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FB01 tax amount

  • Calculation of Tax Amount in FB60 Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru's, Here Tax Procedure is TAXINN in which I have maintain Tax Code V9 as 14.42% (EXCISE+CESS) + 12.5% (VAT) in FV11. So while doing MIRO I select V9 Tax code then automatically Tax amount is calculated. My question is can same can done in FB60

  • Withholding tax Amount not being displayed in the Invoice while posting a Parked Document Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have created a parked document for the Vendor who has the Witholding tax code w9 - 15% . I created Parked Document using FBV1 and then tried posting the same using FBV0.Somehow I am not getting the Withholding tax Amount in the FI Document crea

  • How to extract tax amount in item level from a Purchase order Updated:10-11

    Hi experts, How to extract the tax amount data for each item in a Purchase order. I am using the data sources 2lis_02_itm, 2lis_02_scl, 2lis_02_S012. Please provide me which data source brings this tax amount data in item level and also the technical

  • Income tax amount not coming is payslip Updated:10-11

    Dear Experts, In remuneration statement the income tax amount is not appearing in deduction window, but where amount is getting deducted from earning. As a result the earning minus deduction is mismatch,  i.e. net salary is not correct. Ex: i.e. Earn

  • Service Contracts Line and Header Tax amounts are not matching Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am creating service contracts using API. Using below code i am applying price adjustments on the line. while using the below API Tax is calculated at line level and added for each line But the Tax filed on the header is not getting updated. I f

  • In vendor line item not showing withholding tax amount and withholding base Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus,           When i am using T,code FBL1n for details clear item,in line item doesn't showing withholding tax amount and withholding base amount for some vendors when i am using FB03 there showing tax amount and base amount,in option is there.

  • Invoice non deductible tax amount vs Purchase order Updated:10-11

    In the purchase order the tax amount is calculated item by item (ME21N). In the invoice (MIRO) when we select flag “Calculate tax” the system calculates the tax amount for the total of all the items. Because of this system behaviour in the invoice ve

  • With holding tax amount exceeds the cutomer/vendor line item amount 001 Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru's,   I have an issue, is there any impact to change the withholding tax base amount 20% instead of 10%.When I change the base amount to 20% and post a document system return error message "With holding tax amount exceeds the cutomer/vendor li

  • In fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing Updated:10-11

    in fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing in sap note 363309 determines Solution Remove the field which contains the withholding tax information (field BSEG-QSSHB) from your display variant. If you want to display th

  • Sales order report with Net value (NETWR) and Tax amount (MWSBP) Updated:10-11

    Hi all,         I would like to know if somebody know if exist a report of sales order where it can see the Net value and the Tax amount per sales order. Regards, Mariano.You can read those details directly in the table VBAP. There are fields for COS

  • Tax amount is coming in GR/IR ACCOUNT Updated:10-11

    Hi,    I am facing one problem  in PO base price is 500,  i am using 10% service tax code in PO it is showing proper base amount and tax amount separately,  but when we make the GR  so for GR/IR accunt it is posting amount as 550  insted of only 500

  • A/P Invoice Tax amount by tax code wise Updated:10-11

    Hi All How do we get  a report for purchase tax amount per tax code based on A/P Invoice? I have used OPCH and PCH4 tables to query but the number of rows are repeated in the report even when a tax code having a combination? Please help me thanks SV

  • How to enter condition wise tax amount manually in MIR7 & MIRO? Updated:10-11

    We have a PO with a tax code entered in it. but while parking invoice in MIR7, we want to enter condition wise tax amount manully which is different than calculated tax amount through tax code and subsequently we want the same manual tax amount to be

  • Error Message FF747  -The tax amount must not be greater than the tax base Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are attempting to post an import vendor invoice through transaction    FB60 for Israel company code . Since the tax charged by the vendor is not fixed every time , we are entering the tax amount in the    FB60 screen manually , without sele

  • Tax Amount is not capturing at the time of GRN Updated:10-11

    Dear friends i have created a PO with VAT+Sur cahrge tax code The system is calculating the total taxable privea nd value in PO While doing GR,System is not capuring at the time of GRN it is only capturing the price without taxes Can any body help on

  • Tax amount line item with Business area in Billing Doc generating to A/cing Updated:10-11

    Hi, While generating the Billing Doc, for the Tax amount line item , the Business area shd be populated. How this can be done? while  for the othter line items it is displaying but not for the tax amount line item.In ECC 6.0 with document splitting a

  • Tax Amount for Invoice Creation using BAPI_INCOMNGINVOICE_CREATE ? Updated:10-11

    Hi,      I am using BAPI_INCOMNGINVOICE_CREATE function module for cearting Invoice for a PO with referrence to Goods Receipt. In this case got a problem that if i did GRC for 10 Quantity for a Line Item in PO which consists 20 Quantity then i need t

  • Display of total tax amount in TDS Cert Updated:10-11

    Hi While printing the TDS Certificate (EWT), the total of the tax amounts are not displayed in figures; whereas the same is available in words.  How can I solve this issue ? Regards,Dear Babu, i think u r not up load the SAP Note for  properly go the