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Export without hintfile

  • R3load export of  table REPOSRC with lob col - error ora-1555 and ora-22924 Updated:10-11

    Hello, i have tried to export data from our production system for system copy and then upgrade test. while i export the R3load job has reported error in table REPOSRC, which has lob column DATA. i have apsted below the conversation in which i have re

  • [Error during Export] R3load exited with return code 11 Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, While performing and Unicode Migration, during Export Phase, Migration Monitor returned the following error while exporting a package ERROR: 2014-06-01 10:57:44 run Unloading of 'REGUC' export package is interrup

  • Error during export of ECC 6.0 system for unicode conversion Updated:10-11

    We have upgraded a 4.7 system to ECC 6.0 running on MSSQL 2000.  We have the latest r3load, and are using the Netweaver 7.0 sapinst to perform the system copy (export) to convert to unicode.  Our goal is an exported system which we can use on a clean

  • EXPORT ABAP ERROR  (BEK) ERROR: SAPSYSTEMNAME not in environment Updated:10-11

    HI ALL, we have started migration of ecc6.0  from windows (mssql) to linux(maxdb). While taking export abap all the export packages are ended with same error . i have set the envirornment variables for jdk. even though i am getting the same error.her

  • ERROR WHILE SYSTEM EXPORT (BEK) ERROR: SAPSYSTEMNAME not in environment Updated:11-30

    HI ALL, we have started migration of ecc6.0 from windows (mssql) to linux(maxdb). While taking export abap all the export packages are ended with same error . I have set the envirornment variables . even though i am getting the same i past

  • Export database Updated:11-30

    Good evening friends, I am having an error when you export from my base that is 70GB, giving this error sapappl1_1, ran the reports and SMIGR_CREATE_DDL SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES, which can be. java version "1.4.2_17" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, St

  • Syntax Error while running step 34 (35) after unicode conversion Updated:10-11

    Hello, We are converting our test system to Unicode to find out how to do it in our production system. We are at step 34/35 (Starting RFC job's) in the database installation so we are almost done but we have encounted a problem that we can't find a s

  • Migration unicode Linux to unicode AIX Updated:11-30

    Not sure if this is the right forum. I am trying to run heterogeneous system copy of Unicode SolMan 7 Enh 1 system from Source Linux target AIX. Having problems with R3load export. /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run/R3load -e D010INC.cmd -datacodepage 4102 -l

  • BR0804I BRCONNECT terminated with error code 5 Updated:11-30

    hi all, we r exporting source system , at step 2 "Update database statistice" error occur An error occurred while processing service SAP ERP 6.0 Support Release 3 > Software Life-Cycle Options > System Copy > Oracle > Source System E

  • Errors in R3load processes during Copy Source System ERP 2005 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I'm executing the Copy Source from an ERP 2005 SR2 nounicode system. In windows2003 32 bits. During R3load processes I have the follow error for all packages. I used the users "administrator" and <SID>adm, and in both the error is t

  • Invalid Migration key Updated:11-30

    Dear expert I am import sap system through system copy methored during starting of ABAP Import phase it's prompt me to enter Migration key I gave it but it say's Invalid /usr/sap/DEV/SYS/exe/uc/rs6000_64/R3load: job finished with 1 error(s) /usr/sap/

  • Help need on Migration Monitor during the OS migration Updated:11-30

    Dear Guru, I need some helps to start the export with migration monitor tools. First I want to start the export on the source system and then move the file by myself to the source system. I can start the export in client mode? (I try already but it i

  • Help need on Migration Updated:11-30

    Hello, Iam migrating a production database from 8.0.4 to 8.1.5 on windows nt.iam using the database migration assistant.It is going on forever.when i checked the log iam getting this error "DBMS PACKAGE STANDARD NOT ACCESSIBLE".I have enough spa

  • Adobe Bridge CS6 for mac: export modules, facebook export module gives an error every time i try to sign in Updated:10-11

    in the export module for facebook every time i click "sign in to facebook" it gives the following error: "An error occurred while request facebook connection""An error occurred while request facebook connection" The export mo

  • LR 4 exports to wrong folder, anybody else? Updated:10-11

    HI, my rig includes Windows 7, Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen 3 with i7 2600K, 16GB DDR3 mem, SSD drives, fast Radeon video card. I'm using Lightroom 4, just upgraded, have this problem:  when I export to Folder1> Subfolder 1, it puts the export images in the

  • Auto-generated links exported from InDesign do not work in tablet apps Updated:10-11

    Hyperlinks automatically detected and exported from InDesign CS6 8.0.1 as a PDF work fine on the desktop version of Acrobat Reader. However, on the iPad version of Adobe Reader as well as iBooks and GoodReader, these links are completely ignored, mea

  • Export to Text Options needs Updated:10-11

    I've writen a program that exports a crystal report into a text file ready for it to be uploaded to an ftp site. Problem is i'm having trouble getting the text file to look right. I narrowed it down to the "Lines per page" setting in Crystal XI

  • Export to excel formatting Updated:10-11

    I'm working on a quote report which has narrative sections as well as a table. I can get the report to look great in the application but it has formatting problems once exported to excel. In one of my narrative reports I have a simple table with a fe

  • Help with exporting as an animated gif Updated:10-11

    I've created a small banner ad and need to export it as an animated gif.  The problem is, when I open the gif after exporting it, there's no animation.  The way the animation is set up is 1 frame on the main timeline, and a scrolling movie clip as th

  • Problems/help with animated GIF exports Updated:10-11

    I am an experienced Photoshop user.  I recently upgraded to CS5 (Windows) and have been attempting to produce animated gif files.  After reading a few tutorials on the topic, I have been able to:  Create a PSD with a few jpg images as layers;  Move t