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  • Cannot add multiple members of a failover cluster to a DFSR replication group Updated:10-11

    Server 2012 RTM. I have two physical servers, in two separate data centers 35 miles apart, with a GbE link over metro fibre between them. Both have a large (10TB+) local RAID storage arrays, but given the physical separation there is no physical shar

  • Multiple members with same alias Updated:11-30

    I have multiple members with same alias name. Are there anyway to build dimension members with same alias name?Typically I will concatinate the member name (as either a prefix or suffix ) to the Alias to make it uniqueRead other 3 answers

  • Display aggregate total for multiple members of a dimension. Updated:11-30

    When multiple members of a dimension are selected in a row or column in Financial Reporting tool, it tends to display the result in multiple rows or columns. Is it possible to display the aggregate value of all the members and not display the individ

  • Multiple members for single user variable??? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can I select multiple members or a hierarchy for a single user variable? My requirement is to use a dimension which consist of more than 100 members but the user will not enter data for 100 members at the same time so I want to give user an optio

  • Rename multiple members in essbase Updated:11-30

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how can we rename multiple members in essbase at a time and also the data should not be lost for the existing member combination.It depends on how many members you want to rename and if any of the names switch between members.

  • Starting coherence server with a ProxyService - How to add multiple members Updated:11-30

    Hi, I wonder how can we add multiple coherence instacnes to a same cluster when using the ProxyService. I have the following in the configuration file . If we want to start another member to the cluster it fails as the port is already bound. <proxy-s

  • Selecting Multiple Members for Allocation SP7 Updated:11-30

    Hi Experts, Before upgrading to SP7 from SP3, I could select multiple product categories in my data manager for allocation, ex. PROD_CAT_001,PROD_CAT_001,PROD_CAT_001 and then my allocation would run smoothly. But after the upgrade, whenever I select

  • Multiple members of HSRP group - implications? Updated:11-30

    I've got a group of 6509's that support a couple dozen IP networks. Recently we ran into the "16 HSRP groups" limitation. My question is, if I assign multiple VLAN's to a single HSRP group, and one of the member interfaces becomes unavailable, d

  • Multiple members in a substitution variable Updated:10-11

    <p>Hi,</p><p> </p><p>I use substitution variables in Planning forms to choose wichyear to display.  I would like to have FY06, FY07 andFY08 in the same variable.  I just tried to add it in AAS(separeted by commas) and there i

  • Multiple members in dimension Updated:11-30

    Hello experts, As I am new to BPC, I am still learning the lingo whle trying o develop a template for some analysis. I want to be able to pull multiple GL_Accounts where GL_Account is one of my dimensions.  The hierarchy that was created has the indi

  • Retrieve Total of multiple members Updated:11-30

    In 11.1.2 Essbase - Excel SmartView - Is there a way to select mutiple members and Total them ? Could an select 5 Chart of Accounts and retrive - SmartView will show SUM of those members - not details.How about using Add-in? My users swear it is doab

  • Hyperion Reports 2.6 - Selecting Multiple Members Based on Criteria Updated:11-30

    Having trouble with Selecting members from a dimension.Trying to say all level 0 mbrs, except for one.Has anyone done this and can you give me some feedback?ThanksHere is the method for creating statements in 2.6's member selection screen:1. Open the

  • @idescendants and multiple members Updated:11-30

    I've to fix some members that are descendants of the rsiblings of a member to do a calculation. I wrote this: FIX(@IDESCENDANTS(@IRSIBLINGS(mbr)) calc...; ENDFIX; but the calc script gives me this error: This function must be a macro.How can i solve

  • Data copy from multiple members to multiple members Updated:11-30

    Guys, I have a situation at my client where we have to copy data from the children of one hierarchy to children of another hierarchy. Ex- Entity(Dimension) l HM Entity l l l Hierarchy1 l l l Member1 l Member2 l Member3 l Entity_Input l Hierarchy2 l M

  • Aggregate with multiple members of attribute Updated:11-30

    Hello, I want to create a calculated member where I have to sum if the attribute values are A OR B OR C only. Like sum(xyz) if attribute values=a or b or c. How do I this in MDX calculated measure? I tried doing this but I get NULL AGGREGATE(([REV].[

  • Design Studio - Selecting multiple members Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, We are developing a DS 1.2 Application with a drill down\drill-trough functionality on a chart component, using the flowing code of the CHART on click event: Application.openWindow( "/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CU

  • How do I move multiple dimension members up one level in planning? Updated:10-11

    I can't figure out how to select multiple members. I hope I don't have to cut and paste them individually.ODI maybe ? Cheers John other 2 answers

  • Using multiple referenced Properties within EPMDimensionOverride Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, there's my question: I'd like to override dimension members of a specific dimension based on two properties, which come from excel cells. The following IS working: One property with one Cell-Reference: =EPMDimensionOverride("000",&qu

  • Report with multiple choice in column for same dimension...... Updated:10-11

    Hi All, We have a report with two dimensions in col , one in row remaining in pov...user want to select multiple members [its more than 10 we thought prompts will not be good.] for one column for different members in second dimension of c

  • How to manage multiple itunes gift cards on one account? Updated:10-11

    I am assuming our family is not the only one that had gift cards received as Christmas gifts--for multiple members of the family, who all use one iTunes account. I cannot figure out how Billy's $20 avoid being used by Sally, who has her own $20 gift