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event id 24635 bootmgr bitlocker tpm pcr

  • Bitlocker enabled drive, recovery key needed during boot, PCS did not match, event id 24635, source bitlocker-driver Updated:10-11

    Hi After rebooting one of our test machines, bitlocker wanted the recovery key. There were no hardware modifications on that machine. Error message in event log: Bootmgr failed to obtain the bitlocker volume master key from the TPM because the PCRs d

  • Surface Pro 3 - MBAM/BitLocker/TPM: "An Error Has Occurred" Issue Updated:10-11

    We are trying to implement full disk encryption using MBAM Server/Client and BitLocker. We have been successful on standard Windows 7 Ent and Windows 8.1 Ent laptops and the MBAM Console reports encrypted/compliant. The Surface Pro 3 running Windows

  • Bitlocker TPM + PIN on MS Surface Pro 3 using MDT Updated:10-11

    We are new to MDT 2012 and are trying to create a task sequence for Surface Pro 3 Tablets. Everything is going OK apart from Bitlocker. We are required to enable TPM + PIN (yes I've read the articles saying PIN isn't necessary on tablets, but securit

  • ThinkPad Yoga - BitLocker- / TPM-problem Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, I got a very strange problem which I was unable to solve yet: My ThinkPad Yoga won't work with BitLocker. After initiation of the "BitLocker system test", it boots to the blue "BitLocker screen" - still, the PIN which was

  • Sudden prompt for Bitlocker key without Any Hardware, Bios or Software Changes Updated:10-11

    Hi My 3 Dell Windows 7 Enterprise laptops suddenly prompted me for a Bit locker key with out any changes made to them. I just wanted to find the root cause of the issue as I made no changes to the laptop. Looking at the Microsoft page for Bitlocker f

  • BitLocker Activated - Not request for password Updated:11-30

    Hi friends! Today I activated the BitLocker on my operating system (C:\), without the use of TPM. But, in the startup the operating system is not prompted for the password for decrypt, why? How can I do to request the password to decrypt the BitLocke

  • Using tableView in PCR Updated:11-30

    I'm developing a Personnel Change Request (PCR) and want to use a tableView to display search results from a search page.  Normally, in a JSPDYNPage program, the tableView doNavigate event processor is coded within the JSPDYNPage, however, within the

  • SCCM 2012 R2: OSD Windows 7 Bitlocker pre-provisioning Updated:11-30

    Hi, I succesfully configure bitlocker for Dell laptops during our W7 task sequence (thanks to this guide: Now I want to do the same for HP, found this

  • MBAM web site configuration failure Updated:10-11

    I've set up MBAM 2.5 on my ConfigMgr 2012 server. Its integrated with Configuration Manager and created the two data bases on the same box with Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL 2012 with reporting services. (I've configured a working OSD windows 7 task

  • SOS! Agh, yet again! Updated:11-30

    Bought Toshiba L55 Laptop Aug.6,2014(had a bad feeling about it that day!)  Anyway, after emailing a division of Microsoft about all the issues I have had with this brand, yet again, its back!   1)Found log filed first week showing Tos. employee, whi

  • CustomSettings.ini Issue Updated:11-30

    All, Here is a customsettings.ini file I have been working on.  We would like the two laptops to be encrypted using bitlocker and then to store the code in AD, however I keep getting the bitlocker wizard window appear for all 4 machines when going th

  • ERROR - the ProtectKeyWithTPMAndPIN Method failed with the exit code: 8031005B Updated:11-30

    Hello I am using the EnableBitlocker.vbs script to automatically assign the TPM and start the encryption. I am running it from an elevated command prompt. Here is are the arguments I am running with cscript EnableBitLocker.vbs /on:tp /l:c:\bitlockerl

  • Questions about using Bitlocker without TPM Updated:10-11

    We currently use Bitlocker to encrypt our Windows 7 computers with TPM. Now we are looking at encrypting some Windows 7 computers without a TPM. I see how to change the group policy setting to allow Bitlocker without a TPM. I have looked at a lot of

  • Receiving bitlocker error in Event Viewer whenever i attach an external HD to my desktop (non are encrypted with bitlocker) Updated:10-11

    Hello All, Seem to be having a problem recently.  Whenever I attach any external drive to my Desktop I receive the following error in Even Viewer.  I never encrypted any of the drives in question with bitlocker. Encrypted volume check: Volume informa

  • Bitlocker with TPM and PIN testing? Updated:10-11

    Good day all, We are about to deploy 10 Surface Pro 3's running Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64. We have enabled the TPM, enabled "Allow Enhanced PINS for Startup", "Pre-boot Keyboard" and turned on Bitlocker through the gui which recommend

  • Is it possible to bitlocker-encypt a UEFI/GPT drive from which I boot with Windows 7 64-bit ultimate (TPM-motherboard)? Updated:10-11

    Is it possible to bitlocker-encypt a UEFI/GPT drive from which I boot with Windows 7 64-bit ultimate (TPM-motherboard)?Sure. BL does support GPT.Read other 2 answers

  • TPM Module / X61 Tablet / Window 7 and Bitlocker Updated:11-30

    I am sure my laptop has a TPM - at least the device manager shows it and says it is working - I try to turn on Bitlocker by right-clicking on the drive and it tells me I dont have a suitable TPM module installed... Anyone come across this or do I not

  • Unable to Enable Bitlocker with TPM Updated:11-30

    I'm having problems initializing BitLocker on Windows 7 Enterprise X64 on some Dell Latitude Laptops (Broadcom TPM 1.2). I'm using the build in Windows drivers as recommended and the latest BIOS version from Dell. I can initialize the TPM/set the own

  • System events: parallel printer won't start??? TPM and... misc. driver issues Updated:11-30

    Ok I'm closing in on it... Event log has a couple of things I'd like to fix... (task bar is freezing on me in Vista 32-bit and not sure these are related but...) 1) Event ID 7000 - The Parallel port driver service failed to start due to the following

  • Tpm chip missing after turning off bitlocker in win7 ultimate Updated:11-30

    I was told that i had to turn bitlocker off in order to add a password to it.  I turned off bitlocker and now my system said there is no TPM Chip?? any help would be great!We need to know the model of laptop involved.Read other 2 answers