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ошибка error code 0xc004f074 windows 8.1

  • Error code 0xC004F074 Updated:10-11

    whenever I open my Notebook, PC setting page gets open everytime. reminds to activate windows. whenever I try to activate it shows error code: 0xC004F074 also I am unable to personalize my notebook. It reminds for activating windows. I have already u

  • Windows Server 2012 Windows Backup failed with following error code '0x8078006B' (Windows Backup failed to create the shared protection point on the source volumes.). Updated:10-11

    The Volume Shadow Copy service initially was running under the context of System, so we thought that 'System' doesn't have permissions to access network shares.  When the Volume Shadow Copy service was running under the context of System, this was th

  • I keep getting this error code 7 (windows error 126).  can't open itunes, what do i do? Updated:10-11

    i keep getting this error code 7 (windows error 126).  can't open itunes, what do i do?Click here and follow the instructions. You may need to completely remove and reinstall iTunes and all related components, or run the process multiple times; this

  • Error code 800f0900 windows update Updated:11-30

    request: can someone please help me with this windows update issue? thank you<o:p></o:p> error code 800f0900 windows update <o:p></o:p> have: windows 7 ultimate<o:p></o:p> tried:<o:p></o:p> MicrosoftFixit.wu

  • Error code 2 windows error code 2 Updated:11-30

    I updated my iphone yesterday to the newest os so I had to update my ITunes as well. In doing so I was left with error code 7 Windows error code 127. I looked through the forums and did what was said. I removed iTunes, bonjour, apple support, apple a

  • I keep getting the error code 7 (windows error 127) Updated:11-30

    I keep getting the error code 7 (windows error 127) when I try to install iTunes. Any suggestions?Follow tt2 instructions as in other 2 answers

  • Error Code 0xC004F074 Win 8.1 Clone Updated:10-11

    Hello.  I have a Toshiba P867-S7102 with two HDD bays.  Bought an SSD and cloned WIN 8.1 to that drive, leaving the original HDD in the machine.  Changed boot order to SSD first, and all works save the error code mentioned in the title which will not

  • Failed to install Creative Cloud desktop error code 1 Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    I just recently tried to begin a trial of creative cloud in order to get access to photoshop. I really need photoshop for my school because of how powerful it is and the tools is offers. A couple weeks ago I tried to download and install creative clo

  • DirectAccess Client not connecting without error code on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    Hello, we are currently migrating from Windows Server 2012 to 2012 R2 and are not able to get the new Direct Access Service up and running. Our goal is to establish DirectAccess connection for a handful of clients using the IPHTTPS-adapter on the def

  • Vista Home Premium - Error code 80070490 - Windows update Updated:10-11

    Computer - Satellite 200 Operating system - Vista Home Premium (service pack 1) Problem - When I try to update from Windows Update (both manual and automatic) I get error code 80070490 I have tried - System restore, downloading and paying for "RegCur

  • Error code: 0xC004C003 Windows 8.1 on HP Envy 15 Notebook Updated:10-11

    Hi, Im looking for a solution to a invalid product key I bought the computer approx 18 months ago and it shipped with windows 8 I updated to windows 8.1 straight after purchase with no problems, about 3 months ago I started to have problems with comp

  • Windows Cryptographic Service Provider - error code: 2148532334 (Windows 8.1) Updated:10-11

    Dear, since my computer was recently updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I have a problem with placing my signature (via certifcates). Before the update I could sign all my pdf-files with my electronic identity card - without issues. Now I receive

  • CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80004005 - windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    using sccm 2012 r2, trying to push to a windows 8.1 client i get: <![LOG[==========[ ccmsetup started in process 7416 ]==========]LOG]!><time="16:05:28.041+00" date="01-15-2014" component="ccmsetup" context="&qu

  • OLE error code in Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    Good day, I tried to run vfp8 compiled executable file on windows 8.1, then i got this error... "OLE error code 0x80040154: Unknown COM status code. Ole object is being ignored. Record number 6." I have tried to read through similar issues but c

  • Error code: 0x800700C1   Windows 8.1 Updated:10-11

    Hello, I just installed PSE 12, to upgrade from PS Essentials 3.2 Program installed, then when propmpted to import existing Catalog/Album I received the message that onece done, that I would not be able to use the old version. Okay, that is why I fin

  • Adobe Photoshop Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7   Windows 7 x64 Updated:10-11

    Tired of errors. I am paying for something, I need it to work. I have deadlines! I do NOT have time to sit here researching error codes and messages. Time for this @$%(& to just work!!The typical way of dealing with this is to fully uninstall the pro

  • Internet Explorer 9 not showing as not installed when using Windows Update - Error: Code 9C48 Windows Update encountered an unknown error. Updated:10-11

    I built a few new Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 VMs today and ran into a problem where Windows Update is not detecting the fact that Internet Explorer 9 is already installed. Internet Explorer 9 keeps showing up as an available update when using Wi

  • Error code 2155348010 windows server 2008 Updated:11-30

     How to solve this error code. I have WD 2 TB hard disk in my environment its give error 2155348010 and reconfigured some many times. Please tell me solutions on this. Hi! Sorry to hear that you`re in trouble. Here is another link that may be helpful

  • Pantech UML290, 2107 error code on Windows XP Updated:11-30

    I have a Pantech UML290 modem and I cannot connect to the Internet. Every time I try to connect I get an error popup indicating that there was an error connecting (error code 2107). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the VZAccess software several times

  • AYUDA me sale --Error code-12-- Windows SDK function returned an erro Updated:11-30

    Buenas compañeros, necesito una super ayuda ya que quiero instalar en mi laptop q tiene wind7 y me sale este error: Error:  Windows SDK function returned an error (Error code-12) End Error Report Por favor ayudemen con alguna solucion para poder inst