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frm-40737 illegal next_record

  • FRM-40737 Error, While using COMMIT_FORM Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please guide for the following: In a form, I have two data blocks,namely master and detail. In PRE-INSERT trigger of master block, I am using GO_BLOCK('detail'). The form has a SAVE_BTN also, in save_btn i am using COMMIT_FORM. When user clicks s

  • FRM-40737  How can I execute a query in a post block ? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have two blocks based on the same table. Then it is not a 'real' master detail case. The first block contains two fields who are the values in the where clause of the second block. In which trigger or where do I place the EXECUTE-QUERY ? I can'

  • How to display records into a non table base block.. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anybody help me how to display records into a non table base block.... Find below is my coding but it only display the last record in the first line in the block. PROCEDURE CREATE_CARTON_QUESTION IS CURSOR car_c IS select /*+ rule */ question

  • When-validate-item trigger restriction on open form or call form Updated:10-11

    W have when-validate-item trigger. I need to place a code here that will bring up a form when the "valid entry" on the item has been made. I am getting a frm-40737:Illegal restricted procedure COMMIT... Code snippet on the procedure that I am ca