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  • Vendor Balances transaction wise. Updated:10-11

    Hello Every One, I am novice SAP. So please let me know to check ledger of Vendor along transaction wise balances.Hi, you can check the following reports for vendor balances with transaction FBL1N S_ALR_87012082 - Vendor Balances in Local Currency S_

  • Difference between FBL1N and S_ALR_87012082 Updated:10-11

    Hello forum members, I have the following problem: In the actual fiscal year I get different results when I execute the FBL1N and the S_ALR_87012082. When I compare the results of the FK10N for a single vendor with the S_ALR_87012082 I get the same r

  • Vendor debit balance - S_ALR_87012082 vs. fbl1n Updated:10-11

    I'm new to the portal, so first of all would like to say "Hello" to Everybody. And, of course, comming here with SAP puzzle to be resolved - I hope you will be able to give me some piece of advise. The thing is that while pulling out vendor debi

  • Regarding report s_alr_87012082. Updated:10-11

    Hi all,         I want the output of standard report s_alr_87012082 in alv format ... is there any relevant standard report available ??         Also if i want the output values of report s_alr_87012082, from which tables i can get vendor no, vendor

  • Vendor invoices (FBL1N) Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, i have  to make a simple ABAP program which extract open and cleared items and display like FBL1N report. My new report must contain some extra functionalities like if a document(invoice) was checked or not. My questions are: - Is there a

  • Reset Cleared Documents and Vendor Open Items Report FBL1N Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I have following scenario: - In last month, we had 2 documents (invoice and payment) cleared against each other. We created open items report as well as open items correspondence sent to Vendor. Obviously, the docs were not included in report

  • Vendor open items wise ALV Grid Display (FBL1N) report to Excel Sheet Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need vendor wise open items and cleared items in ALV Grid format in excel sheet. I'm Trying that in T Code FBL1N, After the execution. I had select ALV Grid format like this From the menu bar->Settings-> Switch list. After that i get ALV 

  • Simulair report for FBL5N and FBL1N for new general ledger on segment level Updated:10-11

    We are working with segments in new G/L ledger. We want to run a open item report where we can combine customers and vendors by segment. The vendors and customers are linked in the master data. In the "old"  reports FBL5N and FBL1N you can do th

  • Doubt in fbl1n transaction Updated:10-11

    hi i have a doubt.... in fbl1n transaction, there are open items and cleared items. in it the cleared items  for certain document types such as invoice etc is not present in the open item table (bsik) however the cleared items for document types such

  • Quantity in report FBL1N Updated:10-11

    Hello experts, when i run standard report FBL1N, quantity has to be displayed along with other data. I am getting quantity field but with no data. Probably the quantity field in the G/L table BSEG is not getting updated when we do MIRO, so how to get

  • Open items in FBL1N. Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, We have set up the payment request settings (Spl. GL indicator u2018Pu2019) in D01. We made a payment against a MIRO invoice & paid through APP (Automatic payment program). However when try to clear the payment with the vendor invoice usi

  • Vendor Open Item Transaction FBL1N and Profit Centre Display Updated:10-11

    When I run transaction FBL1N for vendors and include profit centre in the layout, the profit centre column is included but is not populated with and values for any line item. However when I run a report in FAGLL03 the line items dispolay a profit cen

  • Report FBL1N with flag Customer items Updated:10-11

    Hello, When I set the flag "Customer Items" in the selection screen of the report FBL1N I can display the vendor items and also the related custome items. The problem is that I can display the list of all the vendors and below the list of the cu

  • Report as per FBL1N - Vendor line Items Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have a requirement to generate a report as per FBL1N, the current process is as follows. User enters shipments in dynamic selection > document > Reference > right side Reference. '*' is kept before and after the shipments. Other sel

  • Open items displayed in FBL1N but not displayed during vendor payment Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus, Does anyone have any idea about this topic? When using FBL1N, I can display all my vendor items, but when I want to pay the vendor with f-53, the system tells me there are no open items, whereas I saw several of them in FBL1N. It does not s

  • Clear from Vendor open line item (FBL1N). Updated:10-11

    Dear, I have Posted the Invoice and cancelled the same invoice which was in the Blocked status without Release.So its showing in Vendor open line item (FBL1N). Now we can not release these two docs in MRBR bcz the invoice was cancelled and also it ca

  • Withholding tax not able to view in FBL1N - Vendor Line Item report Updated:10-11

    Dear All, The VI documents are posted in different vendors. The Tax code has been duly selected and tax was deducted at the time of posting the entry. When we generate the list of vendor line items using standard report FBL1N, we observe that only so

  • Vendor Name Appearing Different for Different Line Items in FBL1N Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am executing FBL1N and changing the layout to include the Vendor Name in the line items. But when the line items are appearing, the Vendor Name is appearing different for different documents. I wish to see from where the system is picking up th

  • Not able to see Purchase Order No in FBL1N Report Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I am not able to see Purchase Order Number in FBL1N report. I have tried in change layout by selecting the purchase document but system is not displaying. Kindly help me on this. Regards, YadayyaDear Yadayya, in reference to your query plea

  • Vendor balance shows discrepancy between S_ALR_87012082 and FAGLB03. Updated:10-11

    Dear expert, These 2 reports currently shows discrepancy in balance. I came to know S_ALR_87012082  report ( vendor balance in local currnecy) has more vendor records than FAGLB03. Namely, some of vendors are not displaying in FAGLB03 but showing S_A