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  • Display error message in EXIT_SAPLMRMP_010 Updated:10-11

    Dear expert, Our requirment is that: We want to display a  modal dialog screen for user input some other detail data when click 'Post' in MIRO, and update these data to a an add-on table. There will be a 'CHECK' button on the dialog box for checking


    Dear All, We are working on QM implementation for one of our client. The process is as follows 1.     MIGO with Mvt 103 2.     Inspection lot is generated after Mvt 103 3.     Usage decision for inspection lot. Lot accepted  and moved to Unrestricted

  • Need to default a PO number in MIRO Updated:10-11

    Hello, I've created a proram to call transaction MIRO. It defaults the company code based on the company code of the PO entered. See the code below:   data: gt_fields type standard table of sval with header line,         g_returncode,         g_ebeln

  • Payment block due to Vendor Payment Terms/Method. Updated:10-11

    Hi All We have a situation where we have a payment block due to difference in amount while doing MIRO and PO. (An entry gets created in RBKP_BLOCKED table with Log. Payment Block = 'A'). When we release blocked invoices after changing the PO amount t

  • Transfer data from the PO to the invoice header data in MIRO (user exits) Updated:10-11

    Hi. We are trying to transfer some basic information from the PO to the invoice header data by the time we process the logistic invoice verification (transaction MIRO). The information we want to transfer is: 1.     PO Text (screen field DRSEG-TXZ01)

  • Payment block due to quality reasons Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus, My client would like to have a the payment blocked when the material is in quality inspection upon GR. Using a QM control key 0007 in material master, we can set invoice block due to quality reasons. However, I would like to have the paymen

  • BAPI Program -Invoice_update- For not allowing MIRO if Quality not clear Updated:10-11

    Hello Gurus, Does anybody have program done for BAPI -Invoice Update This is for not allowing user to post MIRO-Vendor Incoming Invoice Creation & Posting if any material against that PO or GR is lying in the Quality Inspection. Please send if you ha