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FICORE704 utxj

  • UTXJ not showing up in crm order Updated:10-11

    We have CRM 7.0 connected to R/3 4.7. We are NOT using any external tax engine. All taxes and rates are maintained in R/3 in FTXP. When we create the order in R/3 it calculates the tax based on the jurisdiction code of the ship to address. All custom

  • JTX1,JTX2,JTX3,JTX4 and UTXJ Updated:10-11

    Hi friends, Can anyone tell me whats the use of JTX1,JTX2,JTX3,JTX4 and UTXJ  and how should be the value updated in the Customer and Material master sales views for the respective condition types ? Thanks IvyIvy they all are used in CIN Here is a re

  • Condition type: UTXJ is not getting re-determined in Quotation/ Sales Order Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I had created one Quotation with Customer-Tax Classification as 1 - Taxable, and Material _ Tax Classification as 0 - Tax Exempt Condition Records (T.Code: VK11) wasn't maintained. Later on, I got informed that Material is also taxable. So,