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error in vl10b

  • VL10B Error Updated:11-30

    Hi All Iam getting an error during VL10B Error Description: All PBT resourses are currently busy. Diagnosis: The system tried to initialize the environment for processing parellel RFC using the function module SPBT_INITIALIZE.No resourses in the syst

  • Error while creating delivery for STO using VL10G or VL10B Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am working on stock transport order scenario & stuck because of a problem: The purchase order has been created using transaction code ME21N & saved. Now when i go to transaction code VL10B or VL10G to create a delivery i get an error whe

  • Run time error while doing VL10B transaction for STO Updated:10-11

    Dear All, We are facing problem of run time error while creating Delivery (VL10B) for  STO .We have two company codes .For one company code its working fine .But we are trying for another company code ,this error coming.error detals Error in the ABAP

  • Not able to post outbound delivery due to error VL10B Updated:10-11

    Hi Guru, I am trying to post a return to the vendor by a returns PO. i am using VL10B to create a outbound delivery. But unfortunately the outbound delivery is created but delivery quantity is not copied from the PO.  After creating a outbound delive

  • Error Message in VL10B Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, While doing Vl10b against Stock transfer purchase order bellow message occur Unexpected issue of error message (output 8B 213) Message is VR555. Please help me to resolve this issue . Regards LucasHave you gone through the following notes

  • VL10B  error WITH REG STO . Updated:11-30

    Hi all,   well configuring STO btvn 2plants  within co code.    IMG config : doc" ub " suplying plant 2345 , del doc . nl  and chking rule 02 " suplyng plant & recving plant assignd to UB " IN me23  display P.O ,suppying & rece

  • VL10B ERROR  -REG - STO " Updated:11-30

    Hi all , AM INTO S &D.     well  i have configured STO btvn 2plants with in same co code.    well the purchase order(me21n) is saved with no errors and in ME23  the quantity  ,receving & supplying plant details are projected. CONFIGURATION : ASSIG

  • Error when creating deliveries using VL10B Updated:11-30

    I have created a STO using ME27 and when i try to create an outbound delivery using VL10B i receive an error message "Only 0 PAA of material XXXXXX  available". I have 0 PAA in storage location no. 0001 and 1900 PAA in storage location no. 0002.

  • Error in delivery creation using VL10B Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have created the intercompany STO with shipping data determined in it. after executing the STO using VL10B system is giving following errors. Shipping for sales org. XXXX dist. chan. XX from plant XXXX is not possible Delivery from plant XX

  • Error while processing VL10B Updated:11-30

    hi experts,      in my requirement i am facing a problem that when creating outbound delivery thru VL10B,it is showing the following Runtime Errors         SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in standard program SAPLV50U and In the Include LV50UF0L Error anal

  • Error when creating delivery referenced by STO doc. from vl10b Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We are getting an error when creating delivery as background from vl10b t-code referenced by STO. The error message " Global official numbering: Input parameter incomplete " . Please give me a hand for this problem. Thanks in advance for

  • VL10B - error on running in developement server Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, We have created a new plant (Sales Depot) in our developement sever. It working fine when we are rasing STO/ PO for this particular Plant. But when we try to create OBD using VL10B, it through error messege "Inconsistency between DDIC typ

  • VL10b Error in EHP5 Updated:11-30

    Dear Guru's, We currently doing some test in EHP5 environment and facing problem when running tcode VL10B Message of the error is "Internal error found ==> see syslog" It also gives message in ST22 "No more storage space available for ex

  • Error in creating delivery with VL10B for STO Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I have created an Stock Transport Order with material A. I have inputted all the header data, supplying plant, receiving plant and location. But, when i process this STO in VL10B to create delivery document, system is givign an error messag

  • Error log for VL10B Updated:11-30

    hello all,      I am getting the following error message when I Create DN in VL10B. Error Log for coll. run 0000011188. 1000000025 000000 Delivery is not unchecked. No check possible what I need to do?can u tell ur scenario plzRead other 2 answers

  • Error while doing VL10B(PGI) Updated:10-11

    Dear all, I maintained the batch for the material e.g for one material three batches and i have done the 501 for the same. and created STO for that material n also SD doc is created,while doing VL02N (outbound deliv ) when i am doing the Batch split

  • VL10B Error message M7041 Updated:11-30

    Hello all! I have a problem with transaction VL10B, when create Deliveries with reference STO. Since 4 months ago the process run correctly. In ME21N transaction create the STO. After create delivery at transaction VL04 and VL10B. Up to here all perf

  • Error in MIGO while doing Intracompnay plant to depot by STO Updated:10-11

    Dear gurus, I am facing an error while posting MIGO during intra-company plant to plant STO. Settings for STO: SPRO >IMG > MM >Purchasing > Purchase Order>set up Stock Transport Order Define Shipping Data Define/assign Checking rule Assign

  • Error in MIGO durng intra-company stock transfer by STO Updated:10-11

    Dear gurus, I am facing an error while posting MIGO during intra-company plant to plant STO. Settings for STO: SPRO >IMG > MM >Purchasing > Purchase Order>set up Stock Transport Order Define Shipping Data Define/assign Checking rule Assign

  • PO line items are not been processing in VL10B Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a PO with 20 items  and I tried to create outbound deliveries via VL10B transaction. As a result, the system creates N outbound deliveries just for some lines but for others not.  I do not know the reason why this happened. I checked every