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download musik try everything by nokia

  • Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM. Updated:10-11

    Can not download OVI STORE in my NOKIA 5130 XM.IT SAYS CONFLICTING APPLICATION SHOW ITEMS?Hey Suhit I got the same problem. I cant update version or even open. I think it will get fixed after you update your Software Version of your phone. If you fin

  • How can I download flash player in my nokia n97? Updated:10-11

    how can I download flash player in my nokia n97??  I can't view any videos at website Moderator's Note: Subject line changed as it is not seem to be a relevant and support issue.It depends in what format the online videos are. For some formats you mi

  • Downloading the Defenx app made Nokia E7 jam/brick... Updated:11-30

    Downloading the Defenx app made Nokia E7 jam/bricked/not work. What to do? I've tried hard resets -- many -- and soft resets. It will not even hard reset. It turns back on without having hard reset. The phone freezes when I press anything after reboo

  • How can i download activex control on my nokia e72 Updated:11-30

    i want to download activex control for my nokia e72 to view my ip address pls recomend me how to download itActive X is a Microsoft program. It will not work on the Symbian system. If I have helped you with your problem in some way, please take a lit

  • Where can I download free pdf readers for nokia x6 handphone? Updated:11-30

    Where to download free pdf reader for Nokia X6 hp as I previously tried a trial copy but the copy has already expired?Also, list of games with no web connection from ovi: bubble mission wonder zoo little big city puzzled-might need web but is really

  • I need download link of skype for Nokia C6-00 Updated:11-30

    I need download link of skype for Nokia C6-00to download skype go and then search then type skype and click the search button.then you click in apps button and then click skype apps and then you click the download button.Read other 10 answ

  • How to download Whatsapp applicaion on my nokia 27... Updated:11-30

    Hi Please help me I want to download whatsapp (application on my nokia 2710, but when i open it it says file not supported! I think i must have a s60 software platform, which i my noia does not have!! Please help me or give me advice on this because


    Sir,              why does i can't play downloaded youtube videos(already converted) in my nokia asha 202 i am a user of the said handset last 2 months ago and it said that its not allowed to play the video by the way i tried to play mp4 and gp3 form

  • How to download video music clips into Nokia 6131? Updated:11-30

    Help me, please! I am trying to put some video clips into my mobile Nokia 6131,but it doesn't work. I downloaded Nokia PC suite 63..., used USB cable/ have no idea what to do next. The music is in 3gp format - but mobile can't see it. Thanks in advan

  • I want Download Adobe Reader le For Nokia N91 Plz ... Updated:11-30

    plz tell mee i have nokia n91.i am download adobe reader for n-series.when i install on my mobile mobile devies shone me this softwear is not compatibale plaease help meget it from here,8764,91844,00.html t

  • Downloading photos from pc to nokia 6233 Updated:11-30

    I have just bought a nokia 6233 i want to put photos on for caller id can i do this? ialso want to put my own music on any ideasYes, you can do all of this using nokia's PC suite software. You should have a CD with it on in the box or you can downloa

  • Download different file types on nokia lumia 920 Updated:11-30

    Hi,  I recently got myself a nokia lumia 920.. Great phone i must say, however i find this phone is more limiting than the iPhone, or a cheap black berry curve Firstly, you cannot download anything from the internet that is not compatible with the ph

  • Downloading off-line mix in nokia mix radio Updated:11-30

    Downloading 3 offline mixes, using vodafone 3G. It's more than 3 days.....yet to be completed. So slow and repeatedly getting disconnected.Which phone ? Is the SIM new ? How is when you surf other websites ?Read other 4 answers

  • Can not download music from PC to Nokia 7210 Super... Updated:11-30

    The mobile is getting connected with PC suite mode not in Media mode. Drag and Drop is not working in nokia music from PC to mobile with PC suite mode. Mobile device icon saying that please change the phone to media mode. After selecting media mode t

  • How to download Youtube video into Nokia Asha 200 Updated:10-11

    Is there any application to help me download youtube video into my nokia asha 200? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi Even42 Thank you for posting on our forum!  Using your Nokia Asha 200, check if you c

  • How do i download images from nokia 6350 w/o memory card? Updated:11-30

    I'm trying to download images taken with the Nokia 6350 camera to iPhoto using a USB cable. The phone does not have a memory card. I plug the cable in and select 'Data Storage' from the connectivity menu and then get a message ' Insert memory card to

  • Cannot open download link for Nokia Multimedia Tra... Updated:11-30

    Get the download page, the pop up opens, when I click on the Accept button - the site will not open. Solved! Go to Solution.You can download from here:

  • Please help me to download freethemesfor nokia e65 Updated:11-30

    iwas downloading some themes for my nokia e65 but it wouldinstall on my phone because itsyasthatit isnot recognise could anybodyhelp me or givemeasite inwhich i can get free themes for e 65 andalso some freeapplicationssoican **bleep** up my fone...

  • Why does Nokia Store ENFORCE download to phone onl... Updated:11-30

    I have noticed that every app I buy has the "download" option blocked. The only way to get it is to give your mobile #, pick up the SMS, go the the link in the SMS, and download the app directly to the phone. Why are they doing this? Is it to pr

  • Nokia C6-01 application software downloads jammed ... Updated:11-30

    Hello i wouls like some assistance fro your support group please. I was downloading a game from the nokia store and by mistake  i moved to another application while dowloading the game. The  problem is that  i cannot download any more applications be