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errore on line1 iBooks

  • Error Message in iBooks Author Updated:10-11

    I am trying to export an .iba file made in iBooks Author to my computer but I am getting an error message saying that I need to check for space and permission. It is not a space issue as there is plenty of storage remaining. I am wondering if there i

  • HT204391 i am unable to install iBook Author but I receive error message with iBooks Author can't be installed on Macintosh HD because Mac OS X version 10.7.4 or later is required. Updated:10-11

    error message once i attempt to install iBook Author on my Mac ProDo you know which MacBook Pro you have? The thing is, you have OS 10.6.8, but you need at least 10.7.4 - The latest version is 10.8.2. You can go to the App Store and ugrade to 10.8 -

  • Error getting an iBook to iTunes Updated:10-11

    Need your help.. I created my first iBook using iBook Author tool, and this is picture book with lot of pictures and stories etc. About 250 MB size.. It worked just great on my iPad after exporting as an iBooks format and now trying to get this to iT

  • Error ITMS-9000 - iBooks delivery Updated:10-11

    Hello everybody. I have made a ebook, that i want to publish to iBooks store. I have made the ebook in Pages. When i try to to publish the epub to iBooks store with iTunes Producer i get the error ITMS-9000. I have some pictures in my ebook. What sho

  • Multiple error messages in iBook downloads Updated:10-11

    I recently upgraded to iPad 2. Previously purchased iBooks have multiple missing chapters with error messages in red ("error on page". I purchased 2 new iBooks from iTunes with the same issues. "Steve Jobs" biography is missing all pho

  • Storage error message on iBook on the "New" iPad. Updated:11-30

    I have the "New" iPad and haven't had any issues using iBook, or syncing books to iBook on my iPad prior to now. However, when I tried to put my uni e-books onto iBook on my iPad (which is what they are designed to do) they synced, but when I tr

  • Tomcat throws error on start-up Updated:10-11

    When starting Tomcat I get the following error in the Start Tomcat Console: SEVERE:Parse Error at Line1 Column: Document Root Element "web-app" must match DOCTYPE root "null" What does this error mean and how do I fix (what file must I

  • Error in accessing Knowledge base  + oracle text 11g Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am using oracle text 11g. I had installed a knowledge base and it was working fine(bcos i was able to generate themes and gists), i wanted to load a 'default' thesaurus, i created a 'default' thesaurus and from cmd prompt i gave 'ctxload' c

  • IBooks Author crashes every two minutes. What's going on? Updated:10-11

    iBooks author crashes literally every few minutes, and the error message reads "iBooks author failed while using the iBooks Author plug-in. Click here to re-open". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app itself. I'm running the latest rele

  • G3 iBook having dial-up connection issues Updated:11-30

    iBook 500MHz G3 running 10.3.9 My Dad's computer is acting very, very strange. He's got a dial-up with connection, which is admittedly slow. This affects both Safari & Firefox when he's browsing the 'net. Lately (past few months, off and on) it's bee