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  • I am getting frm :40737 because go_block Updated:11-30

    Hello World, I have a form with master block and details , the detail block as a tabular. I want the detail block to track the changes on the master , like if the user updated on a particular item on the master the detail keep the username and date.

  • FRM-40737 Error, While using COMMIT_FORM Updated:10-11

    Hi, Please guide for the following: In a form, I have two data blocks,namely master and detail. In PRE-INSERT trigger of master block, I am using GO_BLOCK('detail'). The form has a SAVE_BTN also, in save_btn i am using COMMIT_FORM. When user clicks s

  • Go_item(:detail.item) after query(F7) in master, frm-40737 Updated:11-30

    Dear friends, I have a master block and a detail block. When the master block ist queried, I want to go to a disticnt item in detail block, if there are records. Therefore I tried to put code in the post_query of the detail_block, which caused error

  • FRM-40737: illegal restricted procedure COMMIT in POST-TEXT-ITEM trigger Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I tried to execute an insert statement in a POST-TEXT-ITEM trigger and use commit to save data in the db but this error appeared: FRM-40737: illegal restricted procedure COMMIT in POST-TEXT-ITEM trigger How to solve it? OR how to save every t

  • FRM-40737:illegal restricted procedure COMMIT in WHEN-VALID_RECORD trigger Updated:11-30

    Hello, I added the following code in Custom.pll, Event procedure. When Internet Expenses responsibility is added to a user on the User form in System Administrator repsonsibility, his default account will be populated from costing. I received error,

  • ISSUE_ROLLBACK gives FRM-40737 in 10g Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm in the process of migrating to the new version of Appserver from 9.03 to 10.1.2 I got the application running fine except for this error. In a form we have ISSUE_ROLLBACK('bysave') in ON_ROLLBACK trigger. It gives the error FRM-40737 Illegal

  • FRM 40737: Illegal Restricted Procedure   in !!! HELPPP Updated:11-30

    Hi: I have to use a program unit in Pre-Insert/ Pre-update triggers. That program unit calls some restricted built ins. Hence whenever I am using that program unit in validation triggers its giving FRM 40737 - Illegal restricted procedure FIRST_RECOR

  • GO_ITEM or FRM-40737 Updated:11-30

    I have a field in Block A that I want it to go to another field in Block b when the user hit the TAB key. I created the WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM on the field of block A and wrote go_item('blockB.item_name'). This did not work and I am getting the FRM-40737

  • FRM-40737  How can I execute a query in a post block ? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have two blocks based on the same table. Then it is not a 'real' master detail case. The first block contains two fields who are the values in the where clause of the second block. In which trigger or where do I place the EXECUTE-QUERY ? I can'

  • FRM:40737 Illegal restricted procedure ERASE in WHEN VALDATE-RECORD trigger Updated:11-30

    Hi I am getting this error when I enter the Sales Order and try to save it sometimes. Can anyone please tell me how I can avoid this and what is the reason for this error? Sachinok, then it is an apps problem. can you copy the question in the EBS-For

  • FRM-40737: Illegal restricted procedure (Ver Updated:11-30

    My form updates State code data. I get state from the from, perform query and populate the form myself. After the last field is entered I perform the update query, then a commit. This error is on the commit. Help!Jose, Some built-ins cannot be called

  • Custom PLL with GO_BLOCK Updated:10-11

    Hi please help or suggest. I'm setting a Delivery To Location on Purchase Order Distribution Block required, so that when users a trying to save the record a message should pop up notifying then that they must populate the DELIVERY TO LOCATION addres

  • FRM-41839 error Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I start receiving "FRM-41839: Disk I/O error on temporary record buffer file /tmp/filebfKMCw.TMP" When I hit OK, I am getting "ORA-01403 No Data Found" and "FRM-40507: Oracle error: unable to fetch next query record. $ ll

  • How to display records into a non table base block.. Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anybody help me how to display records into a non table base block.... Find below is my coding but it only display the last record in the first line in the block. PROCEDURE CREATE_CARTON_QUESTION IS CURSOR car_c IS select /*+ rule */ question

  • Oracle Forms..  Master/Detail problem Updated:11-30

    Hi,.. I have a problem.. I have 2 blocks in a page. One is an single row block and the other one an multirow block.. master/detail relationship. I would like that when I change a specifike item in the master block, a column of a specifike record gets

  • Error from Pre-Insert Trigger Updated:11-30

    I am using the following code in Pre-insert trigger purpose is that all the record which do not click by mouse (check box) should be cleared on the screen when commit/save. declare begin go_block('Bl'); first_record; loop if :kcheck is null then clea

  • Trigger di On_Commit Updated:11-30

    I'm call a procedure (from trigger On_Commit) that insert and update a DB table, from a window that have two blocks: The first(Master) all composed by Unbound Items. The Second Blok(Details) is based on an non-updatable View, and one field for select

  • Requery after insert Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm working on a master-detail form. When a record in the master-block is inserted, automatically two records are inserted into the detail-block, but their not visible until I hit F8. I tried to perform an execute_query in a POST_INSERT trigger (

  • When-validate-item trigger restriction on open form or call form Updated:10-11

    W have when-validate-item trigger. I need to place a code here that will bring up a form when the "valid entry" on the item has been made. I am getting a frm-40737:Illegal restricted procedure COMMIT... Code snippet on the procedure that I am ca

  • Focus when an item is not valid Updated:10-11

    Hi, This is the procedure called from trigger WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM PROCEDURE Validate_item IS   LC$Value   Varchar2(512) := :System.Cursor_Item ;   FL$Value   Varchar2(2)   := :System.Cursor_Value ;   LC$Code   Varchar2(2)   := ''; BEGIN   If LC$Value