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  • Fax and Voip Updated:10-11

    Hi All We have a national backbone with Cisco As5400, As5350 , 2600 etc and Alcatel 7515 Gws. But our softswitch does not support both (T.38 and passthrough)fax protocol at the same time. So we often have to change in all media gateways the IOS image

  • Fax and Iphone Updated:10-11

    When i have a special fax-number (activated on the same sim-card like my phone number in my Iphone) from my network provider, is the Iphone able to receive and/or send faxes (maybe by using the e-mail editor)or do i need a program from the app store

  • "unable to send or receive faxes" Updated:10-11

    Trying to fax using VoIP.  Have a phone already plugged in.  When i plug into the telephone (fax) port on AIO unit it knocks out my phone.  Whenever i turn on the AIO it tells me "unable to send or receive faxes."   I've tried adjusting settings