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  • FB01 Save user exit Updated:10-11

    Hi, Does anyone know of a user exit that gets activated when saving a document using transaction FB01. I need to exit to include structures containg all the information being posted in the financial document. Ive tried looking for enhancement in SMOD

  • What happened to the Bookmark all Tabs/Save and Exit/Open previous session feature in 4.0? If this has been taken out then 4.0 is of no use to me. I'll have to go back to 3.6 Updated:10-11

    In 3.6 when ever I closed the browser with multi tabs open it would give me the option to Save and Exit. Then when I reopened the browser it would give me the option to open the previous session. I could also bookmark all open tabs. All of these feat

  • How to  read header texts in the on save user exit of VA01 Updated:10-11

    Hi Experts, I have a requirement to read the header texts in the on save user exit. I have to check whether departmental code in header text is not initial or not. Can any one please pour in some points of how it can be done...... Thanks in Advance.

  • How to delete Remittance Advice through FB01 - which User exit or BADI? Updated:10-11

    I have created a BDC program for transaction FB01 to create an FI posting.  During this BDC session, i need to delete the associated remittance advice using the function REMADV_DELETE. Is there a user exit or BADI that i can use to call REMADV_DELETE

  • Availability check run requirement in the Sales order Save user Exit. Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, As per the requirment we are using a user exit SAVE SALE ORDER PREPARE for BOM purpose to reconfirm the confirmation qty. Now we need to add one more logic in the same user exit, which will run the availabilty check run for each of the line

  • Save on Exit Updated:10-11

    Hi, I wanted to prompt for saving a file when the JFrame is getting closed. How can I implement this? Any suggessions would be helpful. ThanksFirst of all, you would need to stop the frame's defaultCloseOperation and substitute it with your own behav

  • Save upon exit Updated:10-11

    I get a dialog each time I exit. It says C:\document and setting\osusername\.sqldeveloper\tmp\sqldev58722.sql has been modified. Save changes? version build-main-13.43 proper to say yes or no?In EA4, we began to write the contents of your

  • Inability to export from Indesign and save over exiting PDF on Mac Yosemite Updated:10-11

    When I export an InDesign document to save as a PDF, it only works if the PDF doesn't already exist. If I try to replace a file, I get the error File is Open. Needless to say, the file is not open. I'm using InDesign CC 2014 Release and a Mac updated

  • Save and exit Updated:10-11

    Hi , I have a problem. When I click on "X" (top-right corner) to exit program, I 'd like to ask confirmation. I have implented windowListener and in windowclosing I have put confirmation instructions. If user click on "Cancel" the prog