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  • Error while executing web part: System.InvalidProgramException: Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program. Updated:10-11

    hello, we have 3 server sharepoint 2010 farm as a live system and a 1 server for development and test system. I've got a problem with one of our portals that gives correlation ID (in 2 or 3 times a week) on all my dataview web parts (total 8 Dataview

  • Invalid arguments error while executing oracle procedure Updated:10-11

    Dear all, we have a table hr_emp with fields ecode, ename, edoj. the following procedure we created to return the table data to our .net app. CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE pname AS TYPE T_hr_cursor IS REF CURSOR; PROCEDURE get_hr_list (P_hrlist OUT T_hr_

  • Invalid cursor state error while executing the prepared statement Updated:10-11

    hai friends, following code showing the invalid cursor state error while executing the second prepared statement. pls anyone help me String query = "select * from order_particulars where order_no=" + orderno + " order by sno";         

  • Error Items-90122: "Invalid Executable Size " the size of your app's executable file exceeds the maximum allowed size of 80 MB , Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am getting "Invalid Executable Size" error when i am trying to upload my app Ipa to iTunes , the same app was uploaded before without this issue, can any one help me to get out of this and to upload my app to iTunes , Any help greatly appr

  • ERROR: Invalid data pump job state; one of: DEFINING or EXECUTING. Updated:11-30

    Hi all. I'm using Oracle 10g ( I had some scheduled jobs for export the DB with datapump. Some days ago they began to fail with the message: ERROR: Invalid data pump job state; one of: DEFINING or EXECUTING. Wait a few moments and check the

  • Adobe Print Form Error - Invalid Response Code: (401) Unauthorized Updated:10-11

    Hi, I've just configured ADS on Netweaver 2004s. I've run through the config guide and everything works ok including the form generation test report FP_TEST_00 which outputs PDF without issue. I have two problems: -When I run a "test connection"

  • Error while executing the compilation process Updated:10-11

    Hi, ISA Framework: Error while executing the compilation process:  javac: invalid flag: "/usr/sap/CJP/J06/j2ee/cluster/server2/apps/

  • Error in Executing Sequnce Updated:10-11

    Hi , a sequnce was launched with 12 rules in it ,from planning end. The sequnce displayed an error while executing at planning end when i checked the HBR launch log file i found the entry of only 6 rules in in it and too without any error , for the 6

  • Error in executing a procedure Updated:10-11

    Hello All, I am trying to use an update statement in PL/SQL procedure with some date parameters. Can anyone please tell me whats wrong with the syntax. Also please suggest any better ways to do this. Thanks a lot in advance. PROCEDURE CREATE OR REPLA

  • Error while executing BexQuery Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am getting the following error while executing a Bex Query. SQL Error:  16 SQL Error: 0 Error while reading data; navigation is possible Can you let me know of any inputs regarding the same ? Regards Snehith.hi snehith, Check whether your i

  • ORA-01722: Error while executing query in Query Designer Updated:10-11

    Hi All; I am getting the below error while executing a query ORA-01722: invalid number Error reading the data of InfoProvider Error while reading data; navigation is possible Have anyone encountered this before? How do i resolve this? Thanks! ~ Arun

  • Getting SP2-0306 error while executing a scrpt. Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We are using oracle version 11GR2 . I am getting the below error while executing a unix script which connect to DB and returns a value. Why we get such issues/ anything wrong in the setup ? Same code working fine in old db. any idead how to r

  • Error while executing jdbc commands but getting connection pool Updated:10-11

    I was not able to make a simple oracle connection and that hurts me. The program(jsp) is... <%@ page language="java" import="java.sql.*,*, java.util.*,pac1.*,javax.naming.*,javax.sql.*"%> <html> <body> <% C

  • SharePoint 2010 Error while executing web part: System.Xml.Xsl.XslLoadException: XSLT compile error. Updated:10-11

    Hello, I currently having a series of errors (18 issues) that are occurring under the below Correlation ID ad1a22f5-1ddb-4fa5-8487-143cb6fd0f9d I have listed (3) that are in the Web Parts category, this error/issue is causing several timed job to no

  • Debug error: Errors while executing step Updated:10-11

    Hi gurus: While debugging a complex mapping, I received the following error. DEPENDENCY: EXPR executing... Errors while executing step DEBUG INPUT ROW: 1 TABLE: DBG$ID2_MTL_SYSTEM_ITEM_B_GR STATEMENT: TRACE177:TRACE180: "GE_8_SY" ("DBG$ID2_

  • Error while executing function Updated:10-11

    hiii all, hope doing welll iam getting error while executing the function and error is ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected NUMBER got AMPLEX_GRAND1.SYS_PLSQL_75185_9_1hii sir this is my function create or replace FUNCTION FnFetchEmployeesforj

  • RSA1 going to shortdump, ERROR: Invalid GUI input data: Message no. 00123 Updated:10-11

    dear experts, while executing RSA1 going to short dump, ERROR: Invalid GUI input data: Message no. 00123 in sap-bi 7.0 plz need help, regards.John, Those are the specs of the Software Components, the backend... As we mentioned before, download the la

  • BW error:  "invalid call sequence for interface when recording changes" Updated:10-11

    I am getting the error "invalid call sequence for interface when recording changes" when I try to activate a datasource in BW.  Any ideas on how to resolve this error? Thanks.I already tried that.  This is what's happening..  When I get this err

  • Error in executing authorization scheme code Updated:10-11

    I run my application on APEX.ORACLE.COm and I immediatly get the following error: ORA-06550: line 13, column 28: PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist ORA-06550: line 12, column 14: PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored ORA-06550: line 16, column 1

  • Error in executing dynamic SQL Updated:10-11

    i am getting error in executing dynamic SQL declare vr_RenewService NUMBER(10,0); vr_sql VARCHAR2(50); begin vr_sql:='Select Case when 5 <= 365 Then 1 When 1= 0 Then 1 else 0 end into' || TO_CHAR(vr_RenewService) || 'from dual;'; execute immediate vr