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  • Sony Smartwatch 2 - Flash FS Updated:11-30

    Hi Everyone Some assistance please if I may. I have recently taken receipt of the smartwatch 2. The problem I have is even after the recommended first time charge all I get on the initial startup screen is Flash FS and then it stays in this state. I'

  • Sony SmartWatch 2 boot loop Updated:11-30

    Hello, my Sony SmartWatch 2 is caught in a boot-loop, when turned on, it shows first the Sony logo, then a progress-bar, as if new firmware was installing, and after it finishes, the watch restarts, and again: logo, progress-bar, restart... I think t

  • Smart Watch only displaying a black face and Flash FS Updated:11-30

    HI all. Was working outside and put my smart watch in my pocket. When I took it out it was displaying Flash FS. Turned it on and off... connected it to the charger and no change. Any ideas? Thanksin advance!! Try on your phone > smartconnect > smart

  • Adobe Bridge Buttons in Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks? Updated:10-11

    Hello, Adobe says that the button to connect to Adobe bridge is in every CS3 application. I can find it in Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Contribute, a former Macromedia project, but none of the other Macromedia projects (Dreamweaver, Flash, Firewo

  • MSI Forum HQ USB flashing tool!!! Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, We the forum team have developed  a new way of flashing. You no longer need a floppy or anything, just an USB-stick. The tool has been tested together with MSI and as far as we have done our testing, there are no problems at all. As long as

  • Flash plugin installs to wrong folder Updated:10-11

    In Vista x64, using either Firefox 28 or Firefox 24.4 ESR, the plugin installer (one downloaded from Adobe distribution) installs the 32 bit .dll file to \system32\macromedia\flash\ folder; installs the 64 bit .dll to:  \sysWOW64\macromedia\flash\  f

  • How do I use Brige Web Gallery in a Flash website Updated:10-11

    How do you use the output of a Brige Web Gallery for use inside of a Flash Website?Hi there - I'd try posting your question over in the Flash general forum. You could also try the Flash site design forum. The folks over there will probably be able to

  • For what reason on my tablet with OS Android 4.1 does not work flash on the sites? Updated:10-11

    Hi! I recently bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet with Android 4.1 operating system and on my tablet does not work flash sites. Why adobe does not release a new version of flash for android 4.1? Why it was necessary to buy a company Macromedia, if adobe

  • My flash flayer does not work on my Windows 8 Surface Tablet, it also won't let me see if i already Updated:10-11

    My flash flayer does not work on my Windows 8 Surface Tablet, it also won't let me see if i already have it installed...1.      Are you getting any error message? 2.      Which browser are you using? 3.      Were there any recent changes made on the

  • My flash player does not work on my tablet. Updated:10-11

    My flash player does not work on my tabletYour tablet uses Android OS. There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player. Playing Flash content is very processor consumptive and it

  • Mid '09 MBP bootup issue - flashing folder; possibly a fried drive? Updated:10-11

    Hi All, This is my first post here. Today my 14 month old MBP 15-incher froze in the middle of some casual browsing/iTunes listening and decided to not respond to any mouse or keyboard input. I gave it some time to figure itself out and then after ab

  • When I login to yahoo mail it flashes and will not completely connect? Updated:10-11

    I may have somehow disabled my ability to connect to mail in my tools area. I can get to my yahoo, but when I sign in to look at mail it is blank and flashes the connect and looks like its trying to load every piece of info on the tab area?You may ha

  • My MacBook was acting weird so I restarted it and when I login a white screen flashes and goes back to the login page. Help? Updated:10-11

    My MacBook was acting weird like sometimes I would log on and I wouldn't be able to type my password for a couple seconds,but it usually logged in after that. Then I left my computer open after installing the recent update after that all my applicati

  • I have got problem with flash in my New Iphone5.. Updated:10-11

    I have got flash problem in my new iphone5...any solution plz let me know..It is because you are taking pictures in the dark. Stop doing that. The flash will help some with shadows on a close up pic. It is not intended for taking pics in the dark.Rea

  • Problem with Preloader in my Flash AS2 Game Updated:10-11

    I have been using this tutorial to make a preloader: I have run into one problem though. When I simulate the download, it just shows the background color of the game while it loads, and when it fi

  • Problem with flash in events packaged application Updated:10-11

    Hi, I´v installed the Events packaged application. On page 24 you can show some flash-reports. But I get an error: xml loading failed (flow_flash_chart_Rxxxxx). What can be the reason? serverside or desktopside? Any reaction will be appreciated. LeoT

  • Cannot open videos in Facebook etc says need latest version of Flash when my computer says I have installed but it doesn't show up on Add/Delete programs Updated:10-11

    I am not technically sophisticated and have been reading other post about people having problems with what appears to some problem with Flash Player.  I have checked my computer and it tells me that I have version 10,0,32,18.  In tools it shows in "M

  • My animated gif keeps pausing in captivate and flash Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, thanks for your help. I made an animated gif in Photoshop CS4 and inserted it as an animation into captivate 6. The animation works (I played it several times by opening it with internet explorer and safari). But when I open it in Captivate

  • Help to open and run Flash Player Updated:10-11

    I use a 1 yr new Dell PC, Windows 7, Internet Exp 11.  Over the past year I have downloaded successfully 4x the Adobe Flash Player.  It downloads and saves fine in my program files.  It does not show up when I click on START, and show on that list. I

  • How can I pubish SWF interactive magazine to flash based website? It's not working! Updated:10-11

    I hope someone can help me launch my first interactive magazine (SWF) to our website with ID 5. Okay, my hard copy mag came out great so then I started on the interactive edition. Everything was going swell with adding 3 short videos ( FLV  ) and cre