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fetching milestone for PSPNR

  • How to fetch PSPNR based on PSPHI Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I want to fetch PSPNR from PRPS table based on PRPS-PSPHI and PRPS-STUFE = 4. Select query is giving SY-SUBRC EQ 4. Ex:   SELECT pspnr     FROM prps     INTO TABLE it_prps     WHERE psphi EQ 'NS11.00001' AND           stufe EQ '4'. Please let

  • Values r not fetch in internal table Updated:10-11

    Hi Frds In my report the values are not fetching in the internal table ICOSP This is my program ,kindly correct my mistake. DATA : WBS LIKE VBAK-PS_PSP_PNR. SELECTION-SCREEN: BEGIN OF BLOCK 01. SELECTION-SCREEN: BEGIN OF BLOCK 02 WITH FRAME . SELECT-

  • Error when Fetching CATs Data to BI Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have created data source in R/3 System (Source System) for CATS data and extracting data Using function Module. Using transaction RSA3 it is fetching all the desired records in R/3 System. In BI System extracting Full Data and when monitoring i

  • Relationship between tables milestone and wbs element Updated:10-11

    Hi  Guys, 1.I have taken two tables in my source code retieving milestone number(mlst_zaehl), usage(mlstn),and wbs element(pspsnr) from TABLE MLST and the other table is PRPS(WBS ELEMENT TABLE, and the fields are psphi(project) , and pspnr(wbs elemrn

  • Reg WBS data fetching Updated:11-30

    iam unable to fetch the WBS data for MEXICO orders with the follwing query *.select all date activities found for the WBS   SELECT afvcprojn afvcaufpl afvcaplzl afvuusr00                                                  INTO TABLE gt_sid_hod         

  • Badi or User exit for CJ20N..Milestone date Updated:11-30

    HI... I have to access the field of CJ20N fieldname (LST_ACTDT) (Milestone date).I have to send the alert mail using that value. But i am unable to get the BADI or user exit to get that value.I am using the BADI  WORKBREAKDOWN_UPDATE. But not reachin

  • Fetching old and New Data in HRMS for 'Update' Transactions Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I need to find out the old and new values for a person_id from HRMS tables (Per_all_people,Address,contacts etc) based on Person Id. Do we have any Standard Script or has someone prepared such script and can share with me. I am not expecting

  • Incorrect value getting fetched Updated:11-30

    Hi in my requirement  I want to fetch the wbs element based on the prefixed placed in it .I have coded as follows for one part check gw_auak-objnr CA 'PR'.     SELECT  pspnr FROM prps INTO TABLE gi_prps WHERE objnr = gw_auak-objnr. Here the value is

  • BADI or Exit to check change in milestone data. Updated:11-30

    Hi All, Is there any user exit or BADI available which fetches information about milestones assigned to WBSe at save. Thanks, AkhilHi, You can use CDPOS table to track changes from OLD value and New Value field. Goto SE11/SE16->open Table CDPOS->Cli

  • Table for milestone attached to the activity Updated:11-30

    Dear all, This is regarding the SAP table for Milestone in project. I need to fetch the data for the milestone attached to the activity of the project. Table MLST for milestone has the WBS no. as one of the field and gives the details of milestones a

  • Set Case-Milestone duration in java: update not seen in workspace Updated:11-30

    Hi I created the following method to set the duration of a phase's end-milestone based on the start milestone being attained:     public static void setFaseDeadline(Connector connector, CaseIdentifier caseIdentifier, String phaseStartMilestoneName, S

  • Get details of all Milestones which are not billed as of date in PA module Updated:11-30

    I want the correct QUERY which fetches details of all the milestones which are not billed as of the given date in PA module in Oracle applications 11i. For your information we are using PA type L. I have tried a lot but some join mismatch is happenin

  • Table PROJ & PSPNR Updated:11-30

    Hi, Please Tell what is Significanse of  PSPNR  field of table PROJ (Project defination)? and how it is linked to the PSPHI field of table PRPS(WBS) ? For single project defination there is multiple WBS elements. Pleas tell me the Functional Aspect b

  • Pop email no longer fetching emails Updated:10-11

    I just updated to iOS 8.0.2 and today I noticed that my email accounts are no longer fetching new emails.  When I swipe down to update, I get the spinning wheel of agony, and nothing.  I check on my computer and I have numerous new emails. This is a

  • FAGL Table to fetch closing balances period wise Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, I want to fetch GL Closing balances period wise.  I have checked GLT0, where no entry is recorded. Further i have checked FAGLFLEXT, which does not support period wise closing balances. I require GL closing balance, period wise, as show

  • Error when fetching into a variable of ROWTYPE Updated:10-11

    I came across with a vied error when creating the body of a method. Problem: I have a Type called Emp_typ and a corresponding table Emp_tab. When I create the body of get method it gives the following error msg : Compilation errors for PACKAGE BODY C

  • Text fetching from purchase order of type service po (Domestic) Updated:10-11

    hi , i have modified standard po medruck. the Header text and Item text are getting displayed. But for service Po (Domestic) type , header text and item texts from ME23n transaction are not getting displayed. could you please help me.... i observed t

  • In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally? Updated:10-11

    In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally?The query is re-issued as a flashback query and the client proce

  • Query help - Fetch employees working on two consecutive weekends(SAT/SUN) Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus, I have the following requirement and i need your help on this. We have a table with all employees effort logged in for the days they have worked. a sample data is given below TD_date     Emp_id     Effort     Archive_month 2-Mar-13     1

  • IPhone core data - fetched managed objects not being autoreleased on device (fine on simulator) Updated:10-11

    I'm currently struggling with a core data issue with my app that defies (my) logic. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but can't see what. I am doing a basic executeFetchRequest on my core data entity, but the array of managed objects returned never