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fast revocation part of execute method

  • Using value selected in selectOneChoice as variable for execute method Updated:10-11

    I have already created data controls for the session bean method so I can drag and drop on to the jsp. This works fine when entering the data into the input text fields but I really need the first value to come from an initial page and the second val

  • Execute() Method is undefined Updated:10-11

    Hi all.   I am developing a WebDynpro Application which will use a EJB for business logic. I am using a javabean as interface between EJB ane WebDynpro. I created a instance of model in webdynpro and i am trying to retrive the data from backend. But

  • How can I find the source of report in the executable method= "Spawned" ? Updated:10-11

    Dear all: how can I find the source of report in the executable method=>"Spawned" ? Regards,Hi, Please see this thread. To View Spawned Concurrent Program Source Code To View Spawned Concurrent Program Source Code Regards, HusseinRead other 3

  • What are the operations we can do on incoming message in execute() method of pipeline component? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Actually I am new to BizTalk and not getting idea about how to process message in execute method? Thanks in advanceHi Rocky, You can have any kind of processing done (logic applied) on the incoming message and produce output message and only rest

  • IDocumentQuery.Execute() method throws user does not have edit permissions exception Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to query a document folder for all of its containing documents. Its a basic query like this: IPortletContext PortletContext = PortletContextFactory.CreatePortletContext(Request,Response);IRemoteSession PTSession;PTSession = PortletContext.

  • PreparedStatement and execute() method Updated:11-30

    Hi to all. I would like to understand a thing. Why the execute() method gives me back false also if the SQL instructions is well executed? Is this right? TIA OmarReturns: true if the first result is a ResultSet object; false if the first result is an

  • How can I execute method of Component for name Updated:11-30

    Hello, My program has JInternalFrame with some components. Write me please - how can I execute method of Component for name of Component ? Like this: ... findObject("jTextArea1").cut(); Thank you in advance.just cycle through the container's com

  • Send a mail to manager in execute method of my eventhandler class. Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I want send an email in execute method of my eventhandler class. How can I do this? Thanks Regards.You can use JavaMail, or tcEmailOperations and the NotificationResolver to send email notification. Not sure what help you are looking on

  • Execute method of IWDPDFDocumentCreationContext throwing error Updated:11-30

    Hi All I am using NWDS2004s SPS10 I need to generate a pdf. I am using "IWDPDFDocumentCreationContext" Interface to create the pdf from given xml and xdp. When i use the "execute" method of the interface it throws me following error. w

  • Execute Method must not return a resultSet Updated:11-30

    Hi. I am using DataModifyQuery to insert a record in MS SQL. On that Table there is one trigger defined whcih in turn insert data into some other table. in case there is any error the trigger return a error message. When i execute the Sql with DataMo

  • Execute method is undefined for Request_ZBpProjectGetlist2. Updated:11-30

    I created a webservice for a BAPI and imported to Web Dynpro DC using Web Service Model. But I am getting an error in wdContext.currentRequest_ZBpProjectGetlist2Element().modelObject().execute(); It says Method execute() is undefined for Request_ZBpP

  • How populate and execute methods gets called in UserDefined Action Classes? Updated:11-30

    In Struts2, if we override methods populate() and execute() , then if we made any request to some Action class which overrides these methods, then how does it look for these 2 methods?? and why populate() method called first and later execute() metho

  • Unhandled exception was thrown by the sandboxed code wrapper's Execute method in the partial trust app domain Updated:11-30

    Hi All,   I have created a custom web part in VS 2008 for Share point server 2010 with DevExpress v12.2.17, and deployed as Sandboxed solution. when i add that web parts in web part zone i am getting the error as "Web Part Error: Unhandled exception

  • MDMJavaAPI: Execute() method is not running. Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to delete the repository using MDMJavaAPI. Here is the whole code for deleting repository. =============================================import; import

  • Method reference of the currently executed method Updated:11-30

    Hello, is there a way (i think using reflection) to have a reference to a Method object of the currently executed method? class A {      void foo() {           java.lang.reflect.Method m = ???     // would be a reference to the foo() method      void

  • Jdbc-statement execute method Updated:11-30

    in java documentation it is given ............., a single SQL statement may return multiple result sets and/or update counts. Normally you can ignore this unless you are (1) executing a stored procedure that you know may return multiple results or (2

  • Trying to connecto to BCS inside Execute() method of SPJobDefinition. Updated:11-30

    Hi, I want to create a Timer job that runs once daily to fetch legacy data from an external List( another SQL server dB) and update a local sharepoint list. I've created an external list which gets data from SQL server DB. I'm using the SP API to con

  • Execute method by the string name Updated:11-30

    Well, I want execute a method , just knowing the string name of her and your class too: public class A public static void Kick() public class B final String methodToBeExecuted="Kick"; Or on the same class too. This is possible? (In C I could use

  • Not executed method Updated:10-11

    Hi. I need some help. That's a snippet of the class. public constructor ( ChooserListener callback ) {  // that's a constructor super(); Loader.load(); this.callback= callback; JFrame frame = new JFrame(); frame.getContentPane(); frame.setDefaultClos

  • EXECUTE Method of CL_CRM_ERMS_SERVICE_MANAGER not getting "document_id" Updated:10-11

    Hi, We have a requirement that on inbound automated email i.e. softbounce the mail should be forwarded to an external email address. We have done required configurations in 1. Transaction SO28 - maintained the recipient for ERMS BOR for the incoming