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ebook reader for mac os 10.9

  • How to upload an ebook from a mac to an ipad Updated:10-11

    How do I upload an eBook from my Mac to my iPad? I know it has something to do with iToons, but the user interface of that is so confusing.If the eBook was purchased thru the iTunes Store or similar online service, might be faster to just connect wit

  • What is the best ebook reader for Macs? Updated:11-30

    Hi, What is the best ebook library / reader for Macs? I have a Kindle for the actual reading, but wanted some sort of nice display library to sort and browse my books. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! davidi have searched there, but rather than try 2

  • I want to create an eBook for iPad , Mac and "iPhone". Updated:11-30

    While I was beginning with creating an eBook with iBookAuthor, I didn't know that the target group iPhone user is missed. I want to create and publish an eBook, which is intended for iPad, Mac and iPhone users. Does somebody know, which software woul

  • How do I download a book that is on my Mac pro under adobe digital edition ? Updated:10-11

    How do I download a ebook from my Mac pro that is in Adobe Digital Edition to my IPad1?I think Adobe Reader for iOS only handles PDF files, not EPUB files.Read other 3 answers

  • How to authorize ebook reader in Adobe Digital Editions? Updated:10-11

    I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions from the website so that I can borrow ebooks via the public library system.  I was able to authorize my computer, but can't figure out how to authorize by ebook reader (Kobo Touch) - without authorizing the device,

  • Books and pdf on IPad don't appear in IBooks on MAC Updated:10-11

    I've read through several solutions to this similar problem and none of the solutions work for me. I've uploaded several ebooks to my mac and they don't appear on the IPad. I've got content (PDF's) on my ipad that doesn't appear on my mac. For exampl

  • Why can't I read a book purchased through iPhone ibook app on my MacBook Pro? Updated:10-11

    Why can't I read a book purchased through iPhone ibook app on my MacBook Pro? Also, is there any way to print pages from book?In general if you want to read paid-for ebooks on your Mac, you need to buy them from one of the other sources like Kindle,

  • Downloaded a book from iTunes. Now how do I read it? Updated:11-30

    What software is there to read eBooks on a mac? Kindle doesn't work nor does eReader pro. Any suggestions? Thanks,If you purcahsed a book through the iTunes store, then that's an iBook that you view with the iBooks app on a iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch