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  • Restore the hard drive to the factory WinXP OS image - T60 1951-A31 Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to restore the hard drive to the factory WinXP OS image on a number of 1951-A31 ThinkPad T60.  Found these instructions in the trouble shooting guide: 1. If possible, save all your files and shut down your operating system. 2. Turn off you

  • No videeo on A31 Updated:10-11

    I have an A31 that has no video. The system boots up, but there is no video or any sign of video. I was using the system earlier in the day with no problems. It may have gone into suspend mode, it may have gone into hibernate mode. I don't know for s

  • Format A31 "C" Drive Updated:10-11

    I just got an A31 (2652 J3U) from an IT guy who thought he was helping me by installing Tiny XP, a smaller, quicker version of XP, this OS is useless, so I want to install my legal XP Pro Corporate SP1, but I get a mesage that I cannot install it bec

  • Thinkpad A31 Docking Station Updated:10-11

    Hi there,  I have a Thinkpad A31 - 2652 with Windows XP (SP3) and I would like to get a docking tray with the ability to have dual VGA monitors (both external monitors).  I understand that the "ThinkPad T, A, and X Series Dock" has both a VGA an

  • A31 Video Problems Updated:10-11

    The pink lines in the screenshot appear at differant locations and somtimes when moving a window around screen the entire window changes colors to pink, have updated drivers and BIOS and problem shows up on external monitor and sometimes prior to eve

  • Thinkpad A31 Ultrabay Plus release problem Updated:11-30

    I have a Thinkpad A31 that I'm repairing - I removed the Ultrabay enclosure that the CD-ROM fits into. I've reinserted it and have issues with the eject lever. The release mechanism allows the eject lever to come out, but there is no resistance on th

  • ThinkPad Button A31 Download AIBM.EXE Updated:11-30

    I'm rebuiding my A31 and want to get the ThinkPad Button working. I have all the OSD, WebKey Agent and Zoom drivers installed. The key calls c:\IBMTools\AIBM.exe. Does anyone know where/how to find this file and download it? I don't have the file on