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  • How to use BAPI extension for updating field which is not in BAPI stracture Updated:10-11

    I am doing a conversion for control cycle create. The data is maintained in DB Table "PKHD". i have to update 12 fields threre through BAPI "BAPI_KANBANCC_CREATE". there are 11 fields in BAPI structure. but 1 field called"BERKZ&qu


    Hi Experts, I have one query regarding the bapi - BAPI_ACTIVITYCRM_CREATEMULTI. i want to add some more fields in TABLES of this BAPI. In TABLES of this BAPI there is a table named as : EXTENSIONIN. I have tried to add some data in this field which s

  • BAPI Extension for Purchase requisition Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have to add a custom field in EBAN  and have to enhance PR BAPI to include that additional field. What steps shud I follow? how can I use BAPI Extensions? Any help will be rewarded. Regards, PragyaHi, I am told that I have to use BAPI exten

  • EXTENSION_IN in case of BAPI extension for BP Updated:11-30

    I am using BAPI "BAPIBUSISM007_CREATEFROMDATA" to create Business partner for IS Media 4.7. BAPI is working fine, But I have added some Zfields in table BUT000. How to use the table parameter EXTENSION_IN to create Business partner along with al

  • BAPI Extension Values Updated:11-30

    Iam changing  a contract  and updating the tables using  BAPI  BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE. Here iam facing the probelm while passing the BAPI Extension values. Can you please advice how we need to pass the entire item data into VALUEPARTx fields .

  • Sales Order BAPI Extension Updated:10-11

    Hi,     We would like to pass custom fields data to Custom screens in VA01 Standard Sales Order. For that we are extending standard BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 using EXTENSION parameter. We have appended custom structures to VBAKKOZ. VBAKKOZX

  • BAPI Extension - Sales Order(VBAK, VBAP) Updated:11-30

    Hi all,           Please help me in the issue .  I have added user custom fields for sales order va01 in header and item . i am using bapi for creating sales order . I need do use Extensionin struture for updating table vbak and vbap. Can anyone brie

  • Getting error when passing custom fields to BAPI extension Updated:11-30

    Hi , I have problem with standard BAPI_PO_CREATE1 bapi function. ERROR DETAILS when FM:- BAPI_PO_CREATE1 first time executed  getting error  "Check item number 30 in table EXTENSIONIN" and PO not creating. when using function key reverse(cntl+f1

  • BAPI extension Updated:11-30

    Hi all, I am dealing with VD02 transaction, the screen of which is enhanced with one more tab in the std screen. The screen field is ZZOSC, which has been added to KNA1 table. Now, i want to update the ZZOSC field value based on a logic. I have found

  • Sales Order Change BAPI Extension for Customer Fields Updated:11-30

    Hello! I am working on customer field enhancement for BAPI_salesorder_change. The extensionin parameter has more than 1000 characters (fields in the structure BAPE_VBAP) and hence, the two fields that I added to VBAP (using append structure) are not

  • IS/M BAPI EXTENSION Updated:11-30

    Hi, I need to create a bp updating some custom fields I have created in an append structure to table JGTBP00. I'm using BAPIBUSISM007_CREATEFROMDATA but I cannot map corresponding fields in input structure. I've tried using EXTENSION_IN, but it requi

  • In LSMW how to include customer fields in BAPI method ? Updated:10-11

    Hi all, We have a requirement to use BAPI method in LSMW. We have some custom fields defined needs to be handled in BAPI structures.Please tell me how to handle BAPI extension structures(EXTENSIONIN/OUT) in LSMW.Hi Venugopal, You can use the sold to

  • BAPI G/L Balance Upload Updated:10-11

    Hi, I want BAPI for G/L balance upload. I want to transfer these fields: STYPE(BBKPF-STYPE) LDGRP(BKPF-LDGRP) BSCHL(Posting key) MWSKZ(Tax Code) I looked into BAPI's BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST and BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST but I didn't find any field like

  • BAPI_PR_CREATE Extension Issue Updated:10-11

    Hi I am using BAPI_PR_CREATE to upload Purchase Requisition Create data for ME51n Transaction. Here there is screen Enhancement has been added to ME51n. When Iam uploading data through BAPI_PR_CREATE the below error message is been shown in RETURN st

  • Extension for BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, could anyone please help me, I have to create a sales order with BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2. there is 2 customer fields in table VBAK, I checked the documentation for the bapi extensions parameters and I dont understand how should t

  • Doubt on bapi Updated:11-30

    Hi all   suppose if iwant to upload a material using bapi,  than how can i know the FM's that are avialable for this..Hi Gurus I am using the extension parameters of BAPI to load some customized fields for the object-BUILDING in REAL ESTATE MODULE us

  • Problem in bapi enstension in BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I am trying  to updating on z-field by using bapi extension in valuepart1 by passing to BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE, do i need to write the code for mapping  to z-field from extension structure ? if yes what is the user exit/enhancement name ? Reg

  • Extending a BAPI generated IDoc Updated:11-30

    Hi All, I have a standard SAP IDoc FIXEDASSET_CREATEINCLVALUES02, this IDoc is used to load fixed assets. We have 2 new fields we are adding to this IDoc so we need to extend the IDoc and create a new Segment for the 2 fields. This IDoc is created by

  • Bapi_acc_document_post: how to populate dmbtr Updated:10-11

    hi experts, I m posting AR Transaction data using bapi_acc_document_post. I populated all the fields in bapi except two fields, one is amount in local currency(DMBTR) and the other one is tax amount in local currency (MWSTS). The reason is, those two

  • Customer Fields not getting poplulated in PO in R/3 (ECC 6.0) from SRM 5.0 Updated:10-11

    Hi,     We Recently upgraded our R/3 System from 4.6 C to ECC 6.0. Shopping card number is getting created in SRM side and after approval it is getting sent to R/3 Back end,We have some customer fields that need to be populated in the back end from t