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  • How to update trading partner (BSEG-VBUND) in tr.code FB01/FB02? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I need, under some circumstances, to update value of trading partner code (field BSEG-VBUND) to all items in the FI document, created/changed with transaction FB01/FB02. I checked available user exits and bussiness events, but didn't found one, w

  • FB01/FB02 user exit/BADI Updated:11-30

    Hi, When document via fb01/fb02 is created  field (XREF1_HD) in header is created by custom. I checked substitution but I could find ther this rule which filled this field. I checked BADI: FAGL_SEGMENT_BS_ACC but it wasn't implemented. Could you indi

  • Sap Script-FB02:How to format Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Im trying to format a standard long text in sap. These long texts are created in transaction code FB02. An example would be: /:DEFINE &TEXTNAME& := '&BKPF-BUKRS()&&BKPF-BELNR(RF0)&&BKPF-GJAHR&' /:INCLUDE &TE

  • Deleting attachments from SAP documents (FB02) Updated:10-11

    I am in need to control the action of 'deleting/removing' attachments from documents, when entered via FB02. I believe the authorization object for attached documents is S_BDS_DS. Does anyone how to 'enable' or 'disable' this activity ? --- When run

  • BADI/USer Exit for FB01 Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need to make some changes to Accounting Document line items just before they are saved. Basically i have to consolidate the FI line items so that they do not exceed 999. I tried some BTE but SAP is over writing my changes after the BTE is c

  • Change in Standard SAP menu : How to catch the transaction code! Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have added a menu item 'More Help' to the standard SAP menu 'Help' which should navigate to URLs for the respective transactions. Suppose i am in transaction FB03 and click the 'More Help' menu, it should navigate to the URL mentioned in a t

  • Validation for FB01 to stop on Front end Updated:10-11

    Hi Team I wanted to stop the user when user execute/select/typed FB01 in FRONT END. But when its invoked by another transaction on the same user it should allow to proceed. User are maintained in a seperate table I beleive this is a common issue accr

  • FB02 qnd FB03 adding a new field on screen BKPF-SANME Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I am having a requirement as adding a field BKPF-SANAME on the screen on FB01, Fb02, Fb03. For Fb01 i got an badi and added the field on the screen. But Fb02, FB03 i am not having any BADI or exit to add the screen field at headder level.

  • Approval requirement for Z1 and F-04 Journal types Updated:11-30

    Hi There, T.Code:  FB01/FB02 1) Currently we have a custom workflow for SA journals. Everytime the workflow gets triggered for each SA document type. But now we would like to add Z1 as another document type to which the workflow needs to be trigggere

  • Enh. COPA0003 don't work when clicking button "profit. segment " of FB70 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I would like to use the Enhancement COPA0003 to populate some characteristics in screen "Assignment to a profitability segment" of transaction FB70. I have activated this Enhancement, and i have put a break point in the function EXIT_SAP

  • How to identify relevant BADIs to hide a screen field from specific users Updated:11-30

    We have a business requirement to hide a document item field (BSEG-XREF3) from specific users (i.e make the field invisible if the userid does not exist in a Z table) during FI invoice entry/maintenance/display via transactions FB01, FB02, FB03, FV50

  • Parking and Posting Documents FEBP,F-21,FV60 and FB60 Updated:11-30

    Hello All, Could anybody please suggest me how is the Parking and Posting Take place in SAP. And do some Transactions like F-21 had to be given with FB01/FB02? If FB01 is given what are the restrictions? Are there any specific SOD's involved.. Replie

  • Maintain Critical TCode Updated:11-30

    Dear Expert, Could you please help me? Due to system Audit I have maintain(register) in SAP the critical T-code through S_BCE_68001401 --> View critical combination --> Change critical combinations. Transaction Combinations Critical for Security    

  • Payment method field ZLSCH is hidden on FI doc item.When can it be visible? Updated:10-11

    Hello, where can i customize which FI item is relevant for entering payment method value in tcode FB01, FB02, FB03. I supposed that every customer or vendor item should display (and insert during FI document posting) payment method field. If i double

  • User Exit or BADI for catch the document number after saving the document Updated:11-30

    Hi , I am working on data conversion where Document number(BELNR),BKPF and BSEG  data should transfer to my Z table(Containes fileds of BKPF and BSEG) after SAVE the document related to Tcodes F-01 , F-22 , F-28 , F-43 , FB01 , FB02, FB60 ) . It need

  • Golden Tax System (GTS) Updated:11-30

    Currently we are manually entering the VAT invoice number generated from GTS back to SAP using FB02, (into the invoice ref field). Does anyone know if there is a program to do this (update the VAT invoice number back to SAP) automatically?Hello Phoeb

  • How SAP update DB for transaction FB01 or other transactions Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I was trying to find out at what point SAP actually post data base entry for FB01. So I debugged the standard transaction but could not find any BAPI or BDC doing the posting. What I understood that directly database update has taken place. I

  • Changes in the Text Field thru FB02 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have created an accounting document thru FB01. However, there were some changes in the text field that needs to be done so I have edited the line items thru FB02. After saving the changes I viewed the data in tcode  KE5Z but it seems that the c

  • Adding Data to the database for SAP Transactions Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm new to the whole ABAP. I would like to enquire about adding transaction data in SAP through ABAP but it must be immediate. I know that one can use a BAPI to add data and can rollback if any problems occur. But if no BAPI exists how does one wr

  • Down Payment Report (SAP Std) Updated:10-11

    Is there any SAP Standard Report available for viewing the different down payments paid and final payment by the customer in case of milestone billing? Plz help. Regards, AnbuHi, I am not sure if any specific this kind of report is avialable.Try if t