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  • How to use a Socks5 Proxy with authentification only on specified sites? Any Addons? Updated:10-11

    Hey, I want to use a Socks5 proxy that requires authentification but only on specified sites. Unfortunately, Foxyproxy does not support such proxies. Is there an addon or some hidden Firefox feature that allows this?Thanks for the suggestion but I'm

  • What to want in a socks5 proxy daemon and its host OS [SOLVED] Updated:11-30

    i am looking for a socks5 proxy with straightforward configuration and good performance.  it will be hosted on one of two available hosts (i686 or x86_64).  id like to hear any suggestions from the community on Best Socks5 Proxy.  that includes both

  • over Socks5 proxy? Updated:11-30

    Hello : ) Does anyone know if it's possible to use over a Socks5 proxy? How would I configure that? Thanks in advance -- MiguelMozilla Thunderbird will do what you ask. However, I'd much rather use Apple Mail, so am anxious for any possible

  • Socks5 proxy support Updated:11-30

    Socks5 proxy support seems to be broken in Skype v6.3.0.105. It fails to connect through a Socks5 proxy, with the following fallback:  - socks5: command 3 not recognized. Rejecting.  - Fetching socks handshake failed. Closing. P.S. there's a list of

  • How do I configure the firefox plugin-cointainer.exe to use a socks5 proxy? Updated:11-30

    I need to use a socks5 proxy to connect to the internet. I have it configured properly in FireFox but when I use a plugin that loads a Flash app it bypasses the proxy and tries to make a direct connection and fails.Hi, Please note that though Firefox

  • [SOLVED] Local SOCKS5 proxy server + proxy chaining Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm looking for a proxy that can accept incoming SOCKS5 connections.  To be more specific, I'm looking to make the following configuration possible: multiple clients <--SOCKS5--> server with proxy <--SOCKS5--> another proxy <---->

  • Socks5 Proxy in Updated:10-11

    So this is some background. I'm a Peace Corps volunteer living in Samoa. I have a powerbook, and my roommate just purchased a Macbook Pro --- a very nice machine. We work at the National University and get our internet access through a connection in

  • Some bugs using socks5 proxy mode Updated:10-11

    Hi, i have FireFox v28. I was develop soks5 proxy and find some bugs on FF. I use options on FF soks5 proxy at and open site Here is an packets in bytes: [FF] 05-01-00 // FireFox say here that support one auth

  • How do I make kde4.8 use a socks5 proxy? Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I'm trying to channel all my traffic through tor but KDE doesn't seem to recognize my proxy settings. To set up the proxy, I went to System Settings -> Network Settings -> Proxy -> Use manually specified proxy configuration and set the va

  • Konqueror & SSH Proxy Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to figure out how to get Konqueror (and as such all other K* apps) to work through my ssh proxy. The proxy itself works fine. ssh -C -D 8080 Using this, I get a valid Socks5 proxy that firefox can use. I've done this with my A

  • System wide proxy settings without gnome and kde Updated:11-30

    Hi, this is my software stack: linux X openbox chromium my university had the great idea to cencor and filter the internet so that students can't do bad stuff and besides that can't do anything at all. They even block ping and ssh connections.. but t

  • Using a socks proxy Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a socks proxy setup and have had no issues with any apps using it. I am on my own local network so the proxy does not have a username, its mostly just for testing. Well i tried to use the socks proxy from java command line for my app s

  • Why does my ssh tunnel drop when I switch on a system wide proxy Updated:11-30

    The subject says pretty clearly what is puzzling me. After I establish a connection via ssh and initiate a tunnel for email access through a corporate firewall (using Apple Mail as the client and POP3 for the protocol), I find that enabling a system

  • Proxy iChat??? Updated:11-30

    So here's the deal. A particular firewall that one of my computers is sitting behind doesn't like SIP and some other traffic, so I can't do iChatAV from there, only AIM/jabber text IM stuff. I want to be able to do AV stuff on iChatAV from this compu

  • ITunes not respecting / working with Socks5 configuration Updated:11-30

    iTunes (and Safari) are not working with a socks proxy set. What is strange is that iChat does work well with it. What gives? Has anyone been able to get iTunes working over a Socks5 proxy?Just in case, I would try this:

  • SSH via a SOCKS proxy ? Updated:11-30

    I need to be able to make an ssh shell connection via a SOCKS5 proxy, and can't find out how to do it. It's possible to do this in putty on the PC, so I hope something similar is available for the Mac, whether it's a separate application or a way of

  • Rules of Vidalia for Iptables Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I have some problems with Tor/Vidalia and Iptables, I want to use Vidalia as a proxy for Firefox with foxyProxy, but if i don't disable Iptables, that's don't work and i get a infinite loop message "Failed to find node for hop 0 of our pat

  • Dns prefetch question Updated:11-30

    ''locking as a duplicate of'' Since nobody will anwser question about bug of dns prefetch, so I pick this title. Firefox will do dns prefetch direct even user use http proxy or socks5 proxy with remo

  • Port capture and redirect Updated:11-30

    Hey, I've got a few programs (Azureus, SecondLife, etc.) that do  not have a proxy setting in their networking section of their configs. I can create an ssh tunnel out of my current location, and have used it for firefox and similar that have a socks

  • Help setting up SSH Server to watch Sky Player Updated:11-30

    Hi all This is my first post here but been a Mac lover for many years. I have just got access Sky Player and I spend a lot of time outside the UK and of course, Sky Player doesn't work outside of the UK. I have read I need to set up a home server wit