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  • UTXJ not showing up in crm order Updated:10-11

    We have CRM 7.0 connected to R/3 4.7. We are NOT using any external tax engine. All taxes and rates are maintained in R/3 in FTXP. When we create the order in R/3 it calculates the tax based on the jurisdiction code of the ship to address. All custom

  • JTX1,JTX2,JTX3,JTX4 and UTXJ Updated:10-11

    Hi friends, Can anyone tell me whats the use of JTX1,JTX2,JTX3,JTX4 and UTXJ  and how should be the value updated in the Customer and Material master sales views for the respective condition types ? Thanks IvyIvy they all are used in CIN Here is a re

  • Error: Tax code v8 in procedure TAXINJ is invalid (message no. FICORE704) Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends,   Hello Friends,    When i am doing the Production Order Settlement, their i have maintained the Production Order No., Posting period, settlement period and executed.Then after execution System is throwing the error,"Tax code V8 in pro

  • JMAN and UTXJ Updated:11-30

    Dear All, can anyone explain me what is the use of condition types JMAN and UTXXJ.While checking CIN configuration i have seen these condition types in pricing procedure. Thanks.Hi Sri, JMAN-is manual condition type to capture Excise value UTXJ-is co

  • Condition record for UTXJ Updated:11-30

    Hi All, This scenario was in TAXINJ. When I am trying to maintain condition record of 100% for UTXJ condition type with tax code A1, system is giving error as " Tax indicator A1 has percentage rate          8.000". Where I have maintained 8% in

  • Maintaing Condition record for Tax UTXJ Updated:11-30

    ***Hi*** ***The problem is  that while maintaining  condition record for UTXJ the system gives a message that tax code is not in procedure   TAXINJ.Although the condition record was maintained for that condition type few month before for a different

  • UTXJ Base Value Updated:11-30

    Hi, While creating sale order system calculating UTXJ base value correct. For example UTXJ base value = Net value+ Fright. However while creating billing document UTXJ base value is excluding Fright condition . For example UTXJ base value = Net value

  • What is the relation between UTXJ and JMOD, how JMOD determine in order Updated:11-30

    Hi All, What is the relation between UTXJ and JMOD!  How JMOD determine in order! ( For TAXINJ). Please help me Regards rajDear Raj Both are not related in anyway.  UTXJ is for sales tax and JMOD is for excise condition.  For UTXJ, you need to create

  • Error in UTXJ Condition Updated:11-30

    Hello Guru, I am facing problem with UTXJ condition. The Tax structure from June is changed and accordingly we have maintained the condition record which is valid from 1st June 2008. We want to do sale for month of May 08 (back dated) We have opened

  • Condition UTXJ-VK11 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have created a new access seq. with combination Departure country/Dest. country/Region/Taxcust1/Taxmatl1. When I execute VK11 for this access, at item level,alongwith std. columne like Region,T1(cust),T1(Matl),tax code additional column of Rate

  • Ref:UTXJ Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Can anybody tell about UTXJ condition type fundaaaaaaaa?? Regards GowrishDear Gowrish The purpose of the tax calculation process in SD is to apply appropriate tax rates and amounts to line items during creation of invoices and sales orders.

  • UTXJ maintainance Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus Can we maintain UTXJ plant wise . RegardsDear Farhan, The same could be achieved by Inserting New Condition Table in to your Access Sequence, assgined to Condition Type - UTXJ in SPRO --> IMG --> Sales and Distributions --> Basic Funct

  • UTXJ maintenance Updated:11-30

    Dear All, Regarding UTXJ record maintenance, i have maintaind UTXJ for domestic (India) works fine... regarding,How we have to mantain the record for Export... CheerrsDear Veera Go to V/07, select condition type "JIND" (which is the Access S

  • UTXJ condition type Updated:11-30

    Whenever I maintain condition records for UTXJ condition type(UTX1 access sequence) It is saying " tax code cant be checked(there are several tax code/no tax codes)" why is that? Edited by: Radheshyam Prabhu on Jul 22, 2008 9:50 AMCan anybody ex

  • UTXJ Issue Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to execute C26 Service config guide. In Step 3.1.8, While creating service contract I am getting issus for UTXJ. I am using a domestic customer of Atlanta (GA-USA). Initially there's no standard adapter "DNL_COND_A040" then

  • Difference Between MWSTand UTXJ Updated:11-30

    Plz let me known the difference between MWST and UTXJ, and in ECC 6.0 JTX1, 2,3,4 as a Tax jurisdction code, in case of TAXINN as the Tax Procedure. We are doing Implementation of an Indian Co. at India (MP). Which one I am suppose to use in the scre

  • JTX1 AND UTXJ Updated:11-30

    Hi, Why this 2 tax categories JTX1 AND UTXJ required to maintain if we are using only one of them in Sales order ? Regards, Chetan.Dear Chetan In UTXJ, you are just maintaining the tax code for various combinations like Country/Country etc, whereas i

  • Condition type: UTXJ is not getting re-determined in Quotation/ Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I had created one Quotation with Customer-Tax Classification as 1 - Taxable, and Material _ Tax Classification as 0 - Tax Exempt Condition Records (T.Code: VK11) wasn't maintained. Later on, I got informed that Material is also taxable. So,

  • UTXJ Tax jurusdiction Updated:11-30

    Does anyone know how to have the sales tax calculation procedure look at either the plant txjcd or the shipto txjcd based on incoterm and not just the shipto. Will reward helpful answers. Thanks, RichardDear RC RC Several parameters influence the tax

  • UTXJ-SCALE Updated:11-30

    Dear SAP Gurus The clients require VAT to be 12.5% when PR00 is 5000 and above 5001 the vat should be 4% for one customer.Indian client. Kindly Advise. ShailenIf you're using Illustrator CS6, this option is available right in the Transform panel (ear