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F-02 Profit. Segment input check

  • Field Prof.Segment is a required field for G/L Account 2100 454010 Updated:10-11

    Hi Controlling Copa Expert, user facing problem, at the time of Business Transaction , getting error while MIRO, " Field Prof.Segment is a required filed for GL 454010, kindly let me know where and wht input parameters for the same. Prof. Segment. we

  • Desactivate Profit Segment in a Purchase Order Updated:10-11

    Hello, When we post a purchase order the field "Profit Segment" is automatically filled. When we check the controlling document created it creates a line with CO Object: PSG - profit segment. Although we need to post cost center in one specific

  • WBS and Profit Segment fileds should be filled at Sales Order item level Updated:10-11

    Hi, When i create a Sales order I want to save both PA Segment and WBS Element fields in Account Assignment tab at item level. By default Profit.Segment is filled beacuse COPA is already activated in this system, when i try to enter WBS element in Ac

  • Profit segment the value of the customer is coming diffrent from payer Updated:11-30

    Hi, In Billing document(VF01) , Under the profit segment the value of the customer is coming diffrent from the payer. Would like to know how to solve this problem, Also when I checked in the document flow, even the same value exsists in the Sales Ord

  • Enh. COPA0003 don't work when clicking button "profit. segment " of FB70 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I would like to use the Enhancement COPA0003 to populate some characteristics in screen "Assignment to a profitability segment" of transaction FB70. I have activated this Enhancement, and i have put a break point in the function EXIT_SAP

  • Disable profit segment in the billing document Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, I'd like to know if it's possible to disable the field profit segment in the billing document. I need to post amounts from taxes in cost center , but as the profit segment is enable in billing document, the amounts are posted in CO-PA. Th

  • Cannot change profit center in profit segment Updated:11-30

    i have a problem while changing profit center in profit segment via t-code VA42. system is not allowed changing them after the contract item was billed. by checking characteristic derivation rules in t-code KEDR. system issue message "This derivation

  • Sales Order Line Item - Profit Segment Updated:11-30

    Hi - Could you please tell me how I can see in config that determinines values in Profit Segment? I want to see how Billing Type field is being controlled. Above field is at line it Thanks RameshRamesh, Check these links [Regarding :Product Name and

  • COPA, how to derive Profit Segment as a characteristic Updated:11-30

    In COPA I created a characteristic u201CSegmentu201D to report on the Profit Center Segment. I am trying to use Define Characteristic Derivation, T-code KEDR to derive and populate the Profit Center Segment characteristic. I did the following: use u2

  • Profit segment blank Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I have a question, I have maintained the cost element group - XXX then I assign the cost element group to the PA transfer structure for FI posting (tcode KEI1). source = cost element group XXX value field = VV230 - Freight & Delivery. My ques

  • Balancsheet GL Contains Profit Segments in SV type doc type Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, As in my system i am showing some inconsistency in accounting Document posting.e.g i had Created 1 Balance sheet account '111132' & assign to the SV document type in CRM server & R/3. Now when my Contract got Posted in CRM server it gene

  • Profit segment okb9 price difference Updated:11-30

    Dear Forum, I have price difference account maintained in okb9 with a tick at profit segment. I test to post this price difference account in FB01 and i can see it gets posted in COPA price difference value field. My question is, how does the system

  • Profit Segment Maintenance Updated:11-30

    Hi Friends,' The users while creating the Profit Segments, maintained some of the fields wrongly. This resulted in the values not being captured at the desired levels such as Material Group.  Is there a standard report that could provide the tabular

  • Profit segment in PO Updated:11-30

    How to create Profit Center Derivation for profitability analysis on creating a PO with BAPI_PO_CREATE1? Any example? Thanks in advanceDear Rajani, Thanks a lot. We have included the field "customer" in the CE4 table. When creating the PO, user

  • Profit Segment not activated during creation of purchase order item Updated:10-11

    Hello, While I create a Purchase Order Item, in the account assignment tab, I may fill in at least a cost center or a cost center and an internal order. If I fill in only a cost center and key the enter buton, the profit segment is activated. If I fi

  • Account assignment to Profit. segment not supported with this G/L account Updated:10-11

    Hello Guru,             we have activated the COPA- Costing based. after activation while doing the Shipping Cost calculation thr T.C VI01 system is throughing error message Account assignment to Profit. segment not supported with this G/L account Me

  • How to assign Profit segment to the G/L account Updated:10-11

    hi all, have anyone know how to assign Profit segment to the G/L account? rgds, WorachedHi,    Select the      1. Field Status Group for Profitability segment (T.Code : OBC4)      2. Select the automatic account assignment (T.Code : OKB9)      3. Sel

  • Input check of report Updated:11-30

    I have selection option parameter to choose the date range called so_dt. this field gets data from the table ztbl_name. Here is the common input check IF NOT ztbl_name[] IS INITIAL.     SELECT dt        INTO wa        FROM ztbl_name          UP TO 1

  • List price updation in Profit segment Updated:11-30

    Hi, Could you explain how the List price-VV137 in CE1 table  is getting updated in Profit segment??? Thanks and Regards SankarCould you please respond this Regards SankarRead other 2 answers

  • Input Check in Table Control Updated:11-30

    A table control is created in screen painter and an internal table was used to store particular data in ABAP program. Information were entered into the table through ABAP program(insert value into internal table). The input check generated by data di