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e1656ims.106 bios unlock

  • Request MSI GX640 BIOS unlock Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like the bios to be fully unlocked and Fn/Ctrl swap. Is it possible to enable the UEFI boot option too? Does the UEFI boot in GX640 support Windows 8 UEFI? MSI GX640 Bios Information: BIOS Version: E1656IMS.10F BIOS Build: 09/13/2012 10:3

  • Request For MSI GS70 2PC 419XFR Bios Unlock Updated:10-11

    Hi Svet! Request For MSI GS70 2PC 419XFR Bios Unlock (i5&860M) Bios: E1772IMS.109 Bios link: www . download . msi . com / bos_exe / VBios: 80.04.F7.00.0E (860M) EC Version: 1772EMS Vers5.04 I don't have PayPal Account - please send m

  • Mini 110 bios pasword problem Can you give me a Bios unlock code for CNU9443DVL Updated:10-11

    Can you give me a Bios unlock code for CNU9443DVL Tnank you in advace Branko This question was solved. View Solution.Welcome App. Try. e 9 l o v v f t 6 k Third letter lowercase L. I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and tha

  • GT72 2QE bios unlock Updated:11-30

    hello Svet Request GT72 2QE bios unlock, Confirmation number: 8V5530107K964982W Bios version: E1781IMS.10E BTW,just saw MSI website,it released new GTX980m bios version, from 84.04.1E.00.12 to, is there any preformance raising?Quote BT

  • GT70 20D - Full Bios Unlock & vbios Software Updated:11-30

    Good afternoon,  Requesting a full BIOS unlock for the following as well as the vbios software.  Thank you Mainboard:  MS-1763 PCB Version:  REV:0.C BIOS Version: E1763IMS.50R BIOS Date:  1/13/2014 EC-FW Version:  1763EMS1.510 Confirmation number: 8U

  • GT60 Request for BIOS UNLOCK Updated:11-30

    Hi, Looking to get my BIOS unlocked. Unable to do anything I want or don't want for the matter. Let me know what's needed. BIOS Type AMI EFI BIOS Version E16F3lMS.305 Thankswell typically voltages are N/A even with unlock BIOS, about OCing is also qu

  • GT70 0ND Bios Unlock Request Updated:11-30

    Greetings, I am requesting a BIOS unlock for my system My BIOS VS is E1762IMS.30U IGFX vBIOS Version 2126 ME FW Version I am trying to upgrade my video card to a 770m, but after installing the card, it has disabled my Intel 4000, and in de

  • BIOS Unlock Request for MSI GT70-2OC Updated:11-30

    Hi, I would like to to request a UEFI BIOS unlock for my laptop, the current version installed is E1763IMS.70J but the laptop came preinstalled with E1763IMS.70C. The main aim of the unlock is so that I can load custom kernels (to install linux) but

  • MSI GT60-2OD BIOS UNLOCK REQUEST Updated:11-30

    Hi Svet,  Could I get the Haswell GT60 bios unlocked?  I am using 4900MQ and want to be able to OC using the extra multis from the bios.  It seems to not like the software OCs with the lastest XTU version.  I think the bios has this locked down.  Tha

  • MSI GT72 2QE BIOS Unlock and vBios GTX980m unlock Updated:10-11

    Hey guys, searching for an MSI GT72 2QE unlocked BIOS with all possible voltages, like in XTU (see: ) Offset voltage, processor cache voltage, digital IO voltage Oh and Graphics voltage for the integrated HD 4600 is very important for me (also integr

  • Request bios unlock GS70 2PC-283NL Updated:11-30

    Hi. Can somebody please unlock my bios ver. E1772IMS.10A Thanks Quote from: Nichrome on 29-August-14, 06:25:00 Hello, Apart from BIOS v. it is also needed you add EC version. Person that does this will ask you for this anyway, so better if we save hi

  • Request GX630 bios unlock overclock menu with fn and ctrl key swap. Updated:11-30

    anyone out there know how to unlock the bios for GX630 so you can manual config the overclock ? thanksThere is nothing to unlock in the BIOS that will allow you to manually adjust the FSB Frequency or anything like that.Read other 2 answers

  • Request: Bios unlock GT70 2OD MS-1763 Updated:11-30

    System And Bios Infomation Full Name: MSI GT70 2OD-829XNL CPU: i7 4700MQ GPU: GTX 780m Bios Version: E1753IMS.50K Bios Build: 10/24/2013 09:25:26 EC Version: 1763MS1 Ver 5.13 EC Build: 03/07/2014 ME FW Version: Marketing Name: GT70 2OD Mod

  • Request Bios unlock hidden features GX60 Destroyer Updated:11-30

    Helo. Its it posible that you can unlock the hidden features of my Bios? MSI UNLOCKER onlx works on Windows 8 UEFI bios...I have win 7... Need the hidden options to speed up my SSD I will donation to you if you can unlock hidden features (can send yo

  • Request for bios unlock GT70 0ND-1021UK Updated:11-30

    Hey Looking to unlock my bios. I hear this is the place to come. Mainboard:  MS-1762 PCB Version:  REV:1.0 BIOS Version: E1762IMS.50U BIOS Date:  23/11/2012 Donation is not a problem, just wondering what is a good donation? Kind regards.Hey thanks fo

  • MSI GT70 Bios unlock Request Updated:11-30

    Hello, i was wondering if you could unlock this Bios for me. Its an MSI GT70 0ND 452US laptop Mainboard:  MS-1762 PCB Version:  REV:1.0 BIOS Version: E1762IMS.50X BIOS Date:  21/01/2013 EC-FW Version:  Not sure why this hasnt come up? Aso i am having

  • [Request] MSI GT70-0ND-219US Bios Unlock flash Updated:11-30

    hey, i have the MSI GT70-0ND-219US I would like a flash bios that unlocks options like setting Vt-x ON and OFF and other cool features Thanks,Quote MSIHQ: Information detected by MSIHQ Tool ver: 1.25g MSIHQ: Report generated in Sat 12/15/2012 at 18:3

  • MSI GT70 0ND BIOS unlock request for intel vt-x virtualization Updated:11-30

    Hi, I'd like to request an unlocked bios for an MSI GT70 0ND. I'm trying to enable intel VT-X virtualization, so I tried the official bioses as indicated here: However neither of the windows 7 64bit b

  • MSI GT70 ond 214us Bios Unlock Updated:11-30

    To whoever can help. I'm looking for an unlocked bios for my msi gt70 with the 675m. I'm looking to be able to put a new geforce 880m or 980m in my notebook. any help would be appreciatedunlocked bios can't help to improve GPU support unlocked or not

  • MS16F3 (chilligreen) bios unlock request Updated:11-30

    Hi @ all, is it possible to unlock my Bios too? I have a MS16F3 and it doesn't save my changes. Like the Bigfoot Bootagent icannot turn it off. here the specifications E16F3IMT.50T EC Version 16F3EG61 ver5.02 ec Build 09/25/2012 ME FW Version