meet the criteria specified for adding an other value element with ADD_LI

  • FRM 41337: Issues with list item Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone, I have created list item, and populated elements dynamically in when-new-form-instance using below code DECLARE l_action_rg  recordgroup; l_action_id    item                := FIND_ITEM ('XXSCP_GBL_EXP_DETAIL_V.ACTION_TYPE_TEXT'); l_num_

  • Frm - 41337 - can not populate the list from record group Updated:11-30

    Hi I have created a form with 4 combo boxes. And i am trying to populate the 4 combo boxes dynamically. Here is my table structure. BUS_FUNCTION VARCHAR2(500), SEQ NUMBER, STEP1 VARCHAR2(500), STEP2 VARCHAR2(500), STEP3 VARCHAR2(500), STEP4 VARCHAR2(

  • FRM-41337: Cannot pop list from record group Updated:11-30

    If I update a record from a poplist and try to re-populate the list, i get this error. I've read you need to have a default or other values listed, unless it can accept NULL values. Well, it CAN accept NULL values, and required property is set to NO.

  • Dynamically creating a Record Group based on Previously entered Record Grou Updated:10-11

    Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) Hi, I know how to dynamically create a record group based on a query and putting the code in When new form instance. My query is. I have a form which has multiple Record Groups and the user wants to dyna

  • How to populate multiple list items dynamically? Updated:10-11

    Dear members, I have a form there are 3 list items i want to populate these from a record group by dynamically. but i can be able to populate only one list item. the others give errors. frm-41337 cannot populate the list from record group. following

  • Hide poplist element depending on another form column Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone, In a nutshell: I’d like to know how to hide (or show) elements in a poplist, depending on the value of another column on the FORM. I have a FORM where I have the following columns: 1)     ISNONSYN…can have values ‘Y’ or ‘N’ 2)     ISI

  • Dynamic list population in forms 4.5 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm trying to populate the list at run time, but always the error , FRM-41337. In 6i the same code works. Please help me with an example. the situation, the list poulates all units defined in the master table Thanks in advanceWe cannot help y

  • Populate list from recordset on Parent/Child form Updated:11-30

    We have a parent/child form and want to populate several lists from recordsets. We can populate the child canvas by calling a procedure from the WHEN NEW FORM INSTANCE trigger but the same code fails when trying to populate a list on the Parent canva

  • List population - urgent Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have a poplist which I am populating, in NEW_FORM_INSTANCE, using Record Group. But when I am running the Form, I ma getting error: FRM-41337, unable to populate the list. I tried deleting and adding the list again, giving initial

  • Flash buttons and combo box's. Help Updated:11-30

    Ok! Picture the scene. I have a combo box on the left hand side of the stage that holds difrent options of color's. And on the right side of the stage I have ten buttons showing the color's! So what I want to happen is! A person come's to this page a

  • How to populate Lists ? Updated:11-30

    I have the following table ADRESSES : Create table adresses( code varchar2(3) NOT NULL, type char(1), nom1 ..., adresse ..., cp ..., localite ..., primary key (code)); I want to poulate my list with all the code from the ADRESSES table. So, I have cr

  • How to Poluate List ? Updated:11-30

    I have the following table ADRESSES : Create table adresses( code varchar2(3) NOT NULL, type char(1), nom1 ..., adresse ..., cp ..., localite ..., primary key (code)); I want to poulate my list with all the code from the ADRESSES table. So, I have cr

  • Populate list dinamically Updated:11-30

    I have two ITEM lists, on ITEM one the user selects RED or BLACK. if the users selects RED, ITEM two needs to be dinamcaly populated with orange and yellow. if the user selects BLACK, ITEM two needs to be dinamcaly populated with gray and white. I tr

  • Problem filling list item with values Updated:11-30

    Hi all, We have a master detail form block A (master) contains an item, this item is in the record group's where-clause used to fill a list item on block B (detail block) (database item) we fille the list item in a pre-record trigger on the master bl

  • Refresh the drop down list after update the table Updated:11-30

    I have tab with three pages in each page one data block. I have table with primary key of combination of the other tables foreign key. I am populating the combination of foreign key in dorp down list. In the when-new-form-instance trigger I populate

  • Getting error message FRM-40700:No such trigger: SPECIAL20 Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have designed a custom report (Quote) and would like to use Special Menu's(Reports Menu) to open this custom Report. When I try to open this Report using REPORTS->Quote, The Report is opening seccuessfully but i am getting following error mess

  • FRM-92010 Error while saving a form in HRMS Updated:10-11

    Hi, I created a new 12.1.1 instance and impletented HRMS as per doc id#145837.1. Applied patch 8934107, Ran DataInstall and hrglobal.drv. Now while saving the forms we are getting the following error: (in application.log) 10/05/13 18:12:03.269 formsw