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Error while obtaining JCO connection

  • Error while obtaining JCO connection when creating JCO connection Updated:10-11

    Hey, im having a problem when creating a JCO connection in the Web Dynpro Content Administrator.  Creating the Modeldata (Application Data Data type) JCO Worked but when creating the JCO for the RFC Metadata (Dictionary Meta data) there is a problem:

  • Error while obtaining JCO connection. Updated:10-11

    Hi I'm trying to put in place since BW-SEM RSPLAN the transaction, I'm pointing at my portal from the transaction RSPLSA But when it signs the user gets the message Error while obtaining JCO connection. I was reviewing my WebDynpro on my site by foll

  • Error in launching guided procedure: Error while obtaining JCO connection. Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, we've a problem with webdynpro java calling a guided procedure. We've defined an endpoint for our callable object, as you can see the test of the connection works fine: In the configuration of our callable object we use the endpoint ab

  • Error while obtaining JCO connection in t-code RSPLAN Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I have installed ECC 6.0 SR3 and i have added BI_CONT and updated all the patches. But while trying to access the t-code RSPLAN and after clicking on the START MODELER button it is opening in a browser . after giving the user id and passwor

  • Error while creating  jco connection for metadata? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, we are using ep 6 sp 16. I could create the  JCO connection for application data  but i am not able to create the jco connection for metadata for the same  r3 server . while creating  the   the connection system name and  logon group  and dis

  • Error while obtaing JCO connection Updated:10-11

    In Bussiness planning in portal. When i click Planning tab in Enterprise portal, its throwing an error that "error while obtaining JCO connection". I cant proceed furtherI I am working in my own system. I have checked many posts and i have done

  • Error while testing JCO connections Updated:10-11

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with the following error.I am getting this when I'm testing my JCO connection : RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM  TYPE=A ASHOST=cgnsap13 SYSNR=01 GWHOST=cgnsap13 GWSERV=sapgw01 PCS=1 LOCA

  • Error creation of JCO connection: System Already Exist Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, We have created the SLD connection to the ECC6.0 from the Portal 7.0. Created one JCO connection using that SLD successfully for the Clinet 100. Now we required to create one more JCO Connection for client200 also. But it is giving the Er

  • Error in creating JCo connection with destination type'Load-Balanced Con' Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am working on webdynpro application(NW 04s), i need to connect with the backend system(ECC 6.0) using model.I configured my SLD and created technical system successfully. The technical system got created with an error: CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS: I

  • SecurityException: "Reserve" errors when obtaining jdbc connections Updated:11-30

    Hi, We've seen an interesting issue come up with Weblogic 6.1 SP3. Not sure why this is happening now. I am using the MBean approach to creating Connection Pools dynamically. This still works. The main thing I had to change for SP3 was to add a user/