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  • FSCM-CR Case types for Documented Credit Decision (FDCD, FDCA) missing. Updated:10-11

    Hi FSCM community I am looking at the FSCM CR module and got some issues here and there. Here's one of them. Documentation for the SAP IMG node: FSCM -> Credit Management -> Credit Risk Monitoring -> Documented Credit Decision -> Settings in t

  • Credit Analyst in Documented Credit Decision Updated:11-30

    We are in SAP EHP5 and currently implementing FSCM-Credit Management, I was able to create a case for each blocked sales order as a Documented Credit decision , however I am trying to understand the assignment of Credit Analyst field in the case. The

  • FSCM - Credit - Documented Credit Decision not linking to Sales Document Updated:11-30

    When a Sales Order is created/changes a credit check occurs and a Documented Credit Decision is created. The issue is that the Documented Credit Decision case does not seem to have a link to the Sales Order from which it was created. When selecting t

  • FSCM Documented Credit Decision SnapShot - how to remove the Snap Shot linked object Updated:11-30

    Within the Documented Credit Decision linked objects there is the SnapShots for credit decisions section. I'm trying to remove this folder from the linked objects area. Also the linked objects folder titles are in German unlike all other areas of the

  • Credit decision error Updated:11-30

    I try to release a credit management documented credit decision, but encounter below error, the case id status is new, document status is blocked, open credit amount is 8000, checked credit value is 7800 USD, the business partner has credit limit of

  • Document credit decision open credit Updated:11-30

    we have one sales order, three line items, it trigger a credit decision, and says credit limit 50000 has been exceeded by 143000 in the horizon and document status: blocked, open credit amount is 3800, I want to know how 3800 is calculated, any idea?

  • Does FICO Score matter more than Credit Problems? Updated:11-30

     As some of you may know I've been looking to trade-in my six month old Hyundai Accent. My pulled score (FICO Experian Auto 8) is now 649. It will go back up once new credit card balances are reported, right now it's 96%, it will be down to 8-9% by t

  • My fico vs credit karma vs equifax credit monitoring Updated:10-11

    As you all can see I am new here and have just begun my credit repair journey I'm hoping that some one can shed some light on credit score questions and educate me in the differences. I have recently started using credit karma and they tell me the my

  • Credit Score & Monitoring Questions Updated:10-11

    Hi everyone! I am new to here..  I paid Credit Check Monitoring w/ Free Credit Score every month for $13.95. I also paid Lexington Law for $79 every month to repair my credits. I know it is relatively expensive but they have removed 15 items from my

  • Getting a sales order link into Credit Limit Case Updated:11-30

    Hi Forum Folks - Has anyone been successful in adding a linked object - in particular a sales order document - to the standard credit limit increase case (record model)? If so, can you offer any insight on how you did it? My business context for back

  • Documentation in BPEL Updated:11-30

    While designing a BPEL process, you sometimes have to make choices as to how you solve a particular problem. In simple BPELs this can be quite obvious, so the need for documenting the decision is not very high. However, in more complex BPELs, the cho

  • Impact of Credit Card AORs on mortgage approval? Updated:11-30

    I currently own 3 properties (including my primary residence others are rentals for the past 3 years) and am interested in buying another. My question is with so many inquiries and/or new accounts for credit cards, what's the chances I'll get approve

  • Anyone use Credit Karma? Updated:11-30

    damnedanddetermined wrote: Im getting mixed reviews with CK, and my scores they have I kno are fake!! Anyone like that site?If you want free weekly credit reports from TU and EQ, then yes, use CK.  If you are looking for FICO scores, then look elsewh

  • Credit Card Management Updated:11-30

    Dear Experts, Can SAP automatically converse the payment on credit card account to bank account directly when the payment due arrive?. eg Visa account 11112 and Bank Account 11110 ; 11112 was temporary account for taking amount from incoming payment.

  • Not sure how to feel about Credit Karma....some good, some bad. Updated:11-30

    CK has been pretty good about reporting new accounts and balances, but my experience with them has been lackluster the past 4 or 5 updates. My scores have tanked with them over the past few reviews, even though my balances have been going down, whils

  • Have been a "loyal" customer since phones were in the car only..yes   1989 Updated:10-11

    I first joined what is now called Verizon in 1989 and have transitioned with this company through cell one, air-touch, through the pirate days when sprint and others were actually pirating phone numbers away......since the "Access Line" days. We

  • Differences between 4.7 and ecc6 Updated:11-30

    hi all,     help me regarding the differece between 4.7 and ecc 6( only FI/CO) and if possible any documentation on this. pls send me thanks sandeep.chHi Sandeep, I'm listing out a few differences. 1. Audit Information Support-Offers new roles that s

  • Task termination due to sending of out of box email templates Updated:10-11

    Hi, We are using custom templates to notify end user during creation, group approval and deletion process. Handling of proper template has taken care in workflow. Instead of deleting the Out of box templates, the smtp address has changed to "

  • Differences between oci816_7 and oci816_8 Updated:10-11

    Hi. I've recently run across an issue using a ResultSet that seemed to have corrupt data in one of the columns. The corrupt data "went away" when I changed my path to have wlserver6.0/bin/oci816_7 instead or wlserver6.0/bin/oci816_8 in it. I fou

  • BPM 1:n mapping Updated:10-11

    Hi all, I am doing a BPM for 1:n multimapping. Start->receive idoc->Transformation->send asynchronous->Stop. In the transformation, I have a source message and two target messages. I want to send this message as a single message to the receivi