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  • Entry   IN does not exist in T005E - check your entry Updated:11-30

    Hi, While creating New plant, the following message appears . "Entry   IN does not exist in T005E - check your entry" Thanks and regards Murugesanhi Try with OY01, make sure the country for your company code already assign to an ISO code ISO COD

  • Error Entry does not exist in J_1BNFITMRULE (check entry) Nfe 10 Incomig Updated:10-11

    Bom dia pessoal. Ao tentar executar um dos passos no cenário de compras normais, (Assign Purchase Order), o seguinte erro ocorreu Entry does not exist in J_1BNFITMRULE (check entry). Detalhe: Para o mesmo pedido ja havia sido efetuada 3 entradas via

  • "This entry is already exists in tables(JDT1)(ODBC-2035)" Error. Updated:11-30

    Hi experts, My Production_DB Database was got into  Suspect mode due to power problem,the users unable to open SAP. so  run the script file so production_db came into normal mode and sap opened. But which documents were posted at the time of database

  • Entry does not exists in check table -- Validation Updated:11-30

    Hi friends..,   I am able to create new entries in my table with INSERT statement through a function module. But, the problem is.., I am having one key field in my table, and T1(another table) is check table for this. So while creating the entries th

  • Shipping type in delivery (Entry does not exist) Updated:11-30

    i am trying to post good issue in the delivery and i have Shipping type field as mandatory but when i try to post good issue with a value in the Shipping type the system says Entry does not exist(check your entry). Kindly help. Regards, ShahzadDear M

  • Error: Entry USD doesnot exist in TCURC - check your entry Updated:11-30

    After creating a new logical system "CLNT300" When I assign a logical system to my client "300" it shows error "Entry USD doesnot exist in TCURC - check your entry" Please describe in steps. ThanksHi When I check TCURC in SE1

  • Entry sheet doesnot exists Msg No se012 Updated:11-30

    Hi All, We have some Service POs for which service entry has been done now when I am trying to cancel these service entry sheets system says "entry sheet doesnot exists Msg No se012" please guide. Thanks in advance Pavan H Shi please check the s

  • Empty Aggregation Level - Need user to put in entries when none exist Updated:11-30

    Hi, I have an aggregation level for Version, Material Family, and a Key Figure.  The Cube has no data planned at this level when the user 1st starts to work with their version.  I am trying to find a way to get the user to be able to input a Key Figu

  • GR for Order (MVT 101) - Error - Table entry does not exist Updated:11-30

    I am getting error while posting GR for production order via MVT 101. After resolving errors on G/L account and cost element, now this is the only error that I can't seem to resolve: Check table TFBEFU_CR: entry 10 does not exist Message no. M7001 Us

  • Need to know batch name throug element entry form which exists Updated:11-30

    Is there any way to find out the batch name under the element entry form ( table pay_element_entries_f). actually We processed the batch early but due to some reason we need to purge that batch but proble is we don't know the batch name which is exis

  • Table RSEG: entry does not exist while trying to take print of credit note. Updated:11-30

    Hello Friends, Requesting you help on following issue. My client want to take printout of credit/debit memo. I've copied output type REKL and created new output type. Have attached form and have done other required settings for calling that new outpu

  • Cannot mount certain partitions: /dev/ entries do not exist Updated:10-11

    Hello all. Strange problem here. First I will describe my disk layout. I triple boot Gentoo, Arch, and FreeBSD. My partitions look like this: /dev/hda = MAXTOR 6L040J2, ATA DISK drive 40GB hda1 = shared '/boot' partition hda2 = gentoo '/' partition h

  • Error "Check table T159L: entry does not exist" Updated:11-30

    Hi Gurus, I am trying to create a good reciept and i am getting this error. I am testing the end to end process and hope that everything else is fine but this error. Please advise me if anyone has idea of the solution. Thanks in advance. Anhi go to O

  • Can't display COPA datasource...message table entry doesn't exist Updated:11-30

    Hi, I am trying to display my COPA datasource and it's giving me a message stating it can't because a table entry is missing.  In debugging I can see the table entry it's reading is tkebwlgn. I've tried everything, but cannot display/delete this. Any

  • Code 58 : Entry doesn't exist ... Updated:11-30

    I use this BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA. I use departure date, arrival date, location, and pernr. In SAP 4.6C, BAPI works fine. In my webdynpro, i fill correctly my bapi. But i Have this error : Code 58 doesnt' exist... Well, how to debug this call in

  • /dev entry doesn't exist but /devices does! Updated:11-30

    I have a pseudo dd that seems to install and attach ok. There is an entry in /devices but none in /dev. I've tried modifying and running devlinks, but this doesn't help. Its nearly there(I think) - any advice or pointers would be appreci

  • QM UD Error Message: Check table XEKBN: entry 45039875220001003 does not exist. Updated:10-11

    Hello QM expert, I encounter a error when I make a UD. (Please refer to below screenshot. ) Case 1: I did quantity post to unrestricted use, to scrap, to blocked stock, to new material, to reserves, return delivery. When I save this UD, there is a er

  • IMG - View maintenance  - View suppress existing entries and do not save Updated:11-30

    Hi there, within the customizing maintanence I wanted to change a view cluster with an existing view (within transaction /simgh). But after replacement of the vc with the view the view do not show any existing entries and do not save my new entries.

  • Entry doesnt exist in table check entry Updated:11-30

    Hi , I have a problem I am using an F4 help, for a field - the moment i click on the F4 the F4 pops up and i select a value from the list populated. The moment i select enter, an error pops up which says - entry does not exist in ZTTT003 table - chec

  • Release strategy: Tx CL20N Error: Entry 01 does not exist in table T16FS Updated:11-30

    Dear MM Gurus, I was designing new release strategy for PR and PO, so I deleted all the previous entries(SPRO) available in SAP. I created my new entries but in the transaction CL20N I got the above mentioned error: "Entry 01 does not exist in table