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  • Fax and Voip Updated:10-11

    Hi All We have a national backbone with Cisco As5400, As5350 , 2600 etc and Alcatel 7515 Gws. But our softswitch does not support both (T.38 and passthrough)fax protocol at the same time. So we often have to change in all media gateways the IOS image

  • Receiving faxes via voip? Updated:11-30

    I recent set up a Vonage account so that I could send/receive faxes and I haven't been able to receive any, I've sent one though. I have my Print & Fax set up in System Prefs to use the internal modem and have the boxes checked for what I want, etc.

  • Using VoIP and can not send or receive fax. I am now also having problem scanning Updated:11-30

    I use VoIP for phone service. I can not send or receive faxes although the Fax Test Report Pass. Now I am having problem scanning. My main concern is with faxing.Hi, This won't work for analog fax. You need a normal analog telephone line to fax this

  • Fax and Iphone Updated:10-11

    When i have a special fax-number (activated on the same sim-card like my phone number in my Iphone) from my network provider, is the Iphone able to receive and/or send faxes (maybe by using the e-mail editor)or do i need a program from the app store

  • "unable to send or receive faxes" Updated:10-11

    Trying to fax using VoIP.  Have a phone already plugged in.  When i plug into the telephone (fax) port on AIO unit it knocks out my phone.  Whenever i turn on the AIO it tells me "unable to send or receive faxes."   I've tried adjusting settings

  • SPA 3102: Troubles with fax machine connected to SPA and dialing by IP PBX Updated:11-30

    Afternoon! I have a fax machine connected to the SPA3102 and i have configured an extension from the IP PBX, that it's working as a fax, so the problem here is that sometimes when i'm sending a fax, this one fail, it shows an error, the other problem

  • VOIP setting on the n8 (SIP) Updated:11-30

    So i was trying to get VOIPCHEAP to work on my phone, but after going through all the settings, the VOIP tab did not come up on my it should automatically be. Instead, it comes up when i click on one of my contacts. When i click on thi

  • Is the new Firmware version of 5800 supports VoIP? Updated:11-30

    I want just want to ask for those whoe already updated their 5800 to version 40 firmware if their phone already supports VoIP. I've read on some forums that Nokia 5800 doesn't support VoIP. Is the new update already have like the VoIP support of N97?

  • Help needed with fax setup Updated:11-30

    Help!!  My home phone service is provided by Verizon and I have a wireless phone cord. All my other services are through a centuryLink DSL router..connected with phone line but does NOT provide MY phone sevices.  How do I hook up my 8600 t


     Question: how do i make fax work voice over IP?Hello Cabin1958, Welcome to the HP Forums! I understand you would like to make the fax work with voice over IP using the Officejet 6700 premium. I will do my best to assist you! I would recommend follow

  • T.37 OnRamp and OffRamp fax configuration- Problem Updated:11-30

    Hello ! I have configured CISCO 2901 call router with T.37 OnRamp and OffRamp fax configuration. I have configured SMTP for receiving fax from call router. I am using Novell GroupWise 8 e-mail application. I could able to receive fax from call router

  • Error 388 while sending or receiving fax, HP Officejet 6260 Updated:11-30

    My unit is always giving this error while sending or receiving a fax. I have tried searching and found out its a line noise problem but when I connected a telephone set to that line it was all clear. No noise during calls. Hi sixline, HP has a page o

  • Faxing does not work. Says it's waiting for the driver to connect. Updated:11-30

    I set up the bluetooth fax printer but when I click to send the fax, it says that it's waiting for the driver to connect. Any ideas?If you don't have a land line you can't fax without a system like eFax which uses e-mail to send faxes to a phone numb

  • Can I fax wirelessly? Updated:11-30

    I have an HP Photosmart C309a All-In-One I just hooked up with Verizon Home Connect. Well, there is no fax capability on it. Groovy. If I can't figure out a way to fax wirelessly, I'll have to return the Home Connect and MiFi to Verizon. I just need

  • Hp4500 all in one printer and digital phone (Voip) Updated:11-30

    Help. I just changed phone service from analogue to digital and don't know and cannot find instructions on how to connect the hp4500 to the phone line to allow for faxing.  I have the two wire telepone cord connected to line one on the printer but wh

  • KX-TGE260 Won't Auto-Answer FAX Call Updated:11-30

    Just replaced an older residential Panasonic remote/base station telephone system with the new KX-TGE460 system.  Older system used to auto-direct an incoming FAX system to the FAX, which is contained in an HP all-in-one printer. After install, I fou

  • PAP2T - Fax - use landline to send/adapter to receive Updated:11-30

    How should I set this up? Linksys PAP2T Incoming faxes via VoIP – line 1 connected to fax machine with PAP2T Linksys adapter Outgoing faxes via landline – line 2 connected to adapter or fax machine directly – don't want fax machine to pick up any cal

  • SPA112 fax settings with 1 line or 2 Updated:11-30

    1st, this is probably the hardest forum to find (on Cisco's support site) that I've ever encountered.  Like they're trying to keep it a secret. Not sure WHY they have this under (only) Small Business - but I found it!  Not under any forum menus, but

  • Is the new DM version 2 worth the switch? Updated:11-30

    Whenever BlackBerry DM shows a new version out, I get the willies.  Some versions have been awful - duplicating and triplicating calendar events, or wiping out everything. So... is it worth taking the leap from v. 1.0.4? What are the advantages? I wo

  • Connectivity Question Updated:11-30

    My N8 (bought today in fact) prompts me for "User Access Name" and then "Password" anytime I navigate to a page that requires internet access (I guess).  Anyhoo,...on my N900 I was able to toggle the internet connection on or off from