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  • Send mail issue Updated:11-30

    I am using JavaMail API 1.1.3 to compose and send mail messages. It is possible to send messages both in text or HTML format with or without attachments. But recently just one user has complained that some mails sent out from our system is not being

  • MIME Partial messages - unable to combine parts to create the origional pdf Updated:10-11

    Hi: I have a scanner/printer emailing a pdf document to an imap mail account I check with The printer is set to break up mail messages into 5mb segments - this allows mailing of documents to some companies that restrict mail messages sizes.

  • Travel Overseas Italy: Comprehensive Task List Updated:10-11

    I will be traveling to Italy in January from my base in New York. Since this is my first time taking a Verizon phone overseas, I have spent some time researching the Verizon web site to prepare myself for a journey with minimal problems. You’ll find

  • Cannot send email to companies using Office 365 Updated:10-11

    I have recently come into a problem with emailing companies that use Exchange Office 365. We have regular email contact with 2 companies and recently we are getting the following message when sending them email: From: Microsoft Outlook Sent: Friday,

  • Help with OSX server mail setup Updated:10-11

    Please if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, I would be very grateful.  I have a company with an externaly hosted website and an an internally hosted email (OSX server).  I have everything kind of working, but some things don't seem quite righ

  • Need Help on powershell Script to send mails in different languages Updated:10-11

    Hello, Just wanted to use the script below to remind users of password expiry date (I got it from internet New-Passwordreminder.ps1). We have companies in many countries, so the email should be in the language of that country. So since our users are

  • Mail problems with Panther Updated:10-11

    I'm having difficulties downloading email into my client mail on my IMac. (I use Macmail, through BTinternet, an outside ISP. (Not Mac) The problem arose when I recently sent out a round robin email to a large number of hotels in Italy enquiring abou

  • Sending email using mail that looks like a web page Updated:10-11

    I want to send an email that looks like a web page (kind of like those emails from apple or other companies). I tried making a document in Pages, but then that didn't quite work. Of course, I could make the pages document into a pdf file, but that's