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f1237 sensor failure

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    I have started this as a new topic so as not to upset the members contributing to the below subject re. fast running fans :- The aim is to gain some practical advice for myself and ot

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    I received a new Canon T5i in the mail last week from Ritz Camera.  At first everything seemed splendid; this was an upgrade for me from an old XTi and I've been practicing with this camera so that I can cover next week's NASA launch with it.  This m

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    Has anyone had experienced this update on Verizon?  Just new to this BB10 so I thought I would ask for advice or inputs. This 7-day old Z10 I bought has version AND it would be nice to address the VERY hard-to-access youtube (through z10

  • Solution for error code: 4SNS/1/40000000/IBOR-9.426 Updated:10-11

    My computer recently has been running at its best. I did a diagnostic and gave me an error code 4SNS/1/40000000/IBOR-9.426. I wanted to get an idea what this means and what is the solution?That indicates an internal sensor failure.  You will have to

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    I've had a working Droid X for just over 30 days and suddenly the GPS will not receive a signal and lock.  I have downloaded both GPS Status and GPS Test applications AFTER the issue started.  Both apps show that I am not seeing any satellites.  I've