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  • Problem scheduling webi reports with XI3.1 pending forever Updated:11-30

    Hello, I've got a problem scheduling webi reports with XI3.1 scheduler. After confiming scheduling job (loggin in with "administrator" user), status remains "pending" forever(using Infoview or CMC). I tried different job recurrence a m

  • Skype takes forever to login Updated:11-30

    hi guys,Skype takes forever to login. I searched on google to find a solution and on this forums and they all said something about antivirus blocking it. But I've already made an exception in my antivirus software settings. I have no idea why isn't i

  • Subscription status pending forever Updated:11-30

    Hi all, today I bought a subscription Unlimited Cities Russia, paid it through yandex money, as usual. But it's been more than half an hour since then, the subscription's status is still pending in my purchase history, though usually it is acknowledg

  • AVCHD to Premiere Pro with TMPGenc -- Media Pending--Forever! Updated:11-30

    After much searching for a conversion solution that didn't utterly destroy the picture quality, I settled on TMPGenc 4 as a converter to make MPEG2 files at a comparable bitrate to XDCam EX, which is our native camera.. one of the four cameras we use

  • Media pending forever Updated:11-30

    Just moved a drive to another computer, then just plugged it back into the computer that it had been on, my Premiere Pro CC computer - a mac running Lion 10.7.5. When I open the project I had been working on, most of the timelines just say "media pen

  • A purchase is STILL Pending, i NEED TO TALK TO ANY... Updated:11-30

    a purchase is STILL Pending, i NEED TO TALK TO ANYONE TO HELP ME!Hi, Please also review the content of this article to understand what it means if a status is still showing the status "Pending":

  • Most needed fixes for Skype Android 5 Updated:11-30

    Dear Skype please fix these bugs and add some features. 1. No sound notification for incoming text messages 2. Contacts with "Do not disturb" status show as offline 3. Problem with pending forever "missed call" notifications. They don'

  • Skype shows ip to anyone who knows my id only Updated:10-11

    hi there,  Just need to how to close my skype account because skype security is very weak. anyone from anywhere can look up and find my IP just visiting this website all u need is just a Skype ID it will give you the ip where it was


    I have been a Skype user forever and have had a 'Skype Out' number for several years now. My card is due to be charged for my 'Skype Out' number but I have to update the expiration date etc. Now I am not talking about my subscription only the 'Skype

  • Pending, pending and pending... Updated:11-30

    iPhoto '10 did this, now '11 do it too... I am getting rather tired of this. After '11 totalled my image collection I started from scratch, but still, '11 keep on pending certain images and albums when syncing to MobileMe... And pending forever witho

  • Can't login into the Skype Updated:11-30

    Hello! I can't login into the Skype. I think its banned because recently someone created group chat and told them to ban me. What should I do? Skype login: micro.kzI also have been having this EXACT problem, and have actually (like a sucker) filled o

  • Suspension of account: Skype will not explain Read... Updated:11-30

    I apologize but our Investigation team already flagged the account for permanent suspension. 11:05:18 AM ethosadvisory Is there a reason? 11:05:38 AM ethosadvisory I didn't do anything...just used as I have since opening the account. 11:05:44 AM Geor

  • NAC Agent Login Dialog Not Appearing - ISE 1.1.1 issue ? Updated:10-11

    Agent Fails to Initiate Posture Assessment The NAC agent is properly installed on a Windoes 7 , IE 9 machine, the certificates from ISE ADM PRI are installed in trustable certificate store in the client machine but is a selfsigned ISE certificate. Th

  • Where is the file download location on android tab... Updated:10-11

    I have seen multible forum answers to this question for windows, but not for android tablets. I have an android tablet with the skype app.  Friend sent me some files which i accepted, however i can not find the location on my tablet they downloaded t

  • Remove & Push Settings failed Updated:11-30

    I am trying to get profilemanager working - currently sending remove/push settings does fail immediately (remove settings) or is pending forever (push settings: depending on payload?) whereas device enrolment, trust certificate installation, initial

  • HELP URGENTLY Updated:11-30

    Hello, i have a short film project that i need to be finished in a weeks time, i have a couple of dymanic links with ae in the project. When I open the project it now says media pending forever, it then crashes when I try to close the project. I then

  • MXF causes CC premiere to crash Updated:11-30

    Hi everyone. I just purchased CC and every time I try to Import an XMF file it crashes. I'm usually given the "Sorry but an Error occurred" message. If not, my media remains pending forever. I'm editing on a 15 inch macbook pro with mac OS X 10.

  • Unable to connect to TC, even when visible on desktop Updated:11-30

    Hi I have tried to to follow the instructions given at to connect my TC to ethernet without having internet connection. I can see the the TC-disk symbol on my desktop as if it was mo

  • Maximum e-mail domain length?? Updated:11-30

    Hi, Our Groupwise system cannot seem to send messages to domain names longer than 63 characters! 63 or less and the message sends, 64 or more and the messages stays in a pending state and is never delivered. As I test I created the following: chelsea

  • How to turn off always online Updated:11-30

    Thanks for skype's always online feature,,,,, I quit skype for forever,,,,,Bcs my friends & my wife everybody is angry. I'm not replying them,,,,,,,,Im on lollipop 5.0.1 and on winxp. I logged into skype on windows and typed /remotelogout and the onl