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  • Collaborate on Excel workbooks with Sharepoint Foundation Updated:10-11

    My company recently implemented SharePoint Foundation 2013 and our shared Excel workbooks are no longer allowing multiple users to collaborate at the same time. We have verified that all the settings and permissions are correct and that checking in a

  • Same EPM Excel Report takes time to open and refresh on 1 system while it opens and refreshes faster on other system Updated:10-11

    Hi All , I am facing an issue where the EPM Excel Templates on SERVER ROOT FOLDER take time to open on 1 system . It also takes great amount of time to REFRESH . While on an another system the same Report opens rather quickly and refreshes also quick

  • IF statement in Calculated Field for Share point, doesnt calculate sum in my Excel Pivot table. Updated:10-11

    Hi Everyone I used this in SP calculated column field. =IF([Shift Sched]="1pm to 10pm","0",IF([Shift Sched]="2pm to 11pm","1",IF([Shift Sched]="3pm to 12am","2",IF([Shift Sched]="4pm to 1am&

  • Upload data from Excel to BI Updated:10-11

    Hi 2 all, Can anyone please send me the complete steps for uploading of data from excel to BI?? Also tell me that when we use DSO or when we use infocube? and if we design query in query designer then we use info cube fields or DSO fields?? Please re

  • On excel sheet upload read the workbook and populate data to sharepoint list Updated:10-11

    Requirement in my current project: In a document library when I upload an excel sheet, a specific workbook has to be read and the contents have to be uploaded to a sharepoint custom list. The approach followed was create an event receiver and registe

  • Excel Workbook with Excel Data Model stored on SharePoint - daily refresh Updated:10-11

    I'm not sure if this is exactly the right forum but I'm hoping that someone here can either answer or point me in the right direction. I have an Excel Workbook with an Excel Data Model. The Excel Data Model uses SQL to contact our data warehouse and

  • How to link excel workbooks in Sharepoint? Updated:10-11

    I have a master Excel spreadsheet and other sub excel spreadsheets (all on Sharepoint) that are linked to each other (copied data from one and pasted link to other) so that the Master spreadsheet auto-updates every time a sub document is modified. Th

  • Adding excel workbooks with visual studio Updated:10-11

    Im using visual studio 2013 visual basic to read and create files, but Im having trouble importing the correct reference so I can create and write to Excel workbooks and worksheets, the visual studio help tell me to go to project, add reference and s

  • Excel Table with SharePoint Data Connection - Manual Text Entry Misaligned After Refresh Updated:10-11

    Greetings! I have an Excel 2010 workbook that includes a table linked to my SharePoint 2013 site by a data connection. The SharePoint list feeds the table standard information that's managed on the SharePoint site, but I need the user of the Excel wo

  • Excel & Hyperlinking with Sharepoint Updated:10-11

    I have a tracking document in Excel that has each entry linked to another place on Sharepoint to locate files and intranet articles. There are no formulas or other complex entries....just text and hyperlinks. If I open the Excel file in Sharepoint an

  • My Excel with PowerPivots acts weird, it hangs when i try to change font color Updated:10-11

    Hi  I am facing a weird issue using PowerPivot in my workbook, there is a worksheet named Charts in my workbook and all the charts i am using resides in that worksheet. Whenever i try to change the font color in that sheet, my excel's color palette g

  • Vendor open items wise ALV Grid Display (FBL1N) report to Excel Sheet Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I need vendor wise open items and cleared items in ALV Grid format in excel sheet. I'm Trying that in T Code FBL1N, After the execution. I had select ALV Grid format like this From the menu bar->Settings-> Switch list. After that i get ALV 

  • Report Printing - Excel error Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I'm not sure what's causing this error. With a regular report (not Interactive) region, I have enabled the report printing. All file types open/save correctly except for Excel. When opening the file, Microsoft Excel actually pops up this erro

  • Excel Get ActiveX References​.vi and closing references -- grrr Updated:10-11

    I'm new to ActiveX stuff, but eager to learn!  The "grrr" in my Subject line is a reference to how I feel about LabVIEW's documentation from time to time.  I'm a dinosaur who came from text-based programming, and did a fair amount of C coding, s

  • Export to excel formatting Updated:10-11

    I'm working on a quote report which has narrative sections as well as a table. I can get the report to look great in the application but it has formatting problems once exported to excel. In one of my narrative reports I have a simple table with a fe

  • Web Query (.iqy) not working in Excel after upgrade to Updated:10-11

    After upgrade to, the Web Query (.iqy) does not work. After open the .iqy file in Excel, entered the user and password, it only pulls in "PK" in one cell, instead of the expected analysis report. This was working in be

  • Report Generation for Excel does not work after using the Application Builder Updated:10-11

    I have a VI that writes data to an Excel file using the Report Generation Toolkit. I recently compiled the VI into a single Application (EXE) using the Application Builder. My VI runs its tests properly, but no data is written to Excel. What could be

  • LabView Exe Applicatio​n file not launch Excel applicatio​n for report generation Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I created one LabVIEW application file for report generation (using Excel Template). While I run the program in programming mode it works well and create the report file in the specified path. After creation of the application file(exe), it

  • Problem for Report Generation Toolkit for excel 2000 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, Now I am Developing my program with Report Generation Toolkit 1.1.0 and Labview 7.1. In my computer I am using Excel XP, and there is not any problem. But when I build to a exe file, and use in a computer with Excel 2000, it didn't work. And

  • Issue while exporting report in Excel Format Updated:10-11

    Hello, I am facing problem while exporting the report in Excel Format. After analysis, I think that it could be due to two reasons, either we are using wrong versions of Jars, or we are using wrong API. Here is the code, approaches and problems we ar