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fb08 vs vf11

  • VF11/FB08 : Invoice Cancel Scenario BTE Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have a scenario where we are implementing a BTE "00001025". This would be triggered just after all the validations have been performed. We need this to be triggered for Invoice cancellation scenario (Both Billing/Accounting Doc) for our lo

  • Cancel a SD invoice error message "no authorization for transaction FB08" Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to cancel a SD invoice and am receiving the error message " no authorization for transaction FB08" is coming. Never has this happened in past, i have checked all the security authorizations also and they are in place. Accou

  • VF11 Cancelamento de Faturamento - NF não cancelada Updated:10-11

    Bom dia! Para cancelar uma nota fiscal, utilizamos a transação VF11 e mencionamos o número do billing document ou documento de faturamento. Ao executar a transação, o sistema pergunta se queremos cancelar também a NF. O usuário respondeu SIM para 3 n

  • Billing document cancellation (VF11) the cancelled doc. is not getting automatically cleared against the actual billing doc. Updated:10-11

    Hi All, In case of billing document cancellation (VF11) the cancelled doc. is not getting automatically cleared against the actual billing doc. no. Each time user has to clear the doc. manually. We have observed this issue after recent patch updation

  • Cancel customer DP Request VF11 but remain as open item in fbl5n. Updated:10-11

    Dear SAP Gurus, i have problem to cancel DP Request. I made DP Request from SD(VF01). And i want to cancel that DP Request because of any reason. so i cancel it through VF11 and its going smoothly. When i see the doc. flow, the status of that DP Requ

  • Reversal FB08 Creating New OPEN ITEM instead of clearing the open item. Updated:10-11

    Dear All, My user has an issue whenever he does any reversal  Tcode - FB08 in one of the general ledger  "Cash in Transit"  nature "open item" & "Line item"  instead of clearing the open it it  creates a new open line ite

  • Restrict VF11 if subsequent Excise Invoice exists Updated:10-11

    Hello Friends, Invoice can be cancelled VF11 even if subsequent exicse invoice exists for the billing document. I want the user to first cancell the excise invoice and then cancell the billing document. How VF11 transaction can be restricted ( error

  • Runtime error while doing FB08 Updated:10-11

    while doing FB08 the system is creating a dump. Runtime errors         SYNTAX_ERROR                                                              Occurred on     05.08.2008 at   12:43:14                                                                 

  • FB08 error while posting Updated:10-11

    Hi All, When we are reversing a document with FB08 transaction system is throwing an error as "Correct the marked line items. Message no. F5413" We have 6 line item for VAT a/c with no tax codes in the original document and only two g/l codes(Dr

  • Enter a true account assignment object with revenues while reversing FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hi All When I am reversing the document through FB08 I am getting the warning messege "Enter a true account assignment object with revenues" Message no. KI166 Diagnosis You made an account assignment for 31211100, a revenue element, in controlli

  • VF11 wrongly created with RV Doc type and with not clear status. Updated:10-11

    Hi All Issue: There are 2 billing documents which were created(VF01) in March are canceled (VF11) in May. Cancel document is saved with a message (No automatic clearing of billing document XXXXXXXXX) and message diagnosis saying that u201CThe Automat

  • User-exit for t-code VF11 Updated:10-11


  • What are the ways to reverse entry in tcode FB08 automatically ? Updated:10-11

    Do We have any method to post the reverse entry in transaction code FB08 automatically ? I have to post the entry from my executable program. I tried using a BAPI, but that is not working out for me. guide meTry FM 'CALL_FB08' SvetlinRead other 5 ans

  • Account determination in cancellation of billing document (VF11) Updated:10-11

    Does anybody know if it's possible that a new account determination was carried out when cancelling a sd-billing document with VF11 transaction? Now, if we cancel a billing document the FI all relevant data is copied from the billing document to be c

  • Reversing part of the line items in accrual and defferal and FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hi My user posted one accounting entry with acrrual and defferal i.e. FBS1. There he posted 30 line items in one document number itself. When he reversed it in F.81 in next month, it automatically reversed all 30 line items. He just wanted to reverse

  • Reversal Reason Code not displayed in document -FB08 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have reversed the FI document using the transaction code FB08. While reversing I have given the SAP standard reversal reason code as 1. A new document was created on reversal of document. But Reversal reason code '1' is not getting displayed

  • Restrict system that couldn't do VF11 when AR document have been cleared Updated:10-11

    Dear  Experts, My question is as follows. After I  posted the billing document(VF01), it produces an accounting document simultaneously . Then , the financial users use F-30 to collect invoice amount and then the AR item  been cleared. But after clea

  • How to check whether the vendor invoice was reversed (MR8M & FB08) Updated:10-11

    hi, need to check whether the vendor invoice has been reversed. Posting of the vendor invoice as well as its reversal may happen in FI (e.g. FB60 - FB08) and MM (MIRO - MR8M).  have developed a custom function based on the values of the fields: stblg

  • Error in cacelling billing document in t.code VF11 Updated:10-11

    Dear Friends, When i have Cancel billing document with t code VF11, following error occuared Error Log 1102277799 000000 Cancellation document is not the same as the original billing doc. 1102277799 102277799 000000 Data inconsistency during processi

  • When i cancelled the billing doc through VF11 Fi document not yet creted. Updated:10-11

    Pls help on this issue. When i cancelled the billing doc through VF11 Fi document not yet creted. system thrown the given below error:                                                                                 Diagnosis   :