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  • Reversal FB08 Creating New OPEN ITEM instead of clearing the open item. Updated:10-11

    Dear All, My user has an issue whenever he does any reversal  Tcode - FB08 in one of the general ledger  "Cash in Transit"  nature "open item" & "Line item"  instead of clearing the open it it  creates a new open line ite

  • Cancel a SD invoice error message "no authorization for transaction FB08" Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to cancel a SD invoice and am receiving the error message " no authorization for transaction FB08" is coming. Never has this happened in past, i have checked all the security authorizations also and they are in place. Accou

  • Runtime error while doing FB08 Updated:10-11

    while doing FB08 the system is creating a dump. Runtime errors         SYNTAX_ERROR                                                              Occurred on     05.08.2008 at   12:43:14                                                                 

  • FB08 error while posting Updated:10-11

    Hi All, When we are reversing a document with FB08 transaction system is throwing an error as "Correct the marked line items. Message no. F5413" We have 6 line item for VAT a/c with no tax codes in the original document and only two g/l codes(Dr

  • Enter a true account assignment object with revenues while reversing FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hi All When I am reversing the document through FB08 I am getting the warning messege "Enter a true account assignment object with revenues" Message no. KI166 Diagnosis You made an account assignment for 31211100, a revenue element, in controlli

  • What are the ways to reverse entry in tcode FB08 automatically ? Updated:10-11

    Do We have any method to post the reverse entry in transaction code FB08 automatically ? I have to post the entry from my executable program. I tried using a BAPI, but that is not working out for me. guide meTry FM 'CALL_FB08' SvetlinRead other 5 ans

  • Reversing part of the line items in accrual and defferal and FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hi My user posted one accounting entry with acrrual and defferal i.e. FBS1. There he posted 30 line items in one document number itself. When he reversed it in F.81 in next month, it automatically reversed all 30 line items. He just wanted to reverse

  • Reversal Reason Code not displayed in document -FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have reversed the FI document using the transaction code FB08. While reversing I have given the SAP standard reversal reason code as 1. A new document was created on reversal of document. But Reversal reason code '1' is not getting displayed

  • How to check whether the vendor invoice was reversed (MR8M & FB08) Updated:10-11

    hi, need to check whether the vendor invoice has been reversed. Posting of the vendor invoice as well as its reversal may happen in FI (e.g. FB60 - FB08) and MM (MIRO - MR8M).  have developed a custom function based on the values of the fields: stblg

  • Not able to reverse document in FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hi, we have a payment document from F110. we need to reverse this payment document. when we ae going to FB08 transaction, its giving message, Document includes already cleareed items - reversal not possible but the point is that we do not have any cl

  • Problem with REVERSAL using the Transaction - FB08 Updated:10-11

    I have posted a document with document type ZA and when iam trying to reverse this document using FB08 it is giving the below error. ERROR: Enter Line item number. Please note that I have posted the ZA document directly in FI using the Transaction -

  • Problem with call transaction 'FB08' Updated:10-11

    hi, i want to call transaction FB08 and before calling, i set the parameter ids BLN (belnr), GJH (GJAHR) and BUK (bukrs). gjahr and bukrs can be set successfully but belnr couldn't set, belnr field is empty. my code is below. set parameter id 'GJH' f

  • Running FB08 in background instead of foreground Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I tried to run BDC for FB08 but it does not post the reversal entries. I tried CALL_FB08 FM too but still no luck. Could some one help me out. The transaction process needs to be attached to a customized FI program for cheque reversal for