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do not see order in VL10h

  • Deliveries not getting generated through VL10H Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I've a scenario where users are trying to create deliveries against Sales Order through VL10H but it displays an error log "Delivery group 005 is not complete (delivery group will be deleted)". But while using VL04 no erros are there. Th

  • Material description is not showing in VL10H Updated:10-11

    Hi All, I am running the report VL10H and facing a problem, step which is being followed by me, given below:- 1.Put plant and delivery date and execute. on label Edit -> Show/hide delivery. 3.Chose the field u201CMaterial descriptionu201D fro

  • Report for Late Sales Order Processing Updated:10-11

    Hello all, business want to have a report the shows if sales order are late for processing. Something similar to VL10H for delivery but based on the customer requested delivery date instead of the confirm delivery date in VL10H. Some report that woul

  • VL10h - 1 month default delivery date range Updated:10-11

    Dear Sirs, I am using VL10h to create deliveries from Sales Order. But, The default date range it takes is only 1 month. Would you please suggest me to increase the date range? The message I am getting is- Latest deliv. creation date (04.12.2009) fur

  • Help on transferring goods from blocked to sales order stock Updated:10-11

    Hi Gurus i need your help in this urgent production issue here is the details our scenario is make to stock, when delivering and shipping against sales order, the user had some issues in t-code VL10H, so user only physically finished the delivery and

  • Open Sales Orders Backlog Report Updated:10-11

    Hi All: I have been asked to create Backlog reports for Open Sales Orders and the revenue amounts for the next 15days, one month, 2 months, 3 months 6 months etc etc. Does anyone know of a standard report that covers that and the business content and

  • Open sale order aging report Updated:10-11

    Need a report on open order aging.  The open order means not delivered or partially delivered. Further with days range since its open or not fully delievered i.e. > 15 days or 15-30 days and so on. The standard transactions Va05 and VL10c can provide

  • Necessary Fields For Creation of Service PO of Order Type Relaese Order. Updated:10-11

    Dear Guru, I have encountered an issue which i am trying to resolve... My this requirment will seem little okward the way i am asking but i have no way... The issue is I have to create a Service PO of Order type Release order (RO) using BAPI Function

  • How to restrict manual changing of free goods in sales order Updated:10-11

    Hi , Goodmorning , We have some requirement : In sales order free goods quantity determination by system  should not be allowed to change manually , where can we do this ? Looking for your inputs Thanks and regards VenkatAs per SAP Standard, when the

  • Query help needed for Sales order panel user field query. Updated:10-11

    I have a user defined form field on sales order row level called = U_DEPFEEAMT 1, I would like this field to get the value from a field on this sales order row level multiplied by what is in point 2 below. The details of field in point 1 is : Form=13

  • Order Of Null and Not Null Values while table creation Updated:10-11

    We have to create a table with 10 fields .5 of them are Null and Not Null. Now my question what should be the order of fileds??.Means Null Fields will come first or Not Null.The only reason I can think of having the NULL columns at the end is storage

  • Fields not in Order ..? Updated:10-11

    When I display data on the DSO or Cube  the fields are not in order as compared to once in extract checker - datasource. Why so? On what does the sequence depend? It makes Reconcilation really tough.I guess... Sequence of the Fields in DSo Contents d

  • New Infinity Order - As it happens !!! Updated:10-11

    I've just ordered Infinity (today) and I thought I'd track the order etc here for others to see 'live' what to expect: As a precursor, I've had BT ADSL for many years, and no end of problems with the Indian call centre, but great experience from the

  • Payment by letter of Credit against Purchase order Updated:10-11

    When we are purchasing from Foreign Vendors , we need to open a Letter of credit (LC) . Depending on the terms of Purchase order , Vendor will discount it /get payment from Bank on submitting LC and other necessary documents. Vendor's Bank, at approp

  • Purchase order to payment Updated:10-11

    my client requirement is status of the po till payment i want to generate a sap query any body pls guide me purchase order ->down payment ->goods reciept-> invoice verification -> vendor payment i want to generate this report vendor wise as we