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  • Invalid Jar file - on ANY download from OVI store ... Updated:10-11

    OK, so I'm trying to download a few freebie games (Yetisports/Penguin thingy 2 etc etc) Whichever download I choose on my phone, and I get to the installer, it tells me that the Jar file is invalid. **bleep**!? How do I sort this before I pull my hai

  • I have mistake in all downloads with ovis store in... Updated:11-30

    i have mistake in all downloads with ovis store in my c3 00Try updating your Ovi store to Nokia store if a newer version is available for your phone. blitZkid Nokia C7: Running on Nokia Belle "If I'm helpful in anyway, a click of appreciation on the

  • Nokia N8: Unable to download from Ovi Store Updated:11-30

    After making the error of trying to install Kaspersky to my N8 and so having to re-format everything to get the phone working again (using #*7370# but not the three fingered salute) almost everything is working ok except Ovi Store. I can get onto the

  • Download error - ovi store- N8 Updated:11-30

    I was perfectly happy with my ovi store, until a week ago where I had to update my ovi store on my N8. I'm not sure if the problem is from the update or not, all I know is that every time I try to download something (anything for that matter), I get

  • Download from OVI Store without internet connectio... Updated:11-30

    Hi all, i'm a N97 mini owner i use with a prepaid card. as a cyclist i got this because of it's possibility to use the maps offline. Now i have to doenload the HP iPrint Photo app but i don't have any connection to the internet at all on this phone.

  • Musis download from ovi store Updated:11-30

    hi my ovi store for music download is showing error. I had n8.Hi Thanks for your post and welcome to the forums. Can you please elaborate on your issue that you are having and supply more information. What error are you getting when downloading? What

  • Download from ovi Updated:11-30

    hi.i'm a iranian iran many people have a nokia phone but they have a big problem.that problem is they can't download apps from ovi store with topapps program.because ovi filtered iranian users.but why?we bought nokia and need should

  • How to download from OVi Store ??? Updated:11-30

    Hi guys, I live in Syria and I want to download apps form OVi Store but I can't because this service isn't available in my area. I tried everything from proxy servers to Ultrasurf, but all my attempts failed. I have Nokia Asha 300 and it's so disappo

  • C5-00 Unable to download from ovi-store Updated:11-30

    I cannot download from the ovi-store. Always appears: Mistake of certificate, code 2153775105. What I have to do?Hello TToldie, Check to make sure that you are correctly signed in, and that your phone's date and time are accurate. I hope this helps,

  • Unable to download from ovi store Updated:11-30

    i have 5230 and i was able to download even after updating the ovi store but a week ago i have a problem. download button turned grey and i cant download anything.Can you provide the following details so we can have a better grasp on your concern: 1.

  • Download Failed - Ovi Music Unlimited - X6-00 Updated:11-30

    Hi, I recently purchased X6-00 8GB. I have activated Ovi Music Unlimited on my laptop. But I am unable to download even one song. The download starts and then after 10-50%, the download restarts. Over and over again. After multiple attempts, I get th

  • Question on songs download from ovi music & compat... Updated:11-30

    Hello, I downloaded few songs from OVI Music. can I play these music on my car stereo using USB drive ? essentially is there a license tied to playing the dowloaded songs on any other system other than Nokia phone ? Any inputs will help. Thanks Venks

  • Error 0x800704C7 while downloading from Ovi Music ... Updated:11-30

    Hi When downloading music from the Ovi Music website using N8 (which came with unlimited music), the downloader makes the download, but gives error code 0x800704C7 at the end. Artist & album name folders get created on the device, but no songs are fo

  • Downloaded latest Ovi update, now I can't access ... Updated:11-30

    Hi, On saturday I did the latest update from my ovi suite, after the download, I had a new device icon on my taskbar. On further investigation I found that I could no longer see my drives on my N8 in my computer when connected via usb. Also I cannot

  • .022.014 Anna download - nokia ovi suite device di... Updated:11-30

    During update search on my N8, software found is 014.002.  Half way during installation of .022.014, the Nokia ovi suite gets disconnected from my N8. The message on screen is Device Recovery - Nokia las lost its connection with your device. Then sug

  • Unable to download from ovi bestsellers Updated:11-30

    I have nokia C7. Since last few days the bestsellers section shows not available. I am not able to download many of the applications. Similarly, I bought angry birds but could not download it as it showed as download error( few more days back). Twice

  • PC Download with OVI Beta via USB Updated:11-30

    Hello, I have an E7 with Symbian Anna. The connection to the OVI Suite via USB an the Syncronisation is no Problem. But it is ompossible for me to Install an App from the Store via USB and My PC. Has anybody an Idea how to solve my [email protected]

  • Ovi store download error Updated:11-30

    i get an error in red everytime i want to download from ovi store an application for my N8... how can i fix this??? thank youi have had the same problem, and i phoned up nokia support and they said its some thin they are working on. just keep looking

  • Does 5230 support unlimited ovi music downloads Updated:11-30

    i wanted to know whether 5230 or 5233 supports free downloads from ovi music store?.It depends. If it is, it says so in the box, and it has a voucher code to activate it in the box. Usually a model with unlimited music (Ovi Music Unlimited, or under

  • Ovi suite download is it dodgy Updated:11-30

    Hi was in the  process of downloading the  Ovi suite to my  pc when my  anti virus software  flagged a trojan needless to say i stopped the  download PDQ !!!! has anyone else  had this  happenNot till date..Read other 2 answers