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error FF753 in vf01

  • Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item with FM Active Updated:10-11

    Hi We have fund management configured for one of the company code, while creating billing document through VF01/VF02 we are  getting the Error FF753 Tax code 01 not appear in any G/L account item. This error however does not appear when posting direc

  • How to create a new error log in VF01 Updated:10-11

    How would I create a new error log upon creation of invoice in VF01 based on the billing block of order. Here is the scenario: In VFO1 -->> enter delivery no. then create, but upon creation, an error message appeared incorrect. In EDIT -->> LO

  • Getting runtime error during billing vf01 Updated:11-30

    Hello,i was doing billing vf01 getting runtime error after saving. what shud i do.The error says "SAPSQL_INVALID_FIEDNAME"CX_SY_DYNAMIC_OSQL_SEMANTIC SC"SAPLV61Z" or "LV61ZUQ1""SEL_KONDTAB". This is what i got in th

  • Error while billing - VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, While i conform the SD billing the system is displaying the following message... The Material belong to 3000 plant. No standard cost estimate could be found for material "11120DAL0" Message no. K/834 Diagnosis In Profitability Analysis,

  • Trigger 'Exchange rate' error message in VF01 refers to Sales Order Updated:11-30

    Dear Gurus, Currently if Billing is created referring to Delivery Order, program will check and trigger error message to check the Exchange Rate in Sales Order. I think the program (for the user exit) involve is RV60B901. Now I want the system to tri

  • Regarding capturing VF01 ERROR logs in a background job Updated:10-11

    Hi , We are running a background job that calls transaction VF01 via BDC . CALL TRANSACTION 'VF01' USING   bdcdata                           MODE    S                           UPDATE  N                           MESSAGES INTO gt_messtab. In some cas

  • POD - VF01 error Updated:11-30

    Hi all I  make complete procedure of POD ( Proof of Delivery ) I confirm the POD also after confirmation there is an error below in VF01 Screen "Document does not belongs to sales & distribution " Thanks in Advance Mangesh KulkarniHi, XD02 -

  • FF753 - Apply an Expense Provision with Input Tax NVV Updated:10-11

    Good afternoon all, My problem is that my client has firstly posted an expense provision: Expense (40) <===> (39 CME) Vendor After that, the user wants to apply this provision and consider tax code N4 (Input Tax NVV: Non-deduct.Input Tax - 8%). Due

  • ERROR DURING BILLING Updated:11-30

    Hello Gurus, I am getting error while executing vf01. The error says : Document # saved (no accounting document generated). I have checked billing document F2- Tcode VOFA,in which the number range is given as 19 for the year 2004, So I have created n

  • Cannot create billing document due to errors Updated:11-30

    Hi, I cannot creat the billing document due to below errors in the error log of VF01. I ran SDRQ report and cannot detect any inconsistency. Error Log                                                                                4       0025001049 0

  • User exit for VF01(after g/l account is determined). Updated:11-30

    I have requirement in which i have to throw an error message in VF01 In this i need a user exit in which i can access the G/L account number and on basis of that i need to display error message.But i am not able to find out a user exit  where i can a

  • Tax code ZT does not appear in any G/L account item Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus Iam facing a proble while releasing the billing document to accounting. Following error is coming up 'Tax code ZT does not appear in any G/L account item'. FTXP setting for the tax code appears find as it is tagged to the correct GL account,

  • Create Commercial invoice from Proforma Invoice Updated:10-11

    Dear All, I have a requirement where in we have to create commercial invoice with accounting entry with the reference of Proforma invoice. We have done the copy control for Billing to Billing that is from proforma invoice to Commerical invoice. but w

  • 0080004528 000000 The document is not relevant for billing Updated:11-30

    Hi All, How to rectify this.. 0080004528 000000 The document is not relevant for billing Please do give me the reply ASAP you will be given full points.. JayFirst, check the detailed error log in VF01 screen. For goto Edit in menu bar and select log

  • Multiple Tax code in Billing documents Updated:11-30

    Hi all, Is there way to maintain more than one tax code in billing document? if yes, how should we enter the 2nd Tax code? Please adviseHello, the lonely way to have two tax codes is to have two tax conditions in the pricing procedure. The tax condit

  • Error while raising a invoice using VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hi, I am getting an error while raising a invoice using VF01. Error as follows RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE Update was terminated System ID....   TIP Client.......   300 User.....   user1 Transaction..   VF01 Update key...   E66E6454075548D8922BAC091E81F0CB Gen

  • Short dump in VF01 - Syntax error in program "RKEAK9RECP3000001" Updated:10-11

    Helo all, We recently copied our production client to a QA client and when we try to save an SD invoice (VF01), we get a short dump titled - Syntax error in program "RKEAK9RECP3000001". The dump long text states: "The Dictionary structure o

  • Error in VF01-Proforma invoice alredy existed for the delivery Updated:10-11

    Hello All. We had a problem with VF01. When entering the delivery and pressing enter we are getting the problem Proforma invoice already existed for the delivery. From 4 Scheduling agreements(LZ) one delivery(LF) created, picked and packed. Before PG

  • Error while creating Billing Document in Tcode VF01 Updated:10-11

    Hi all, When i want to create a Billing document with single document number i'm able to move on to the overview of billing items.....for instance if 9000004568 is a document with 10 and 20 as items and when i try an create a billing document for the

  • Error while doing the billing (VF01) Updated:10-11

    hello, we have created Debit memo request "1234" (doc type : DR). when i am doing the billing(VF01) for the debit memo "1234" we are encountering the error as bellow. bellow message is from the log: "001234 000010 "Create bil