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  • E72 and problems with FM radio Updated:11-30

    My E72 freezes and kind of restarts (no pin needed) several times during the week.  It seems to be related to FM radio.  Anyone else?I have a brand new unlocked E72-2 (US version) upgraded to the latest firmware (031.023, dated 31-March-2010).  The r

  • E72 - Honeymoon to Divorce. Updated:10-11

    Like many of you here, I've had quite a few mobile phones through the years and it's always a source of great excitement when a brand new phone lands on your desk. The new OS to explore, the Apps, the form factor. The downside of playing around with

  • E72 upgraded to 071.004 bluetooth problems Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've upgrade my E72 to version 071.004 and now I can't pair it with my Ford Focus Bluetooth radio. The phone keeps checking for devices and can't find the car bluetooth. This is a major problem for me as use it daily. Meanwhile I've read there's

  • Many problems & bugs in Nokia E72 (in hope that n... Updated:10-11

    customer version 022.007.c00.01 1 - With the rapid entry phone you are calling from the keyboard greatly delayed the mapping already established figures in the 4-position and can not see them, it seems that they are not entered - is confusion and a f

  • Reasons why the E72 is NOT a 'smartphone' Updated:10-11

    Contrary to what Nokia says in its marketing blurb and what the dealer claims, the Nokia E72 (and by inference, others in its ilk) is NOT a 'smartphone' by any stretch of the mind.  Yes, the E72 (and its predecessor the E71 and to a lesser extent the

  • E72/ E series apps discussion Updated:10-11

    Hi all. Discussions on this board sometimes get a bit depressing as most of us only post when we have problems with our phones. Something which can sadly be quite frequent. However, speaking personally, I am on the whole quite happy with the phone. I

  • Issue keeping e72 email client connected and email... Updated:10-11

    Just got my e72 (software version 031.023 / custom version I have made no changes to the phone other than running software update and configuring my gmail in messaging. I configured my email as follows: Menu / Messaging / New Mailbox

  • Radio on Lumia 920 ?? Updated:10-11

    I bought Lumia 920,my previous Nokia were E72(which has all applications which I need !) and there is NO radio !!? What you could do about this ? I'm listening the radio at least twice a day for about two hours..... I spoke with some other guys and t

  • Nokia E72: Memory full. Delete or move some data f... Updated:10-11

    HI All, I've recently purchased a Nokia E72 phone for business use and after about three days of trouble-free operation it has suddenly run out of space on the phone system drive C:. This is very surprising as I am not aware of installing any apps or

  • HELP*****deleting all memory saved on nokia e72***... Updated:10-11

    hi can someone please help me concerning my nokia e72, i have bought a 16gb memory card currently waiting on it but in the mean time the 4gb which came with the phone isn't allowing me to put any music on go on the internet, play the anyt