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  • BUG: BizTalk Service Portal SSO crash upon re-login Updated:11-30

    Tried to re-login under another account on BizTalk Services Portal ( Server Error in '/' Application. IDX10301: The 'nonce' found in the jwt token did not match the expected nonce. expected: '63559234923030043

  • Restore the hard drive to the factory WinXP OS image - T60 1951-A31 Updated:10-11

    I'm trying to restore the hard drive to the factory WinXP OS image on a number of 1951-A31 ThinkPad T60.  Found these instructions in the trouble shooting guide: 1. If possible, save all your files and shut down your operating system. 2. Turn off you

  • No videeo on A31 Updated:10-11

    I have an A31 that has no video. The system boots up, but there is no video or any sign of video. I was using the system earlier in the day with no problems. It may have gone into suspend mode, it may have gone into hibernate mode. I don't know for s

  • Format A31 "C" Drive Updated:10-11

    I just got an A31 (2652 J3U) from an IT guy who thought he was helping me by installing Tiny XP, a smaller, quicker version of XP, this OS is useless, so I want to install my legal XP Pro Corporate SP1, but I get a mesage that I cannot install it bec

  • Thinkpad A31 Docking Station Updated:10-11

    Hi there,  I have a Thinkpad A31 - 2652 with Windows XP (SP3) and I would like to get a docking tray with the ability to have dual VGA monitors (both external monitors).  I understand that the "ThinkPad T, A, and X Series Dock" has both a VGA an

  • A31 Video Problems Updated:10-11

    The pink lines in the screenshot appear at differant locations and somtimes when moving a window around screen the entire window changes colors to pink, have updated drivers and BIOS and problem shows up on external monitor and sometimes prior to eve

  • Thinkpad A31 Ultrabay Plus release problem Updated:11-30

    I have a Thinkpad A31 that I'm repairing - I removed the Ultrabay enclosure that the CD-ROM fits into. I've reinserted it and have issues with the eject lever. The release mechanism allows the eject lever to come out, but there is no resistance on th

  • ThinkPad Button A31 Download AIBM.EXE Updated:11-30

    I'm rebuiding my A31 and want to get the ThinkPad Button working. I have all the OSD, WebKey Agent and Zoom drivers installed. The key calls c:\IBMTools\AIBM.exe. Does anyone know where/how to find this file and download it? I don't have the file on

  • Installing WIndows XP on a A31 2562 Updated:11-30

    I purchased an A31 laptop from work. It will be wiped clean, so I will have to install an o.s. I will install Windows XP Service Pack 2, however, will there be an issue installing from a re-installation cd? Not sure if I have to change the bios to bo

  • A31 Upgrades, basic and complex Updated:11-30

    Hi, I've had my Thinkpad laptop now for around 8 years, since I was a first year at secondary school and got it with a grant, now that I'm at uni I've taken it out again to use as my main machine; however, even though I try to keep its' software quit

  • A31 video...thinking out loud Updated:11-30

    Greetings, New user here...  I've been spending lots of my spare time reading all the fun things about the A31 that I have and its known issues.  I'm having fun with what looks to be a pretty solid machine with some "character"   I've already le

  • A31 and wifi connection Updated:11-30

    What IBM wireless cards can be used on an A31 for internet connection through a router? And what driver would be required for each or any of the usable wireless cards.The only card that A3x units left the factory with was a combo modem/wireless "b&qu

  • Forgot my Power On Password A31 Updated:11-30

    I've Forgot my Power On Password IBM Thinkpad A31, This Is Not My MIstake I Think Somebody Give IT, or Otherwise Automaticaly It Gives Any Password. Please Help MEYou will either need to remember the password, or find it out from the person who set i

  • A31 Hard Drive Recommendation Updated:11-30

    Hi Gang, I am considering upgrading the HD on my A31, 2652-C4U running XP Pro.  Does anyone have a general recommendation on a suitable unit and is there a maximum size limitation issue because of bios.  Thanks all ! Solved! Go to Solution.There's no

  • A31 no sound Updated:11-30

    From one day to another my glorious old A31 has just make the sound disapperead. no device, no panel, nothing. It works at night and in the next morning everything dosn't work anymore. I tried to reinstall driver but I received a failure. Tried syste

  • Fan on A31 Updated:11-30

    I am new to the A31. Should I be able to hear the fan working from the vent to the rear left. How can I check the temperature? I am currently using a program "SIW" which has a sensor function showing the temperature. Do laptops run a little hott

  • A31 Serial port only works on dock..? Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have an IBM A31(2652-P3M) and I'm trying to use it as a GPS terminal for 4x4 driving. Most new laptops don't have a serial port to hook into my gps so this one is good in that respect. But... the serial port on the laptop doesn't work. Only

  • Network Card - Thinkpad A31 Updated:11-30

    My A31 Thinkpad appears to some sort of card reader. It looks like it has 2 slots. I was wondering if I could get a wireless network card for it. However, I don't know what type of card reader I have. I tried a network adaptor that looks like this ht

  • IBM A31 2652-J3G XP Pro Recovery Disc Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone, I am still using an IBM Thinkpad A31 2652-J3G. The (tiny but sufficient what my needs) 20gb Hard Drive has failed, and I've replaced the hard drive. However I do not have any recovery discs for this model. There is a legitimate XP Pro li

  • A31 Optical Drive Upgrade Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone. I need to upgrade my optical drive on my A31 (2653). It has a CD-R/W drive and I want to replace it with a DVD-R/W drive. Does anyone know the part number or any other model that will fit this particular Thinkpad. Your help would much