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export iphoto library to zipcloud backup

  • Exporting iPhoto library as a regular folder to be opened on PC Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone! I am wondering how to export iPhoto library to external drive as a normal folder with jpeg files to be opened also on PC (no iPhoto app). Do you have any ideas? Cheers!If you export with Kind=Original you retain your Created date, Modifi

  • How do I export iPhoto library to a flash drive and can photos be viewedon a PC? Updated:11-30

    How do I export iPhoto library to flash Drive and can it be viewed On a PC?This User Tip has details of the options in the Export dialogue.Read other 4 answers

  • Export Iphoto-library to file structure Updated:10-11

    I have been searching around for quite some while how to export the Iphoto-library into a 'classic' directory file structure (e.g. folder/event; folder/album,...). Main raison for doing this is for backup and consolidation purposes: I have quite some

  • Exporting iPhoto Library files to external HD Updated:11-30

    I'm running out of HD space on my MBPro. Exported large number of files from Library, which includes a lot of Nikon NEF files (RAW); however, my MBPro 150 GB HD, shows little change. I looked in Pictures/iPhoto Library, right-clicking on iPhoto Libra

  • Export IPhoto Library from Aperture back to IPhoto Updated:11-30

    I imported my IPhoto Library into Aperture, I would like to put the IPhoto Library back into IPhoto how do I export the Iphoto Library back to IPhoto?Restoring from your backup would be the fastest way.Read other 3 answers

  • How to export iphoto library to other location ? Updated:11-30

    iphoto is taking lots of memory space... how would I export photos to another location, like an external disk?The iPhoto Library is a SQL database and must be kept intact - you can use it on an external Hard drive - Moving the iPhoto library is safe

  • Hard disk full. so exported iPhoto library. can't locate them now? Updated:11-30

    received message stating Hard Drive full. therefore mac book air running slow whilst on net. attempted to transfer all photos from mac book air to external hard drive. nothing would work. noticed an export feature on iPhoto drop down menu, pressed it

  • Best way to export iPhoto library? Updated:11-30

    Hey folks, I was wondering what is the best way to export all the master/unedited images I have in my iPhoto 11' collection just to have it all in the Photos folder. I would like to start making the move to Lightroom 4 and give it a test drive. It wo

  • HELP! Copied the iPhoto Library folder to backup, but files are smaller Updated:11-30

    Help! To get more space on my laptop, I copied some photos to a backup hard drive, following the instructions in iPhoto help: "Copy the iPhoto Library folder on your hard disk to another disk." I then deleted many of the photos from my laptop. N

  • Restoring iPhoto Library from a backup Updated:11-30

    Hi, I recently bought the backup program "Backblaze" just in time! I few days ago I accidentally lost my entire iPhoto library. Luckily after a 12.4 GB download (which took about a day and a half - man backblaze is awesome!) I had my library bac

  • Trouble exporting iphoto library....PLEASE HELP Updated:11-30

    I'm exporting my massive 6,000 + pictures to my flash drive but only transfers half... Then I did a folder for each event and it transfers but when I open the file on the flash drive it says " the file jpg could not be open" please helpWhat you

  • Need to export Iphoto library from iPhone4, synced Macbook hard drive failure. Now only medium is windows based. Please help!!! Updated:11-30

    Hello all, I had my iPhone 4 synced to a Macbook and was using iTunes and iPhoto for my media. Well the hard drive in my Macbook crashed and now all of my Photos and Music are only on my iPhone. How can i extract the iPhoto library/albums from the ph

  • Try to export iphoto library to external hard drive Updated:11-30

    Good day all I try to my hard drive is getting full. I try to export my iphoto library but i made a mistake. when i open i photo none of the thumbtab shows up. I would have to go into the library folder to get the picture. I have not delete the orgin

  • Export iPhoto library to a different computer, without losing the keywords Updated:11-30

    i have about 3000 family photos on my computer, how do i export my entire library to another computer without losing the keywords/ratings? i am trying to copy the my iPhoto library into the iPhoto library on my dads mac pro cheersquit iPhoto on both

  • Export iphoto library to android phone Updated:11-30

    Is there a simple method to export my iPhoto library so that it could be accessed via an Android phone, while keeping the logical segmentation by Events?  I know I can just photos, then copy them to DropBox or Google Drive, then access on the phone. 

  • How do people backup iPhoto library for offsite backup? Updated:11-30

    I use time machine for a local backup and I also copy the iPhoto library to another external USB HDD for extra backup. So I know you should also have a backup offsite in case of disaster. So how do people do this? What methods, cloud? External HDD? D

  • Exporting iPhoto library with data Updated:11-30

    In prep for the demise of iPhoto, I'm trying to save my 33,000 photos onto a new external hard drive. (formatted correctly). I go to File/Export and choose the new hard drive as the place to export and that's where the problem starts. Once I click th

  • Exporting iPhoto library Updated:11-30

    I have exported my iPhoto library to an external hard drive which is formatted MS-DOS (FAT).  So far as I can tell, it is all working fine.  Have I missed something?  I have read posts which say that the drive must be journaled for iPhoto to work pro

  • Help to restore iPhoto Library from TM backup Updated:11-30

    I use an external hard drive to store my iPhoto Library which was manually added to my Time Machine backup as my iMac internal hard drive is insufficient to store all my media.  I set up Time Machine to back up both the iMac and the 1TB external driv

  • Open iPhoto library in the backup dmg Updated:11-30

    I have a macbook air and macbook pro, a fatal error occurs in my macbook air and i have to restore it to factory mode... I make a back up image of my apple air but then I could not open the iPhoto Library from dmg created. It says: The iPhoto library