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  • Frm-40010 in forms 10g Updated:10-11

    Hi. I'm configuring Oracle Application Server Forms and Reports Services. I want to place form files in a directory different form $ORACLE_HOME/forms. If i place the files in another directory I get frm-40010. I already changed the default.env file f

  • FRM-40010 cannot read form Updated:11-30

    I am using Oracle Forms Builder 10g and I have created a menu, but I have a problem in calling the form from this menu. The error is FRM-40010 cannot read form. I have changed the Forms_path in default.env and I put path of my folder which contains f

  • Getting FRM-40010 Error While opening new form  .fmx Updated:10-11

    Hi, Oracle apps : Forms : Forms 6.0 I'm creating a custom form by using one oracle apps table.I created a basic form by using template.fmb and then saved it to directory "/dir1" and run this form by connecting to oracle apps database.

  • FRM-40010 in Forms 9i Updated:10-11

    OPEN_FORM results in FRM-40010 Cannot read form etc. I ave just installed/started using Forms 9i . Calling form exists and runs OK. Called form saved/compiled in same folder - however FRM-40010 keeps appearing . Suggestions anyone ? Any help would be

  • Forms 11g  and FRM-40010 Updated:11-30

    Hi, i have installed Forms 11g ( on a local machine , when i try to run a form on teh local disk it work properly, but when i copy the fmb on a network folder ( called T:) it give to me the error FRM-40010 . any idea ??? Gimbohi, i have try

  • FRM-40010 - Cannot read form when using Call_form on Unix 9iAS Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm using 9iAS on a unix server. However, the main form calls several other forms using CALL_FORM('formnam'); but it cannot read any of the forms. I've ensured that they have all been compiled on the server. They compiled successfully. I've also

  • FRM-40010 when opening custom form in Forms6i Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm running an instance of the E-Business Suite, which uses Forms Developer 6i. I recently upgrated to patchset 19, and now, I go to my custom apps login URL, and get the following error:

  • Forms 6i Menu Items not Lauchning (FRM-40010: Cannot read form...) Updated:11-30

    Sorry for the newbie issue - I just haven't been able to figure this out... I inherited maintenance of a old Oracle Forms Application, I was told it was version 5. And all the source modules were appended with "v05" like form1_v05.fmb, etc. I si

  • FRM-40010:can not read form Updated:11-30

    FRM-40010:can not read form/appstest/cmwprodappl/po/11.5.0/forms/us/nwasa.fmx how can i resolve this error please tell meRanga, Make sure the form is there in the correct path. Error Message: FRM-40010: Cannot read form %s. Error Cause: One of the fo

  • FRM-40010 error: Cannot read from .... .fmx Updated:11-30

    FRM-40010 error: Cannot read from ......... .fmx Hi everyone, In my formsweb.cfg file, i have an entry [iapp] userid=login/[email protected] form=Invlogin.fmx I attempted to launch my application from the desktop by clicking an icon that points to the URL htt

  • FRM-40010: Cannot read form in Linux Updated:11-30

    Hi While running the f60desm command gives below error FRM-40010: Cannot read form /d01/oracle/prodappl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/PROJECT.fmx I have defined the following path 1) customPROD_A.env ## PROJECT custom top ## PROJECT_TOP=/d01/oracle/prodappl/PRO

  • Frm-40010 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I guess some of you have faced this error message before. i read through the few discussions on this error message in this forum, but couldnt figure out how to solve it. the problem is: iam getting the error message frm-40010;cannot read form <fo

  • Frm-40010 cannot read form oracle apps Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends, I am trying to build a multi form. Form A calls Form B. Both the forms are compiled and I have placed them in the forms/US folder. Both the fmx files have been generated. Form A is accessed from Function. When I click on the function Form

  • FRM 40010 after using Ole container Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using an OLE container item to store different file types on Oracle 9 DB using Forms . Whenever I save a document using the ole container, exit the form, I cannot run any other form from my application. I get FRM-40010 :'Cannot re

  • FRM-40010 on 9i Updated:11-30

    I'm getting a frequent "FRM-40010 cannot read form whatever " when I do an OPEN_FORM on a 9i app. Somtimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've checked that the form name is correct and that it is in the library assigned to $FORMS90PATH. Some

  • Intermittent error FRM:40010 Cannot read form Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm having a problem with call_form Using Forms 6.05.34 Client-server clients machines are Win95/98 Oracle objects sits on network novell server (fmx's,rep's and oracle executables) Application starts from icon which sets working directory using

  • FRM-40010 Cannot acces form in a new config Updated:11-30

    Dear, We have several configurations on our OAS. forms/frmservlet?config=tool forms/frmservlet?config=status21 Now i want to create a new configuration. forms/frmservlet?config=suppliertool I've created a third .env file, where the forms_path is the

  • FRM-40010 cannot read form c:\temp\test_form Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a strange problem, I'm working on Forms 4.5, I have made a copy of folder ORANT from another machine and I did also import of Oracle key into my registry from this machine. Forms seems to be working ok, I could edit and compile my form

  • ERROR: FRM-40010 : Cannot read form ... Updated:11-30

    When I try to run any form for second time from Oracle Forms Builder the browser prints mi html code instead of loading the form. And when try to call another form from the curret this error occurs - ERROR: FRM-40010 : Cannot read form ... I have add

  • Application Forms Could't Open with error FRM-40010  in 11i Environment Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I need some help on the Forms issue, users unable to open the Forms it gives following error. FRM-40010: Cannot read form /ul01/app/applmgr/lasrx/gl/11.5.0/forms/US/GLXIQACC.fmx. In fact those fmx are not in the above path, its in different