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droidx skype pending forever

  • Skype shows ip to anyone who knows my id only Updated:10-11

    hi there,  Just need to how to close my skype account because skype security is very weak. anyone from anywhere can look up and find my IP just visiting this website all u need is just a Skype ID it will give you the ip where it was

  • NAC Agent Login Dialog Not Appearing - ISE 1.1.1 issue ? Updated:10-11

    Agent Fails to Initiate Posture Assessment The NAC agent is properly installed on a Windoes 7 , IE 9 machine, the certificates from ISE ADM PRI are installed in trustable certificate store in the client machine but is a selfsigned ISE certificate. Th

  • Where is the file download location on android tab... Updated:10-11

    I have seen multible forum answers to this question for windows, but not for android tablets. I have an android tablet with the skype app.  Friend sent me some files which i accepted, however i can not find the location on my tablet they downloaded t