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  • Web Util Error WUC-23 Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am using Client_Ole2 function in my form. When Button pressed is giving the following stated issue. I have been successful with the open dialog box functionality with client_get_filename Since I am using OLE2 for my Windows applications

  • Error WUC-14 after open a File with CLIENT_TEXT_IO.FOPEN (Oracle 10g) Updated:11-30

    Hi, the error WUC-14 occurs during open a file with forms10g. F_VersandZahlen := CLIENT_TEXT_IO.FOPEN (F_Dateiname,'w'); Afterwards the error message it ist possible to write into the file and close it correctyl (without am error message - also the I

  • ERROR WUC-24 [URLDownload.pullFile()] Updated:11-30

    I am working on Oracle Application server 10g (9.0.4). I configured webutil for OLE functinality (to create excel). I am running the test form provided to test the webutil. It works fine but the folliowing error come in the java console when form loa

  • Error WUC-5 Updated:11-30

    I configured my WebUtil Demo and now it has a problem. When I run the forms shows me an error WUC-5: No WebUtil Configuration File specified. Where can I configure this?Hi, you have to configure, webutil.cfg and formsweb.cfg In formsweb.cfg, Please c

  • Web Util error WUC-19 Updated:11-30

    Some of our users get the following error: WUC-19: Unable to write to local file C:\PROGRA~1\Oracle\JINITI~1.17\bin\JNIsharedstubs.dll. Failed to download URL Has anyone seen this and know how

  • Error WUC-14 after CLIENT_TEXT_IO.FOPEN Updated:11-30

    Hi, the error WUC-14 occurs during open a file with forms10g. F_VersandZahlen := CLIENT_TEXT_IO.FOPEN (F_Dateiname,'w'); Afterwards the error message it ist possible to write into the file and close it correctyl (without am error message - also the I

  • Error WUC-5 No WebUtil configuration file specified Updated:11-30

    hi all suddenly i got the following error in my java console i google and did not find the solution. Did someone face the same problem ever? please help me out thanks in advance. Loading http://xp:8889/forms90/java/frmwebutil.jar from JAR cache Loadi

  • Web-util error WUC-6 Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I have a push button which should open a dialog box for selection of file. When Button pressed gives me an error WUC-6 which says that Unable to read Configuration file C:\Webutil\lib\webutil.jar;D\orahome\kdk\jre\lib\rt.jar Please suggest

  • WebUtil error: WUC-6: Unable to read WebUtil configuration file Updated:11-30

    Dear Colleague, I received the following error: WUC-6: Unable to read WebUtil configuration file c:\OraHome_BIForms\forms\server\webutil.cfg In the meantime, I have verified that my default.env file contains the following path definition: # webutil c

  • Client_Text_IO and errors WUC-12, WUC-14 Updated:11-30

    I have some pretty basic code as shown below. I just want to pull records from a cursor and output them to a .xls file. However, when I run this code, after 10 seconds or so I get the following errors: WUC-14 [getFromObjectCache] Object Cache Error:

  • WEBUTIL  Error WUC-15: "Your Form must contain the following Bean ... Updated:11-30

    Dear Colleague, Up until now, I have installed WebUtil in my DEV environment (Designer Suite) and successfully used it to develop and run a form called DOCU_MGMT.fmx that performs various document management tasks like: 1. File Upload into a DB BLOB

  • Webutil error WUC-20 when running Updated:11-30

    Hi , I've added the webutil utility to my application and in some client pc's I receive the WUC-20 (web utils dll's are diferent in the jinitiator and in the server )error when starting the application. We have tried copying the server's dll's to the

  • Webutil error WUC-19 Unable to write t local file Updated:11-30

    When the user have all permissions on the PC, there is no message. But if he have not, he get the WUC-19 message each time the Forms load with WEBUTIL.PLL attached. In which local(client) directory Webutil try to write ?Francois, WebUtil writes to th

  • Help On Error WUC-015 of WebUtil Updated:11-30

    Hi, We try to convert form6I to form9I and use the WebUtil but we are having trouble of how to configure the WebUtil. We all follow the "WebUtil Familiarization Manual" to configure the WebUtil but none of us got it works. One of my co-worker to

  • Nothing seems to work for Webutil error: WUC-015 Updated:11-30

    Please help. Oracle JInitiator: Version Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\StanfordProxy Configuration: no proxyJAR cache enabled Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Stanford\O

  • Webutil wuc-015 error Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have been trying to run a simple form on OAS (running on 2003 server) to test webutil functions for a few days and it is giving the error 'WUC-015 Your form must contain the following bean for this function to be available: oracle.forms.webutil

  • WUC-20 stated size error of jacob.dll Updated:11-30

    When running our web application we are receiving the following error messages :- WUC-20 The stated size of the source file does not match that of the downloaded file C:\PROGRA~1\Oracle\JI

  • WUC-18 error from Webutil demo program WU_TEST Updated:11-30

    I get the following odd error when running the demonstration form wu_test. WUC-18 Invalid server side file specification http://<host>:888/forms90/f90servletwebutil/jacob.dll. Why /f90servletwebutil/ ? Java consol dump is: - Oracle JInitiator: Versi

  • WUC-24: Error reading URL when running WeubUtil form in Linux Updated:11-30

    We finally managed to successfully run a form (10g R2) to read from an Excel sheet in the Linux machine. Now issue is just as the form loads we get this error WUC-24: Error reading URL http://192.168.x.xx:7778/forms/webutil/testwebutil.dllJava consol

  • Webutill errors on client machince - WUC-19 and WUC-07 Updated:11-30

    Hi all, With regards.... I have problem when i open form on client side then i get following errors, but when i work on local machine where my forms server is installed it works fine. Please if any body can help me here, error are as follow WUC-19: U