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dynadock u3.0 bluescreen

  • Tecra M5 Dynadock Bluescreen Updated:11-30

    Tecra M5 just installed new memory Kit with 2GB each works great EXCEPT when I hook up the Dynadock it blue screens'Hi The message looks like you tried to boot and to install the Windows from LAN If you want to change the booting order then I recomme

  • DynaDock DVI - availability of 2.3 drivers Updated:11-30

    Hi there, we experience bluescreens and drawing problems with the current 4.2.6711.0 dynadock video drivers. The dynadock is connected to FujitsuSiemens Exprimo mobile notebooks running Vista. When will the 2.3 driver be out? it is annouced for Decem

  • Adobe Download Assistant not working after bluescreen Updated:10-11

    I like to get the trial for Photoshop Elements 10 but the ADA is broken: Under Windows 7 I already used the ADA to download and install Adobe Premiere 10 successfully a week ago. Then I tried to get Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 but my system crashed w

  • Bluescreens and Lock-ups with 2.15.0 Updated:10-11

    I downloaded the latest driver version, 2.5.0006 today in an effort to try and fix an issue that was intermittently causing the card to stop working (either Vista would tell me no sound device was detected, or there inexplicably would not be any soun

  • Satellite A205: Dynadock - How to connect to LCD TV with HDMI to DVI cable Updated:10-11

    I recently purchased this product and had a problem when connecting it to my LCD TV. I used a HDMI to DVI cable to connect it to the TV. Only a small portion of the full display shows on the TV. I have adjusted all setting on the laptop (Satellite A2

  • PA3927U-1PRP Dynadock U3.0 DVI to VGA adapter problem Updated:10-11

    The adapter does not fit and causes damage to both the dock and the adapter when connected. I purchased one from a very reputable re-seller's website. after attaching the adapter I plugged in my VGA monitor and there was no picture. When I disconnect

  • Bluescreen/Desk Top Navigator issues Updated:10-11

    New computer, less than 3 months old, I am suddenly having shut down issues and the desktop navigator is not responding...I am a novice.. New Bitdefender 2010 anti virus software installed recently, also Skype. Have uninstalled Skype, has not helped

  • MSI Big Bang-XPower: Errors and Bluescreens Trying to Install Windows 7 64-bit Updated:10-11

    Hello!  This is my first build since... Well, Pentium 3 really.  It's been an adventure learning the new hardware.  The PC components listed in my signature are the pieces to the machine I'm working on currently, and the one related to this issue. It

  • BSOD when plugging into Dynadock U3 Updated:10-11

    Hi There, We have a wide number of Toshiba Dynadock u3.0's working with a number of Sony Vaio Laptops. In the main they have worked pretty well, and have improved over time as new releases have come out. At the moment we are rolling out the new Sony

  • Issues with Dynadock 3.0 and Windows 8 Updated:10-11

    My setup is as follows: Toshiba Satellite C875 laptop Windows 8 (64bit) Toshiba Dynadock u3.0 (brand new) Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 0100 (Microsoft) USB3.0 drivers Intel HD graphics 4000 Installed 'DisplayLink USB Graphics Software f

  • I need help with exception not handled bluescreen. Updated:10-11

    I've been getting bluescreens for awhile now, and have been doing research to read minidump files to locate the problem and try fixing but they still persist.Crash Dump Analysis provided by OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. Online Crash Dump Analysis

  • Suddenly Bluescreen and PC Shutdown (after windows 7 installation) Updated:10-11

    dear reader I've installed one week ago the new windows 7 home premium on my Pavillion notebook dv 9040 ea. I've updated and installed all necessary drivers for each and every component afetrwards - at least this is what I believe that I've done with

  • Dynadock U3.0 - Spins up hard-drive after laptop put to sleep Updated:10-11

    Hi, I have a Dynadock U3.0 and love it apart from a few small bugs. 1) After I put my laptop to sleep, the Dynadock USB light switches off and I hear my hard-drives spin down. However, about 5 seconds later - only the USB 3.0 hard-drive spins back up

  • Optiplex 9020, Intel 4600 + AMD video card = bluescreens and other issues for dual monitors Updated:10-11

    Our organization purchased a number of 9020s with the onboard Intel and the AMD 8490 Over time, many of these systems would experience video issues.  Originally they were configured with one monitor was plugged into the intel VGA and the 2nd monitor

  • Dynadock U3.0 - Not able to use Ethernet port after Win 8.1 update Updated:10-11

    Hi everybody, i am using a Dynadock u3.0 dock with my Vaio SCP 13. Since I updated my device to Windows 8.1 Update 1 I am not able to use the Ethernet port of the Dynadock. Before that everything worked fine. I am not able to reinstall the drivers co

  • Bluescreen when trying a clean install from CD - X61 Updated:10-11

    Hey, I got a question from a neighbour if I could help him reinstall his laptop. It's a X61. He got it from his employer when they decided to buy a bunch of new laptops for the company. Therefore he has no backup discs, no system reset software or an

  • Dynadock u3.0 windows 8.1 not working Updated:10-11

    Hi just wondering if anyone can help with the installation of a dynadock u3.0 dock. Trying to install the device and use on windows 8.1 and cannot use at all. Is there any work around to get it running as I hear it works perfectly on windows 8 but no

  • Media Encoder crashes with Bluescreen Updated:10-11

    I'm using Adobe Premiere CS4 w/ Windows XP to edit some MPEG2-Videos. All I do is importing them, doing some edits and exporting them back as MPEG2. Everything worked just fine with Premiere CS2. But since I upgraded to CS4, everytime I try to export

  • Dynadock V Keeps Updating same driver after restart and wont connect to external monitor Updated:10-11

    Earlier this week dynadock did an update and now everytime my computer turns on it installs the same update and says successfully installed.  Ever since this started my second monitor connected through dynadock is not working.  I've checked cords, cy

  • **VGA DynaDock Question** Updated:10-11

    I just installed a VGA Dynadock, and all of my peripherals are working fine. Whats wierd is when I click on "undock", I get the undock beep, but I no longer get the message "safe to undock". I do have the appropriate checkboxes in the