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  • Cannot program VC709 board anymore Updated:11-30

    The VC709 kit used to be programmed normally using the programming Tcl script (program_mt28gu01gaax1e-bpi-x16.tcl) uploaded by Xilinx on its website. Yet, today the kit could not be programmed with the same Tcl script, and under the same conditions a

  • Error when opening hardware target. Updated:11-30

    WARNING: [Xicom 50-38] xicom: No CseXsdb register file specified for CseXsdb slave type: 17, cse driver version: 17. Slave initialization skipped. ERROR: [Xicom 50-38] xicom: Data structures not initialized for CseXsdb slave Device:1, user chain numb

  • Impossible to program a Kintex-7 with Vivado Lab Edition 2015.[1,2] Updated:10-11

    Hello, I'm trying to program a Kintex-7 160T with a Platform USB Cable and Vivado Lab Edition 2015.1 and 2015.2. The JTAG chain is shown on the screenshot below: It is possible to program very small bitstream (~600KiB). But when the bitstreams become

  • Can not configure SPI from Vivado Updated:11-30

    Vivado 2014.4 XC7K160T + M25Q28 I have M25Q28 SPI flash connected to Kintex-7.  When I try to program flash from hardware manager I get the error. When I program SPI from IMACT 14.7 all goes right. ERROR: ERROR: [Labtools 27-2251] Unable to read devi


    Hey Xilinx gurus, I’ve been having difficulty programming a custom board with Vivado. I am using the XC7A50T-FGG484 Artix device in my design. I am also using the S25FL128SAGMFI003 Spansion flash memory chip. I first tried to program the Artix FPGA d

  • Bitstream File Not Found/permissions Updated:11-30

    Board: Basys 3 Software: Vivado 2014.4 System: Windows 7 home premium 64-bit Issue ERROR: [Labtools 27-2149] File C:/Users/Chris/Desktop/GraduateProject/Basys_3_Intro/Basys_3_Intro.runs/impl_1/Basys3_Abacus_Top.bit not found. Check file name and file

  • Error while executing a simple script.... Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying to run the following simple script in Oracle 8i: UPDATE vcad_ocorrencias set tipo_situa_solic = 'E', desc_obs_atendente = 'ACERTO DE BASE - 18/10/2004' where cod_solicitacao = 7 and tipo_situa_solic in ('N', 'P') and cod_contrato_Inte

  • AC-50480 error while generating listener.ora while running autoconfig Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am trying my first clone on R1213. We have a split tier configuration. I am able clone the database server successfully. Now when I run 'perl adcfgclone appsTier', during the autoconfig part, it fails with the error message AC-50480 : Error whi

  • Run-time error "CONVERSION_CODEPAGE_UNKNOWN" occurred in BW SapNetweaver. Updated:10-11

    Today I have problem with this error dump: Run-time error "CONVERSION_CODEPAGE_UNKNOWN" I got this problem from rspc chain manager but also from another place as place a filter on table VARI. I suspect that this include "IMPORT_VARIANT_STAT

  • Strange database connection error in JDev 11g. Updated:11-30

    We are developing an application using J dev But suddeny following error occurs. (We don't change anything. Just we copy project to different machine. ) We can connect to database using this connection settings. But when we run  the projec

  • Before my iMac freezes i get this error "Logic Pro caught burning CPU". Updated:11-30

    When i start and work with Logic Pro, it freezes after a while and there is no other way, but to force shutdown. I searched for some crash reports but i couldn't find one so i made screenshots of the terminal: I read on the internet some people had t

  • Error in printing PDF file Updated:11-30

    Hi there, for some reasons now whenever i want to print anything into pdf files i will get this error message: "Error while printing". I have no printer connected to my powerbook and i am trying to install a network HP printer but unsuccessful.

  • JuNavigationBar Error - JBO 29000 Updated:11-30

    I've an application wich uses JUnavigationBar. In my code I do a : JUIteratorBinding ib = (JUIteratorBinding)pb.findIterBinding(iterator); Row[] rows = ib.getNavigatableRowIterator().findByKey(key,-1); Sometime, doing that the commit/rollback arrows

  • WARNING: [Labtools 27-3123] The debug hub core was not detected at User Scan Chain 1 or 3 Updated:11-30

    Hi all,    When I'm trying to program my xc7k325t_0 on my Kintex 705 evaluation board, I get this error message: [Labtools 27-3123] The debug hub core was not detected at User Scan Chain 1 or 3. You must manually launch hw_server with -e "set xsdb-us

  • Huge errors.log daemons.log and everything.log [SOLVED] Updated:11-30

    Ok people i have i big problem since my last update, wich happened yesterday. errors.log, daemons.log and everything.log are extremly huge over 1.3G per file. I tried this to make them smaller with this: >errors.log >daemons.log >everything.log a

  • Error in starting Adobe Bridge in Photoshop CS2 Updated:10-11

    I've just installed Photoshop CS2, however upon opening Adobe Bridge this error message appears " The application has failed to start because libagluc28.dll was not found. Reinstalling to application may fix the problem" I have reinstalled and c

  • Windows Vista: Ipod Error Message, no longer read by PCs Updated:10-11

    Hello, I have a 5th generation black ipod video with 30GB of memory. The other day I hooked it up to my laptop (Toshiba, 4 months old) that it's been functioning on with no problems whatsoever. This weird error message flashed twice about it not bein

  • Error while offsetting a variable Updated:10-11

    Hello Experts I want to display the data for last 5 years in my query. So I tried using the SAP exit variable Current Calendar Year (0CYEAR) and the offset it by 5. However, I am getting the following error message for the query "System error in prog

  • Safari doesn't open and comes up with this error report. Updated:10-11

    Please help. Process:         Safari [474] Path:            /Applications/ Identifier: Version:         7.0.4 (9537.76.4) Build Info:      WebBrowser-7537076004000000~3 Code Type:       X86-64 (Na

  • I click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont send Updated:10-11

    i click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont sendYou will need to provide more details as we cannot see your computer screen. Does this happen every time you launch LabVIEW? What version of LabVIEW are you using? What version