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ERROR: Child process is no longer alive

  • "No Child Processes" Error Updated:10-11

    When I am downloading certain files from the internet, the files are not mounting, and I am getting a "No child Processes" Error. I have run the apple repair disc over the computer, however, the problems is still happening. Can anybody help to m

  • Could not write frame (communication error with child process failed) Updated:11-30

    Hi --- Getting this error about 50 % of the time when I try to render ? What good is a grading app that is having so much trouble rendering out the results ? Any help would be greatI Would love some help with this as well. I've color corrected and am

  • Playback and Render Errors - communication error with child process failed Updated:11-30

    Tried a reinstall, does not fix the issue, will get the gray screen with text:  communication error with child process failed This happens during playback (About 30% of the frames or so) as well as when rendering an output. On PC.So I updated my nvid

  • [INVALID] [pacman] error: call to waitpid failed (No child process) Updated:11-30

    Hi. First of all I apologize for very unclear topic name but this problem clutter me. Description: I use Archlinux x86_64 on my several machines: two laptops and desktop. On desktop and one laptop I update system regularly and also use my custom buil

  • OAB:Default Enrollment Child Process Erroring Updated:11-30

    Hello All, I am running default enrollment Process for the Open Enrollment and one of the child processes "Default Enrollment Audit Log" is erroring with the follwing message MSG-00001: BENDFAUD: REP-1401: 'cf_standard_headerformula': Fatal PL/S

  • Child process dies, nfs locks not released, webserver hangs... Updated:12-10

    Hi, I have Sun One 6.1 sp 11 on a solaris 10 ldom. The server is configured to write logs access and error to /logs which is an NFS mount to a separate solaris 10 box. The logging to an NFS mount is a business requirement. Sun JWS is configured to ha

  • BPEL child process issue Updated:11-30

    Problem Description: Parent process invoking more than 10 concurrent child processes with non-blocking invoke = true. All the child processes are not invoked at the same time. Some of the child processes are waiting for others to complete and then in

  • Child process admin thread is shutting down. Updated:11-30

    Hi, Operating on a web server with the following error message, Child Process is a phenomenon that restart. I would like to know what the cause. Version - Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 errors [09/Nov/2011:12:31:00] catastrophe ( 7647): Server crash

  • TCP connection closed but a child process of SQL Server may be holding a duplicate of the connection's socket in SQL2008R2 Updated:11-30

    Hello, I do get the below SQL error in production environment intermittently: TCP connection closed but a child process of SQL Server may be holding a duplicate of the connection's socket.  Consider enabling the TcpAbortiveClose SQL Server registry s

  • Anyone know how to keep a child Process from closing when the main Applicaiton is closed Updated:11-30

      I have a Web based application that needs to use an older version of Java to run it properly . I have been able to sequence this and use a shortcut to call on Iexplorer.exe to open the browser in bubble and have the old version of Java run in the s

  • When executing an external app, how do I keep stdout with its child process Updated:11-30

    I running an external application from java, but I want the stdout to remain with the child process. This app spawns its own output window where it displays its own output and error messages. I'm running the app using the following code: Process p =

  • Urgent: Child process closed admin channel on Solaris 9 and 6.1 SP5 Updated:11-30

    Hi I'm facing this issue on Solaris 9 and Sun AppServer 6.1 SP5, the appserver crashes for some reason and restarts itself. There doesnt seem to be any specific instance which leads to this error. I notice that if I leave my application running for a

  • "CORE3107: Child process closed admin channel" in sun webserver 6.1 Updated:11-30

    Hi, Does anyone know of the following error in the Sun Java Webserver 6.1 logs: =========================================== [08/Mar/2010:20:41:12] failure (27868): CORE3107: Child process closed admin channel [08/Mar/2010:20:41:12] info (13932): HTTP

  • CORE3107: Child process closed admin channel Updated:11-30

    I Installed SUN ONE Web server 6.1 on a UNIX machine. Installed 2 web applications. 1 of them works fine (has no Oblix logic), but the other gives me the error message "CORE3107: Child process closed admin channel" and terminates the application

  • Tracing Java Processes that spawns child process Updated:11-30

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct group. If not, please let me know where to direct this question: In our 12.1.3 Applications, we installed a plugin called 'Org Chart' by Applaud Solutions.  It is a flash component that graphically displays the

  • Race detection in child processes Updated:11-30

    Hi, the program given below creates a child process with two threads accessing a shared variable. Unfortunately, Thread Analyzer does not detect the race (neither version 12.0 nor 12.3). The race is only detected if it occurs in the parent process. O

  • NetInstall : Error while processing a command type "WriteSettings" in plug-in "servermgr_netboot" Updated:10-11

    Hi guys, I have this error  : Error while processing a command type "WriteSettings" in plug-in "servermgr_netboot" This happens when I select an image as default in NetInstall, OS X Server 2.1.1 It happened also in version 2.1 Otherwis

  • Error in processing [/useradmin/index.jsp] Updated:10-11

    In our PI system 7.1, when we try the below url we are getting the below error "500   Internal Server Error   SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.11 / AS Java 7.11    Error: "Error in processin

  • Error during processing local bean: localejbs/RfcAFBean Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody we currently trying to perform a RFC Call to our developpment system. The scenario is a simple File to RFC Scenario and it worked until yesterday. Since today the Messages stuck in the RFC receiver Adapter with the following errors in th

  • P.O Error in Process after copying the existing item in change mode Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We are in SRM 5.0 Server 550 and SP15 and are using Extended Classic Scenario. We are facing a peculiar issue, when an already created P.O (Free text - goods) is changed and a new line item is added either manually or by copying the existing