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download video for nokia asha 202

  • How to download WeChat on Nokia Asha 202? Updated:11-30

    How i download wechat on asha 202 Moderator's note: The subject was amended as the post was moved to a more appropriate will need to check with WeChat directly if your device is compatible with the app.Read other 2 answers


    Sir,              why does i can't play downloaded youtube videos(already converted) in my nokia asha 202 i am a user of the said handset last 2 months ago and it said that its not allowed to play the video by the way i tried to play mp4 and gp3 form

  • Video in nokia asha 300 Updated:11-30

    Is it possible that u make a video in nokia asha 300 but its neither in my videos nor in gallery? Could it be that it never got made? I think i pressed the message shortcut key rather than the recording button and then i pressed the back button. When

  • Nokia Asha 202 - not opening a website Updated:11-30

    My nokia Asha 202 is not working well. it's not opening this website Happy New Year 2015 Wishes (Quotes | Sms Messages) I tried again and again. also i have reseted my mobile but its not working Moderator's Note: The subject was changed as we have cr

  • Nokia Asha 202 Software Update Updated:11-30

    Is nokia asha 202 sw update in nairobi kenya? Thanks. Kevo Moderator's note: The title was edited as the post was moved to a more appropriate board.Hi, ngata47. Welcome to the forum. To verify, are you asking if there's a software update available fo

  • Re: Nokia Asha 202 Updated:11-30

    Please release the new software for nokia asha 202 with youtubePlease tell us which app do you use to browse the web. Something like: opera mini, xpress browser, uc Browser etc. Moderator's Note: The subject was changed as we have created a new threa

  • Nokia asha 202 Antivirus? Updated:11-30

    is there any antivirus for nokia asha 202??You don't need one.  read the full answer from here: Is my Nokia Series 40 device at risk from viruses?

  • Nokia asha 202 problems Updated:11-30

    This attachment is list of nokia asha 202 problems, Why NOKIA doesn't respond it??? Attachments: nokia asha 202 problems.pdf ‏481 KBNokia consistently work on providing firmware updates to devices to improve their reliability, stability, performance

  • How to download Youtube video into Nokia Asha 200 Updated:10-11

    Is there any application to help me download youtube video into my nokia asha 200? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi Even42 Thank you for posting on our forum!  Using your Nokia Asha 200, check if you c

  • Nokia Asha 202 Theme Updated:11-30

    Hi, i want to get the original theme for this Asha 202.. i have one theme only.. where to download it?? thanksThe "default.nth" theme should already be included in your phone. If not, then try reinstalling/updating the device software with Nokia

  • FireFox OS Can this be Downloaded to a NOKIA ASHA 205 Safely ? if not wich Browser do You recomend ? Updated:11-30

    what Browser upgrade is safe to Download too NOKIA ASHA 205 ?this is a duplicate of therefore locking. please don't ask the same questions more than once! thanks!Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia X2 vs Nokia asha 202 Updated:11-30

    There are many specialities in nokia X2 but this specialities is unable in asha 202.thats why i want to discuss about it.its a different spec not all phones have the same specs. If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice t

  • About Nokia Asha 202 Updated:11-30

    Sir Plz Tell me how to switch off a single sim in noka asha 202 ??? Solved! Go to Solution.I was update my nokia phone browser and now when i open it he say confilicting apllication show item then if i press yes he show nokia xpress and when i press

  • Nokia asha 202 whatsapp Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to use whatsapp on my asha 202. Is it possible? And can I get a download link?If the Application is NOT compatible with your phone, it will NOT work ..Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia asha 202 probs Updated:10-11

    why i cant access my chat & mail app.. when i open it . it says application not ready. or sometimes it says invalid application. what should i do... please help me.?Hi Elmer_HD, Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. Please perform a hard

  • About how to download videos in nokia asia 200 Updated:11-30

    pls help me .not possible as far as i know, if you want to view videos will have to copy it to the device.Read other 2 answers

  • Nokia asha 202 Updated:11-30

    pls help ! how to activate call barring ? specially incoming calls .. leiram, there is no app on the phone to do this. You have to ask your network operator for the password. Some have it public, some charge for it, some do not offer it.Read other 2

  • Nokia asha 200 downloading problem from you tube Updated:11-30

    hi how to download videos for nokia asha 200 from you tube wheneever i tried it shows the problem in dosent show the option of download.I'm facing the same problem while downloading videos via fast tube or youtube downloade in my Nokia

  • Favorite contacts on home screen of asha 202 Updated:11-30

    Hello everyone.. I just bought a nokia asha 202.. My problem is that I can't preview my favorite contacts on my home screen even though I selected favorite contacts for the home screen short cut.. It only says 'waiting'.. I had waited for a week now

  • Why skype is not available for NOKIA ASHA 311 Updated:10-11

    Why skype is not available for nokia asha 311? I had searched many sites and even in skype official site but cant download!!!! Not available even in NOKIA STORE. HOW TO DOWNLOAD SKYPE FOR NOKIA ASHA 311? Solved! Go to Solution.palani6 wrote: Why skyp