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fiscal year variant in sap bw

  • Fiscal year variant VI is not maintained for calendar year 2013 Message no. FGV002 Updated:11-30

    hi While i asining chart of depreciation to company code i am getting the above error could any one help in resolving this. Thanks, Rakesh ReddyHello Rakesh, Use this a reference as well.

  • SAP BW DTP error: Fiscal year variant is not maintained for calendar year Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, Running DTP for loading 2LIS_12_VCITM results in following error "Fiscal year variant A2 is not maintained for calendar year 2012". I have already done following checks: - the fiscal variant A2 exists for the fiscal year 2012 in the

  • Multiple Fiscal Year Variant in the same client in SEM-BCS... Updated:10-11

    I have already looked at some earlier threads relating to this but didn't get a convincing answer to what I would like to know. We have had a working SEM-BCS system with fiscal year variant K4. There was no need for defining leading fiscal year varia

  • Fiscal year variant Z1 is not maintained for calendar year 2012 when loadin Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, We are working on BI7.0 extracting data from ECC 6.0. I am trying to load data from 0HR_PY_PP_1 which is a Self DataSource in our BW System (extracts data from 0EMPLOYEE and 0PERSON) to load into ZPA_C50 which is a copy of BCT InfoCube

  • Regarding Rough FISCAL YEAR VARIANT NOT PROCESSED Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I am loading data from 2lis_03_um to 0IC_C03,While executing DTP i am getting error as Rogh FISCAL YEAR VARIANT NOT PROCESSED. Can anyone please suggest me how to resolve the issue. Thanks LaxmanHi, Use the settings here: transaction code

  • How To Customise Fiscal Year Variant Updated:10-11

    Dear SAP Gurus, I have attempted to create a new FI Posting Period where the first day of the period is on the 16th of the month while the last day of the period is on the 15th of the next month. For example, my first day of the 1st period is on 16th

  • Interpretation of Fiscal year variant Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts, Ok, using the Tcode OB29, I could see the fiscal year variant K4, K6,  K7 as follows: Variant----Yr Dependent--Calendar Yr--Posting Periods----Special Per. K4---- Unchecked---- Checked---- 4---- 2         K6---- checked---- Unchecked--

  • Use of different fiscal year variant in leading&non leading ledgers and Asset closing&Reporting Updated:10-11

    Experts, Need one clarification on using different fiscal year variants for Leading(0L)&non Leading(NL) Ledgers and impact on Fixed Asset Accounting.If I use say V6(Jan2013-Dec2013) for Leading Ledger and April2013-March2014 for non leading Ledger,(l

  • Use of Different Fiscal Year Variant-Statistical Depreciation Area Postings Updated:10-11

    An existing Company Code in SAP is going to have Fixed Assets implemented.  This Company Code is setup just like the others in our SAP instance: Same Chart of Accounts, Same Fiscal Year Variant, Fixed Asset procedures, etc.  For purposes of this ques

  • Balance sheet with 2 diff fiscal year variants Updated:11-30

    Dear All, I am facing an issue. The Client is using Jan to Dec fiscal year but he also wants to get the balance sheet as per the indian fiscal year i.e April to March. Is there any way to do so?Hi, did you check the SAP notes 152888 - Different fisca

  • Change future periods for Fiscal year variant-OB29 Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, We are using 4-4-5 rule, Fiscal year variant is M1, Future Periods for FY variant M1 is not maintained correctly.  Our year end is on 6/25/2011 but in our variant M1 it is defined as 7/2/2011 and periods following that are defined incorre

  • In DTP Detailed fiscal year variant not processed Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I installed and activated CUBE 0IC_C03, now while executing the DTP  2LIS_03_UM / LOGSYSDEV -> 0IC_C03 it throws Error 'Detailed fiscal year variant not processed' then in sdn i searched they told that i have to maintain variant in SPRO TC or

  • Fiscal year variant V3 is not maintain for calender year Updated:11-30

    Hi, when i was entered capitalization date in asset master (t.code AS01) the system given error message (Fiscal year variant V3 is not maintain for Calender year) message No FGV002 I cheked the fiscal year setting and also assign the fiscal year vari

  • Fiscal Year Variant Error Updated:11-30

    Hi All we are getting the below error when trying to post the transaction MICN : Fiscal year variant T2 is incorrect Message no. F5234 However, i have checked OB29, OMSY, OB37 & OB52 - all are correctly set up... can anyone guide me as to how I can c

  • For 'FIKRS': 'value' no Fiscal year variant is maintained Updated:11-30

    Hello! I use TDMS version 3.0 SP 17. Process Type  - ERP Initial Package for Time based & Company Code Reduction. In Activity 'Analyze and Specify 'From-Date'' I have next very important problem: For 'FIKRS': 'my value' no Fiscal year variant is main

  • Period indicator with Fiscal Year Variant in MRP3 Updated:11-30

    Hi  SAP Gurus, I donu2019t know the use of Period indicator with Fiscal Year Variant in MRP3 view. For some material  is maintain as 1. Period indicator u201CMu201D & Fiscal Year Variant as blank. & for other materials it is maintain as 2. Period

  • Defining the Fiscal Year Variant Updated:11-30

    Would someone explain the procedure for setting up the Fiscal year variant in the current version please. The version I had used was 3.1h and the screens are now different. In 3.1h one simply copied the fiscal year variant (T.code OB29) using the cop

  • Diffrent Fiscal year Variant ? Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends For the different company codes using the same controlling area must have same fiscal year variant. But in my scenario 1 company code having period from jan to dec and another having period from April to march Pls suggest me how we can

  • Define depreciation areas with different fiscal yr variant under 1 cod. Updated:11-30

    Hi FICO Gurus, I am a new student in FICO, here i have a question as following, ask for help, Does anyone know how to define depreciation areas with different fiscal year variant under one chart of depreciation? Such as: Book Keeping Fiscal Year Vari

  • BI Reporting: LO & FI environment differences? Role of Fiscal Year Variant Updated:11-30

    Hi, I will soon be on a project as a Reporting BI Consultant in the Finance environment. A first, but I have worked as a SAP BI Reporting person in SD environment in the past. 1. What should I expect to be different reporting for FI compared to LO? 2