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  • [SOLVED] Epiphany: Some videos of Youtube do not reproduce (html5). Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have activated the option to see videos of Youtube using HTML5, with the browser ephipany (and with firefox) some videos can reproduce , instead, others do not reproduce, says in the screen of the video "Missing Plug-In" and afterwards

  • How do I upload a cv on to a application form from my ipad Updated:11-30

    Please help me how do I upload a cv on to application form from my ipadTo follow up on the suggestion to use iCab Mobile, this is copied from their FAQ website. I made the type at the end bold for emphasis. This is the website to which I am referring

  • Java.utils.prefs.Preferences API throws exception on Mac, not Windows Updated:10-11

    This is a Mac-specific problem. Is it a bug, or am I misusing the java.utils.prefs.Preferences API? The Preferences flush() API call always throws a BackingStoreException if a system tree preferences root has been read. The system tree has not been m

  • API / Sdk to play swf files inside a Mac / Windows application Updated:11-30

    Hi We have set of .swf movie files in our application. These .swf movie files has to be played inside the content area of the window. We want to know how to play .swf movie files through program inside our application. Is there any api / SDK to play

  • We use firefox to test our API, works in mac to mac but not mac to windows Updated:11-30

    I was using our company API tokbox SDK to do the servers test between two machines. I blocked one machine ipfw to test the server connection. However, our server connection works well when we are using two mac firefox browser, but not succeed when we

  • StageVideo API (or other way to play hd video on mac / linux) ? Updated:11-30

    Hi Anyone have any clues if it possible to user the new StageVideo api in an desktop air app? Is it coming in future versions of air (Available in 2.5 sdk but not able to use it on desktop) ? Having problem playing HD (1280 x 720) video on mac 2.5.1

  • AIR4 Mac store submission: Deprecated API Updated:11-30

    I just tried to submit my app to the Mac store (following the known steps). Got this error back: Deprecated API Usage - Apple no longer accepts submissions of apps that use QuickTime APIs. I realize not many devs care about the Mac store, but are the

  • Mac App store submission fails because of QuickTime API usage Updated:11-30

    I just tried to upload a desktop app to the Mac app store and got an update email from Apple saying: "... Deprecated API Usage - Apple no longer accepts submissions of apps that use QuickTime APIs...' I'm not explicitly using QuickTime in my app as f

  • External program calling photoshop API?  Mac OS X Updated:11-30

    Is it possible to include the photoshop api headers (CS2 SDK) in an XCode project and have the project instantiate photoshop and perform automation actions? I'm doing this in windows, but am new to Mac programming. Or is the API from the SDK strictly

  • Microsoft Word API for Mac OS: Troubleshooting the Find/Replace function Updated:10-11

    In my previous topic at we found out the way to connect to the Ms-Word from Objective-C through ScriptingBridge. The connection works and the given text can be found and replaced usin

  • Berkeley DB 4.8 - C++ STL API on Mac OSX 10.6.2 Updated:11-30

    Hallo, I build Berkeley DB 4.8.24 with new STL API and it works fine. Then I wanted to process the examples_stl. It's no problem to build all the examples. But then I try to run any application I got a "Segmentation fault" error. I selected the

  • Mac Mini repeatedly refuses to wake from sleep Updated:10-11

    Please to anyone I really need your help. First let me preface you that I know my console log is incredibly long, and let me know if there is a way to make them more manageable and I will update. Also let me know which other logs or screen shots or a

  • Mac: Creative Cloud Crashes on Launch Updated:10-11

    Just like the title says.  Creative Cloud on Mac OS 10.8.4 will not launch.  It just crashes.  Below is the crash log. I'm on Mac OS 10.8.4, 15" Retina Macbook Pro.  Adobe CS6 Production Premium is also installed. Process:         Creat

  • Fwrite() and fread() of a shared FAT32 formatted file is taking long time in MAC osx Lion C program Updated:10-11

    Hi Is there any provision or api in MAC to open a file in shared mode same as windows    hUSBdrive = CreateFile(pDriveName, GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE, NULL, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING, NULL); we have

  • When will the ACROBAT PDF function work again for Office 2011 for MAC and PC? Updated:10-11

    HELP!!!! Adobe Tech support suggested I submit my comment to this post in hopes  that this will help resolve the issues.  I feel for them having to field  these calls. I can no longer convert Excel, Word and Powerpoints to PDF.  If our company conver

  • A lot of beach balls - Mac Pro 5,1 Mid 2010 Updated:10-11

    Problem description: Hi, I have a MacPro 5,1 Mid 2010. 6 core 3.33ghz 24GB OWC RAM 1333mhz OWC Mercury PRO 256GB SSD installed in 2nd optical slot w/ Yosemite OWC Mercury Electra 480Gb for Bootcamp in slot 1 3 ST31000340NS 1TB, 2 in Raid 0; all HFS j

  • Download trial version for mac Updated:10-11

    22 Hours and still no reply, seriously???? Hi, I am i can't seem to reply to the initial message.  I tried the instructions below, but the download has been hanging for almost an hour and not progressing at all - so it seems to not be working...any o

  • How to set the return language? i read the api already Updated:10-11

    import*; import java.util.*; class Listing_Available_Locales      public static void main(String args[])             Locale[] locales = Locale.ENGLISH(); //error is here                          //Locale[] locales = Locale.getAvailableLocale

  • How to open document from mac when using windows without transferring the file? Updated:10-11

    How can i open a document from mac when i am using windows without transferring it?depend on the document program more then anything else really when ever I open a doc with word it make a history for undo and redo action file in the same dir with boo

  • My Mac is running INCREDIBLY slow, Kernel-task and LR, PS, PSE, etc. are not functioning well. Updated:10-11

    Hi!  Been trying to follow a thread about the Kernel-task and slow Mac performance.  I did download EtreCheck and ran the report.  I am a photographer using LR 4 and Chrome is my main browser.  Both Chrome and LR (or PSE, or PS or Xee (a photo viewin