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  • Display error message in EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010 Updated:10-11

    Dear expert, Our requirment is that: We want to display a  modal dialog screen for user input some other detail data when click 'Post' in MIRO, and update these data to a an add-on table. There will be a 'CHECK' button on the dialog box for checking

  • EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010 - User Exit for MIRO Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'm trying to call this User Exit EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010, in the MIRO transaction, but it is not triggered at all. And so after troubleshooting, in one table TFDIR, for this function module, the MAND field is blank. Whereas the program expects charact


    Dear All, We are working on QM implementation for one of our client. The process is as follows 1.     MIGO with Mvt 103 2.     Inspection lot is generated after Mvt 103 3.     Usage decision for inspection lot. Lot accepted  and moved to Unrestricted

  • Need to default a PO number in MIRO Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've created a proram to call transaction MIRO. It defaults the company code based on the company code of the PO entered. See the code below:   data: gt_fields type standard table of sval with header line,         g_returncode,         g_ebeln

  • Payment block due to Vendor Payment Terms/Method. Updated:10-11

    Hi All We have a situation where we have a payment block due to difference in amount while doing MIRO and PO. (An entry gets created in RBKP_BLOCKED table with Log. Payment Block = 'A'). When we release blocked invoices after changing the PO amount t

  • Transfer data from the PO to the invoice header data in MIRO (user exits) Updated:10-11

    Hi. We are trying to transfer some basic information from the PO to the invoice header data by the time we process the logistic invoice verification (transaction MIRO). The information we want to transfer is: 1.     PO Text (screen field DRSEG-TXZ01)

  • Payment block due to quality reasons Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My client would like to have a the payment blocked when the material is in quality inspection upon GR. Using a QM control key 0007 in material master, we can set invoice block due to quality reasons. However, I would like to have the paymen

  • BAPI Program -Invoice_update- For not allowing MIRO if Quality not clear Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus, Does anybody have program done for BAPI -Invoice Update This is for not allowing user to post MIRO-Vendor Incoming Invoice Creation & Posting if any material against that PO or GR is lying in the Quality Inspection. Please send if you ha

  • Inspection setup key Updated:11-30

    Hi,      While making gr goods automatically updated in to quality inspection stock. But inspection setup key is not activated in the material master for that material. So inspection lot  number is not created for this Goods receipt entry.. how can i

  • User exit for MIRO Updated:11-30

    Hi friends My requirement is to do some validation in MIRO when user will press the save button. For this I am using EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010 fm exit in LMR1M001enhancement. But the problem is when I am trying to validate that and show some messages it is n

  • MIRO User exit Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, We have a functional requirement as when in MIRO, if user changes G/L account to a balance sheet account, then this should give out a information message during the Invoice processing.  Could you let us know what exit can we use ? Thanks, G

  • Exit in logistics invoice verification Updated:11-30

    Hi, In MIR7 i have created an invoice in EUR (e.g. document number 5105606425). Next i change the currency from EUR to GBP and save, then i get the following message (M8 418) e.g. Document 5105606425 was deleted and created again under 5105606426 I n

  • Invoice posting not permissible after posting MIGO Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts I don't want to make MIGO ( Goods Receipt ) after making Invoice (MIRO) date. Suggest me steps for the same. Regards viral.Hi Viral, You need to incorporate the logic of "System should not allow while doing the MIRO before the Posting da

  • MRRL user exit---   Reference field updation Updated:11-30

    Hi ABAPers,   I have posted the following issue long time back.inspite of so many views from the ABAPers,I have not got even a single reply.   I just want to know whether my query is incorrect or data provided by me is insufficient?    While doing au

  • Problem while invoice verification :LMR1M001 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am using enhancement assignment LMR1M001 to check MIRO document postings, for this I have written code in function module exit (EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010) include ZXM08U16. When i checked in development server its getting triggred but in production whe

  • Issue with a "perform in program" call. Updated:11-30

    I am trying to do a call to a form in a zprogram. This call is being done inside an enhancement.  The reason for this is because I can't delcare forms in the enhancement.  Below is the issue: The parameters I am trying to pass are typed as follows (i

  • Structure Value used to ZPGM Updated:11-30

    HI, i_RM08M-VORGANG this Field value used for Standard MIRO Transaction Event. This Same Value Used to User exit for LMR1M001 Function For EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010. How is used this Field Value. Plz, Advise me. By, Jeevan.SHi, if you want to get the value o

  • MIRO User exit - processing order Updated:11-30

    Hi I've had a user request to try to copy the text line entered in the header part of MIRO into the posted transactions in BSEG so that when GL account analysis jobs are run eg FS10N, relevant text info is shown as well (as it does when manual invoic

  • Enhancement for Date changes on IW52 Updated:11-30

    Hi All,    I have been looking for an exit or a BADI in the forum for transaction IW51 or IW52, and I couldn't find one which meets the requirement. The requirement is: On the IW51/IW52 screen, when user changes the Begin Date and hits the 'Enter' ke

  • BAPI INVOICE_UPDATE Updated:11-30

    Can I change the value of the 'key to block payment' to record an invoice with MIRO, using BAPI INVOICE_UPDATE? Thankshi,    You can use user exit  --EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010 (LMR1M001)    which definitely will solve ur issue.    revert to me if u have any