• Execute owb mapping as a whole instead of giving step by step or skip Updated:10-11

    Hi friends, I need a help from you.. Actually i am working with owb 10.2 and db 10.2. I am able to do all the process successfully like debugging, reinitializing and entering the data into the table. The thing is while debugging,i have to give step o

  • Execute a mapping into a procedure Updated:11-30

    Hi, I had OWB 3i, and I had a mapping that execute a post-mapping that was a call to a procedure. This procedure, execute sometimes another mapping, calling the main of the package. Now I had migrated to OWB, and it doesn't work. How have I

  • Calling procedure in owb mapping Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am calling a procedure in a OWB mapping. THis procedure deletes the records from the target table based on key column of source table with some additional logic involving tables from other schemas. I dont know how to connect this procedure in t

  • How to Execute a OWB Mapping or a Process from SQLPLUS editor? Updated:10-11

    I need to know how can we execute a OWB mapping from SQLPLUS editor or from a Stored Procedure.Hi, You can use the MDL export/import utility for this, but as you are importing into the same repository you will end up with importing into the same proj

  • Execute a mapping deployed with OWB 9.0.4 from SQL*Plus Updated:11-30

    Hello, I could execute a mapping designed with OWB 9.0.3 from SQL*Plus with the next sentence: SQL> exec my_mapping.main; But now, with OWB 9.0.4, mappings are deployed as functions (in 9.0.3 were deployed as procedures) and they need parameters. Som

  • Executing an OWB mapping from sqlplus Updated:11-30

    Hi I am trying to run an OWB mapping using the OWB provided script sqlplus_exec_template.sql. Here is the syntax I use: @Script\sql\sqlplus_exec_template.sql OWB_RUN_OWNER CODE_LOC PLSQL MAPPING_TI "," "," I am able to successfully exe

  • Execute a mapping outside OWB Updated:11-30

    Hello, I want to execute a mapping outside OWB. Therefore I want to use this code: DECLARE l_retval NUMBER; l_env WB_RT_MAPAUDIT.WB_RT_NAME_VALUES; BEGIN l_retval := mapping_name.MAIN(l_env); END; The problem I have now is that I don't know how to fi

  • Regarding default select clauses executing during OWB Mapping execution - Updated:11-30

    All- While observing the statements executing during an OWB(11gR2) Mapping execution,by monitoring the session using SQL Developer Iam finding the following statements executing multiple times and possibly consuming more of the mapping execution time

  • Executing a mapping from sqlplus in OWB 904 Updated:11-30

    I have used the below syntax to execute OWB 902 mappings as below: sqlplus / <<*sql* Execute MAP_SOMETHING.MAIN(); sql I deployed the same mapping with new version of OWB 904.. it did not work. What is new syntax to execute the mapping from sqlplus?

  • Execute main function created by OWB mapping Updated:11-30

    Hi, If any one has sample code to run the main function created by OWB mapping? I try to execute the mapping from sqlplus. But I don't know how to compose the WB_RT_MAPAUDIT.WB_RT_NAME_VALUES input parameter. Thanks for your help. WilliamPlease refer

  • How to execute a mapping based on an event Updated:10-11

    Hi I am on OWB and Oracle I have a mapping which is fine, deploys well, I can execute using the control manager. I also created a schedule module in OWB, created a schedule for a specific date and time and also an interval, config

  • How to run a mapping from plsql procedure in some common group? Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a Workflow process, when I running him from OWB I saw in OWB Browser first the name of this process and under this process mappings that in this process. In one mapping I have some pre-mapping procedure that doing something and prepare som

  • OWB mapping name function? Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am currently using a pre-mapping and post-mapping operators to kick off stored procedures to insert/update a record in my 'execution status' table. The inserted record in 'execution status' table has details like mapping name, process flow name

  • Error: Executing OWB Scripts Outside the OWB Tool Updated:11-30

    We aim to extract OWB scripts (ddls, pl/sql, etc) and run them outside of the OWB tool in Beta and Production. Thus far, we’re able to execute ddls and compile OWB generated pl/sql procedures. We’re encountering errors on all attempts to execute the

  • Can I execute a mapping from a database trigger ???? Updated:11-30

    Can anyone tell me if I can execute a mapping from a database trigger ? How ??? Thanks in advance.---- JEMDHello, We are using the approach of scheduling predefined job heavily in our projects. It works fine. There are several points to mention: - sc

  • Error while Executing the mapping Updated:10-11

    While I am executing the mapping this error is thrown by the server. It is big mapping and references many parent tables. ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query server P001 ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file 201 (block # 523269) ORA-27069

  • Ora -06550 error while executing the mapping Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am using owb client . I have mapping map_emlap_src in this mapping i have import tables from different scehema and i have done one to one mapping on both the table . While executing the mapping i got the following error . ORA-06550: li

  • Io Excpetion Connection Reset In OWB Mapping Updated:10-11

    Hi, While executing a mapping in OWB i am getting an error Io Exception Connection Reset. This happens when execution of mapping involves more than 50 lakhs of records. Please any one can help.You say: "But the connection is taking more than expected

  • URGENT: OWB MAPPING Updated:10-11

    i am getting the following error while executing the mapping scripts in OWB: PLEASE REPLY URGENTLY Starting Execution WINE_PRODUCTS Starting Task WINE_PRODUCTS ORA-04063: package body "OWBMISO5.WINE_PRODUCTS" has errors ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could

  • Problem in OWB map for source change capture Updated:10-11

    The problem is as follows:- Our OWB map between two different databases, captures change in data at source and populates them in target. It is a one to one map. The map is failing to process some rows from source database though it gives no:of errors